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The Sergey Blue Plaid

Wearables are an important component of the Aavegotchi game. Besides endowing your Aavegotchi with a sense of fashion, wearables also boost the Aavegotchi's traits and rarity score, enabling them to perform better in mini-games, rarity farming, and in the Aarena.

Wearables conform to the ERC-1155 standard.

This page contains detailed information about every wearable that has been confirmed in the Aavegotchi game.

Design of the wearables are done by Xibot, our team of community aartists, and the Forge team. Each wearable comes with 4 different views (front, right, left, and back).

Aavegotchi Wearables - 4 Views

For information on Wearable Sets, check out this page!

Note: There are some objects (IDs 162-198, 210) that are not reflected on this page as they are not wearables. These objects are Baadges and the Haunt 1 Background.


Aavegotchis have four traits that can be modified by wearables.

  • AGG = Aggressiveness
  • NRG = Energy
  • SPK = Spookiness
  • BRN = Brain Size

The traits of "Eye Color" and "Eye Shape" cannot be modified by wearables.

Note: Negative values do not mean the trait is getting "weaker". Aavegotchi traits are distributed on a bell curve, so the extremes (0,1) and (99,100) are actually the best!

See Traits for more about this topic.

Wearables Basic Rarity Score (BRS)

Wearables can be equipped or unequipped at any time. Equipping/unequipping wearables may affect the overall rarity of an Aavegotchi:

Wearable Rarity and BRS Bonus
Rarity TypeQuantityBRS Bonus

Voting Power

With the passing of AGIP 9, wearables now have voting power in AavegotchiDAO. The voting power (measured in GHST) of a given wearable is based on its Rarity Type/Maall price.

Wearables Voting Power
Rarity TypeVoting Power
Common5 GHST
Uncommon10 GHST
Rare100 GHST
Legendary300 GHST
Mythical2000 GHST
Godlike10000 GHST


Certain Wearables have also been selected to be used as Weapons with the Gotchiverse.

Weapons are hand wearables classified either as Melee or Ranged Weapon. These special Wearables can inflict damage upon Gotchis (in the Aarena), Lickquidators, Enemies, and Waalls.

Each Weapon will also be endowed with special benefits, such as extra damage to Waalls, extra damage to Lickquidators, extra attack speed, and others.

Distributed via an exclusive, limited-edition Raffle in November 2020, these LINK-themed wearables celebrate Aavegotchi's partnership with Chainlink, specifically our use of Chainlink VRF to ensure that Aavegotchis have verifiable, provably random traits.

Link-Themed Wearables
aavegotchi chainlink camo cap1Camo HatCommonAGG +11000head
aavegotchi chainlink camo pants2Camo PantsCommonAGG +11000body
aavegotchi chainlink mk2 grenade3MK2 GrenadeCommonAGG +11000hands
aavegotchi chainlink snow camo cap4Snow Camo HatUncommonAGG +1, SPK +1500head
aavegotchi chainlink snow camo pants5Snow Camo PantsUncommonAGG +1, SPK +1500body
aavegotchi chainlink m67 grenade6M67 GrenadeUncommonAGG +2500hands
aavegotchi chainlink marine cap7Marine CapRareAGG +2, BRN +1300head
aavegotchi chainlink marine suit8Marine JacketRareAGG +2, BRN +1300body
aavegotchi chainlink walkie talkie9Walkie TalkieRareNRG +1, SPK +1, BRN +1300hands
aavegotchi chainlink white cap10Link White HatLegendaryAGG +2, BRN +2150head
aavegotchi chainlink mess dress11Link Mess DressLegendaryAGG +2, BRN +2150body
aavegotchi chainlink bubbly12Link BubblyLegendaryNRG +2, BRN -2150hands
aavegotchi chainlink sergey beard13Sergey BeardMythicalNRG -1, AGG +1, BRN +350face
aavegotchi chainlink sergey eyes14Sergey EyesMythicalSPK +1, BRN +450eyes
aavegotchi chainlink red plaid15Red PlaidMythicalNRG +3, AGG +250body
aavegotchi chainlink blue plaid16Blue PlaidGodlikeNRG -4, AGG -25body
aavegotchi chainlink cube17LINK CubeGodlikeBRN +65hands

Aave Themed Set

The Aave-themed set was distributed in the second of three pre-launch Raffles, held on December 8, 2020. This aavesome collection celebrates the bond between Aavegotchi and the Aave community and leadership team.

Aave-Themed Wearables
aavegotchi aave hero mask18Aave Hero MaskCommonSPK +11000face
aavegotchi aave hero shirt19Aave Hero ShirtCommonSPK +11000body
aavegotchi aave plush toy20Aave Plush ToyCommonSPK +11000hands
aavegotchi aave captain aave mask21Captain Aave MaskUncommonNRG +1, SPK +1500head
aavegotchi aave captain aave suit22Captain Aave SuitUncommonNRG +1, SPK +1500body
aavegotchi aave captain aave shield23Captain Aave ShieldUncommonNRG +2500hands
aavegotchi24Thaave HelmetRareNRG +2, SPK +1250head
aavegotchi aave thaave suit25Thaave SuitRareNRG +2, SPK +1250body
aavegotchi aave thaave hammer26Thaave HammerRareNRG +3, BRN +1250hands
aavegotchi aave marc hair27Marc HairLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2100head
aavegotchi aave marc outfit28Marc OutfitLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2100body
aavegotchi aave rekt sign29REKT SignLegendaryBRN -4100right hand
aavegotchi aave jordan hair30Jordan HairMythicalAGG -2, SPK +350head
aavegotchi aave jordan suit31Jordan SuitMythicalNRG -3, SPK +1, BRN +150body
aavegotchi aave flag32Aave FlagMythicalAGG -2, SPK +350hands
aavegotchi aave stani hair33Stani HairGodlikeAGG -3, BRN +35head
aavegotchi aave stani lifejacket34Stani LifejacketGodlikeNRG +3, AGG -35body
aavegotchi aave boat35Aave BoatGodlikeAGG -65pet

Ethereum Themed Set

The Ethereum-themed set is the last of three pre-Mainnet sets.

Ethereum-Themed Wearables
aavegotchi ETH Logo Glasses36ETH Logo GlassesCommonBRN -11000eyes
aavegotchi ETH T-Shirt37ETH TShirtCommonBRN -11000body
aavegotchi 32 ETH Coin3832 ETH CoinCommonBRN -11000right hand
aavegotchi Foxy Mask39Foxy MaskUncommonAGG -2500head
aavegotchi Foxy Tail40Foxy TailUncommonAGG -1, SPK -1500pet
aavegotchi Trezor Wallet41Trezor WalletUncommonNRG -1, AGG -1500hands
aavegotchi Eagle Mask42Eagle MaskRareNRG +1, SPK +2250head
aavegotchi Nogara Armor43Nogara ArmorRareNRG +2, SPK +1250body
aavegotchi DAO Egg44DAO EggRareNRG +1, BRN +2250right hand
aavegotchi Ape Mask45Ape MaskLegendaryAGG +1, BRN -3100head
aavegotchi Half Rekt Shirt46Half Rekt ShirtLegendaryNRG +1, AGG +1, BRN -2100body
aavegotchi Waifu Pillow47Waifu PillowLegendaryBRN -4100hands
aavegotchi Xibot Mohawk48Xibot MohawkMythicalNRG +550head
aavegotchi Coderdan Shades49Coderdan ShadesMythicalAGG +550eyes
aavegotchi GldnXross Robe50GldnXross RobeMythicalSPK +550body
aavegotchi Mudgen Diamond51Mudgen DiamondMythicalBRN +550hands
aavegotchi Galaxy Brain52Galaxy BrainGodlikeBRN +65head
aavegotchi All Seeing Eyes53All Seeing EyesGodlikeNRG -65eyes
aavegotchi Llamacorn Shirt54Llamacorn ShirtGodlikeNRG -3, AGG -35body

Aagent Wearables Set

The Aagent Wearables Set is a limited edition set that is given to all Level 12 Aagents who have completed all 12 Aagent Missions before the launch of Aavegotchi on Mainnet. Pictures and Quantity coming up soon!

Aagent Set Wearables
aavegotchi Aagent Headset55Aagent HeadsetRareAGG +1, SPK +1, BRN +1308face
aavegotchi Aagent Shirt56Aagent ShirtRareNRG -1, AGG +1, SPK +1308body
aavegotchi Aagent Shades57Aagent ShadesRareNRG -1, SPK +2308eyes
aavegotchi Aagent Pistol58Aagent PistolRareAGG +3308hands
aavegotchi Aagent Fedora Hat59Aagent Fedora HatRareNRG -2, SPK +1308head

Wizard Wearables Set

Wizard Set Wearables
aavegotchi Common Wizard Hat60Common Wizard HatCommonBRN +11000head
aavegotchi Legendary Wizard Hat61Legendary Wizard HatLegendarySPK +2, BRN +2125head
aavegotchi Mythical Wizard Hat62Mythical Wizard HatMythicalSPK +2, BRN +350head
aavegotchi Godlike Wizard Hat63Godlike Wizard HatGodlikeSPK +2, BRN +45head
aavegotchi Common Wizard Staff64Common Wizard StaffCommonNRG +11000hands
aavegotchi Legendary Wizard Staff65Legendary Wizard StaffLegendaryNRG +2, BRN +2125hands
aavegotchi Wizard Visor66Wizard VisorCommonNRG +11000eyes

Farmer Wearables Set

Farmer Set Wearables
aavegotchi Farmer Straw Hat67Straw HatCommonNRG -11000head
aavegotchi Farmer Jeans68Farmer JeansCommonBRN -11000body
aavegotchi Farmer Pitchfork69PitchforkCommonAGG +11000hands
aavegotchi Farmer Handsaw70HandsawMythicalAGG +3, BRN -250hands

Santa Wearables Set

One of our friends accidentally sent 4000 LINK (~$50,000) to the GHST Staking Contract. We raised funds from our community to help him out. Everyone who donated more than $20 worth of ANY ERC20 token to SantaGotchi.eth will be airdropped a limited edition Santagotchi Hat. See here for more information. Picture for the wearable will be out soon! Other items in the Santa wearables set will be available soon as well.

Santa Set Wearables
aavegotchi Santagotchi Hat71Red Santa HatRareAGG -1, SPK -2250head

OKex Wearables

On 7 October 2020, Aavegotchi partnered with OKex to create a special set of wearables inspired by Jay Hao, the CEO of OKex. Lucky depositors who deposit their GHST tokens on the OKex platform stood a chance to win these wearables. 150 wearables are available. The top 5 depositors will automatically win the full 5 piece set. But the remaining 125 NFTs will be randomly awarded to anyone who deposits more than 10 GHST. Click here for more information.

OKex Set Wearables
aavegotchi Jaay Hairpiece72Jaay HairpieceMythicalBRN -530head
aavegotchi Jaay Glasses73Jaay GlassesMythicalNRG -2, AGG -2, BRN -110eyes
aavegotchi Jaay Suit74Jaay SuitMythicalNRG -2, BRN -320body
aavegotchi OKex Sign75OKex SignMythicalNRG -540hands
aavegotchi Big GHST Token76Big GHST TokenCommonBRN +11000right hand

Skater Wearables Set

Skater Set Wearables
aavegotchi Bitcoin Beanie77Bitcoin BeanieUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500head
aavegotchi Black Jeans78Black JeansUncommonAGG +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Skateboard79SkateboardRareNRG +1, BRN -2250hands

Sushi Wearables Set

Sushi Set Wearables
aavegotchi Sushi Bandana80Sushi BandanaRareNRG -1, AGG +2250head
aavegotchi Sushi Coat81Sushi CoatRareNRG -2, AGG +1250body
aavegotchi Sushi Piece82Sushi PieceLegendarySPK -4125hands
aavegotchi Sushi Knife83Sushi KnifeRareAGG +3250hands

Gentleman Wearables Set

Gentleman Set Wearables
aavegotchi Gentleman Hat84Gentleman HatLegendaryNRG -1, AGG -3125head
aavegotchi Gentleman Coat85Gentleman CoatLegendaryNRG -1, AGG -3125body
aavegotchi Gentleman Monocle86MonocleMythicalAGG -2, BRN +350eyes

Miner Wearables Set

Miner Set Wearables
aavegotchi Miner Helmet87Miner HelmetUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500head
aavegotchi Miner Jeans88Miner JeansUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Miner Pickaxe89PickaxeRareNRG +1, AGG +2250hands

Pajamas Wearables Set

Pajamas Set Wearables
aavegotchi Pajama Hat90Pajama HatCommonSPK -11000head
aavegotchi Pajama Shirt91Pajama ShirtUncommonAGG -1, SPK -1500body
aavegotchi Bedtime Milk92Bedtime MilkRareAGG -2, SPK -1250hands
aavegotchi Fluffy Pillow93Fluffy PillowLegendarySPK -4125hands

Runner Wearables Set

Runner Set Wearables
aavegotchi Sweatband94SweatbandUncommonNRG +2500head
aavegotchi Track Shorts95Track ShortsUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Water Bottle96Water bottleUncommonNRG +2500hands

Lady Wearables Set

Lady Set Wearables
aavegotchi Pillbox Hat97Pillbox HatLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -1, SPK -2125head
aavegotchi Day Dress98Day DressLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -1, SPK -2125body
aavegotchi Parasol99ParasolMythicalNRG +1, AGG -1, SPK -350hands
aavegotchi Clutch100ClutchLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -2, SPK -2125hands

Witchy Wearables Set

Witchy Set Wearables
aavegotchi Witchy Hat101Witchy HatLegendaryAGG +1, SPK +3125head
aavegotchi Witchy Cloak102Witchy CloakLegendaryAGG +1, SPK +3125body
aavegotchi Witchy Wand103Witchy WandMythicalAGG +2, SPK +2, BRN +150hands

Portal Wearables Set

Portal Set Wearables
aavegotchi Portal Mage Helmet104Portal Mage HelmetLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +1, SPK +1125head
aavegotchi Portal Mage Armor105Portal Mage ArmorLegendaryNRG +1, AGG +2, SPK +2125body
aavegotchi Portal Mage Axe106Portal Mage AxeLegendaryAGG +4125hands
aavegotchi Portal Mage Black Axe107Portal Mage Black AxeGodlikeAGG +65hands

Rasta Wearables Set

Rasta Set Wearables
aavegotchi Rasta Hat108Rasta HatUncommonNRG -1, AGG -1500head
aavegotchi Rasta Shirt109Rasta ShirtUncommonNRG -1, AGG -1500body
aavegotchi Jamaican Flag110Jamaican FlagRareNRG -1, AGG -2250hands

Hazmat Wearables Set

Hazmat Set Wearables
aavegotchi Hazmat Hood111Hazmat HoodLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -1, SPK +2125head
aavegotchi Hazmat Suit112Hazmat SuitLegendaryNRG +2, AGG -1, SPK +1125body
aavegotchi Uranium Rod113Uranium RodGodlikeNRG +65hands

Vacation Wearables Set

Vacation Set Wearables
aavegotchi Red Hawaiian Shirt114Red Hawaiian ShirtMythicalNRG -3, AGG -250body
aavegotchi Blue Hawaiian Shirt115Blue Hawaiian ShirtLegendaryNRG -2, AGG -2125body
aavegotchi Coconut116CoconutRareSPK -3250hands
aavegotchi Cool shades117Cool ShadesCommonBRN -11000eyes

Independent Drink Items

Independent Drink Items
aavegotchi Water Jug118Water JugLegendaryNRG +2, BRN +2125hands
aavegotchi Baby Bottle119Baby BottleLegendaryAGG -1, SPK -3125hands
aavegotchi Martini120MartiniLegendaryNRG -1, BRN -3125hands
aavegotchi Wine121WineRareBRN -3250hands
aavegotchi Milkshake122MilkshakeMythicalSPK -550hands
aavegotchi Apple Juice123Apple JuiceUncommonSPK -2500hands

Independent Head Items

Independent Head Items
aavegotchi Beer Helmet124Beer HelmetMythicalBRN -550head

Independent Body Items

Independent Body Items
aavegotchi Track Suit125Track SuitLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2125body


aavegotchi Kinship Potion126Kinship Potion+2 to Kinship500
aavegotchi Greater Kinship Potion127Greater Kinship Potion+10 to Kinship250
aavegotchi XP Potion128XP Potion+20 to XP500
aavegotchi Greater XP Potion129Greater XP Potion+50 to XP250

Layer 2 Themed Set

The Fourth Raffle, celebrating the launch of Aavegotchi on Polygon.

Layer 2-Themed Wearables
aavegotchi Fireball130FireballCommonAGG +11000hands
aavegotchi Dragon Horns131Dragon HornsUncommonAGG +1, SPK +1500head
aavegotchi Dragon Wings132Dragon WingsRareAGG +2, SPK +1250body
aavegotchi Pointy Horns133Pointy HornsLegendaryAGG +2, SPK +2100head
aavegotchi L2 Sign134L2 SignCommonBRN +11000right hand
aavegotchi Polygon Shirt135Polygon ShirtUncommonBRN +2500body
aavegotchi Polygon Cap136Polygon CapRareAGG -1, BRN +2250head
aavegotchi Vote Sign137Vote SignCommonAGG -11000right hand
aavegotchi Snapshot Shirt138Snapshot ShirtUncommonAGG -2500body
aavegotchi Snapshot Cap139Snapshot CapRareAGG -3250head
aavegotchi Elf Ears140Elf EarsCommonSPK -11000face
aavegotchi Gemstone Ring141Gemstone RingUncommonSPK -1, BRN +1500hands
aavegotchi Princess Tiara142Princess TiaraRareSPK -2, BRN +1250head
aavegotchi Gold Necklace143Gold NecklaceLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2100body
aavegotchi Princess Hair144Princess HairMythicalSPK -3, BRN +250head
aavegotchi Godli Locks145Godli LocksGodlikeSPK -4, BRN +25head
aavegotchi Imperial Moustache146Imperial MoustacheCommonNRG -11000face
aavegotchi Tiny Crown147Tiny CrownUncommonNRG -1, BRN -1500head
aavegotchi Royal Scepter148Royal ScepterRareNRG -2, BRN -1250hands
aavegotchi Royal Crown149Royal CrownLegendaryNRG -2, BRN -2100head
aavegotchi Royal Robes150Royal RobesMythicalNRG -3, BRN -250body
aavegotchi Common Rofl151Common RoflCommonBRN -11000pet
aavegotchi Uncommon Rofl152Uncommon RoflUncommonNRG -1, BRN -1500pet
aavegotchi Rare Rofl153Rare RoflRareNRG -1, BRN -2250pet
aavegotchi Legendary Rofl154Legendary RoflLegendaryNRG -2, BRN -2100pet
aavegotchi Mythical Rofl155Mythical RoflMythicalNRG -2, BRN -350pet
aavegotchi Royal Rofl156Royal RoflGodlikeNRG -3, BRN -35pet
aavegotchi Lil Pump Goatee157Lil Pump GoateeUncommonBRS +2, NRG +1, AGG +1500face
aavegotchi Lil Pump Drank158Lil Pump DrankRareBRS +5, NRG +1, AGG +2250hands
aavegotchi Lil Pump Shades159Lil Pump ShadesLegendaryBRS +10, AGG +3, SPK +1100eyes
aavegotchi Lil Pump Threads160Lil Pump ThreadsMythicalBRS +20, NRG +550body
aavegotchi Lil Pump Dreads161Lil Pump DreadsGodlikeBRS +50, NRG +4, AGG +25head

Auction Wearables

The First "Bid-to-Earn Auction" was held from Thursday, 15 July to Sunday, 18 July 2021. Bid-to-Earn auctions are powered by the technologies of our frens at GBM.auction. Learn why this NFT distribution method offers huge advantages over older models by visiting their site and reading our published Medium piece.

This first Aauction features two brand new sets of wearables as well as a fun new common-rarity item. Get ready for gamers, steampunks and even a cup of coffee!

Auction Wearables
aavegotchi Steampunk Goggles199Steampunk GogglesRareSPK +3250eyes
aavegotchi Steampunk Trousers200Steampunk TrousersUncommonSPK +2500body
aavegotchi Mechanical Claw201Mechanical ClawLegendaryAGG +2, SPK +2100hands
aavegotchi VR Headset202VR HeadsetMythicalNRG +2, AGG +350eyes
aavegotchi Gamer Jacket203Gamer JacketRareNRG +1, AGG +2250body
aavegotchi Game Controller204Game ControllerUncommonNRG +1, AGG +1500hands
aavegotchi Gotchi Mug205Gotchi MugCommonNRG +11000hands

Aavegotchi x Venly Wearables

A collaboration between Aavegotchi and Venly to introduce Aavegotchi to a massive NFT gaming audience. Read this post for more information.

Aavegotchi x Venly Wearables
aavegotchi Biker Helmet206Biker HelmetRareAGG +2, BRN +1250head
aavegotchi Biker Jacket207Biker JacketUncommonAGG +2500body
aavegotchi Aviators208AviatorsUncommonSPK +2500eyes
aavegotchi Horseshoe Mustache209Horseshoe MustacheLegendaryNRG -2, SPK +2100face

Haunt 2 Wearables

Haunt 2 Wearables
aavegotchi Guy Fawkes Mask211Guy Fawkes MaskCommonSPK +11000head
aavegotchi 1337 Laptop2121337 LaptopMythicalNRG -2, BRN +350hands
aavegotchi H4xx0r Shirt213H4xx0r ShirtLegendaryNRG -4100body
aavegotchi Matrix Eyes214Matrix EyesGodlikeNRG -3, AGG -35eyes
aavegotchi Cyborg Eye215Cyborg EyeLegendaryNRG +2, AGG +2100eyes
aavegotchi Rainbow Vomit216Rainbow VomitMythicalSPK -550face
aavegotchi Energy Gun217Energy GunMythicalNRG +2, AGG +350hands
aavegotchi Mohawk218MohawkUncommonNRG +1, AGG +1500head
aavegotchi Mutton Chops219Mutton ChopsRareSPK +2, BRN -1250face
aavegotchi Punk Shirt220Punk ShirtLegendaryNRG +1, AGG +3100body
aavegotchi Pirate Hat221Pirate HatCommonBRN -11000head
aavegotchi Pirate Coat222Pirate CoatUncommonSPK +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Hook Hand223Hook HandUncommonSPK +1, BRN -1500hands
aavegotchi Pirate Patch224Pirate PatchRareSPK +2, BRN -1250eyes
aavegotchi Basketball225BasketballCommonNRG +11000hands
aavegotchi Red Headband226Red HeadbandRareNRG +2, AGG -1250head
aavegotchi 23 Jersey22723 JerseyRareNRG +1, AGG -2250body
aavegotchi 10 Gallon Hat22810 Gallon HatCommonBRN +11000head
aavegotchi Lasso229LassoUncommonAGG +1, BRN +1500hands
aavegotchi Wraangler Jeans230Wraangler JeansCommonAGG +11000body
aavegotchi Comfy Poncho231Comfy PonchoUncommonNRG -2500body
aavegotchi Poncho Hoodie232Poncho HoodieCommonNRG -11000head
aavegotchi Uncommon Cacti233Uncommon CactiUncommonSPK -1, BRN +1500pet
aavegotchi Shaaman Poncho234Shaaman PonchoMythicalNRG -550body
aavegotchi Shaaman Hoodie235Shaaman HoodieLegendaryNRG -4100head
aavegotchi Blue Cacti236Blue CactiRareSPK -1, BRN +2250pet
aavegotchi Mythical Cacti237Mythical CactiMythicalSPK -2, BRN +350pet
aavegotchi Godlike Cacti238Godlike CactiGodlikeSPK -3, BRN +35pet
aavegotchi Wagie Cap239Wagie CapUncommonAGG -2500head
aavegotchi Headphones240HeadphonesUncommonAGG -2500face
aavegotchi WGMI Shirt241WGMI ShirtRareAGG -3250body
aavegotchi Yellow Manbun242Yellow ManbunLegendaryNRG -2, AGG -2100head
aavegotchi Tinted Shades243Tinted ShadesRareAGG -3250eyes
aavegotchi V-Neck Shirt244V-Neck ShirtRareAGG -3250body

Partnerships Set

The Fifth Raffle is inspired Aavegotchi’s frenliest partnerships.

Partnerships Wearables
aavegotchi Gecko Hat245Gecko HatRareSPK -3250head
aavegotchi APY Shades246APY ShadesUncommonNRG +1, BRN +1500eyes
aavegotchi Up Arrow247Up ArrowUncommonNRG +1, BRN +1500hands
aavegotchi Up Only Shirt248Up Only ShirtUncommonNRG +1, BRN +1500body
aavegotchi Gecko Eyes249Gecko EyesRareSPK -2, BRN -1250eyes
aavegotchi CoinGecko Tee250CoinGecko TeeRareSPK -2, BRN -1250body
aavegotchi Candy Jaar251Candy JaarRareSPK -1, BRN -2250hands
aavegotchi Aastronaut Helmet252Aastronaut HelmetCommonSPK +11000head
aavegotchi Aastronaut Suit253Aastronaut SuitCommonSPK +11000body
aavegotchi uGOTCHI Token254uGOTCHI TokenCommonSPK +11000right hand
aavegotchi Space Helmet255Space HelmetLegendaryNRG +2, AGG -2100head
aavegotchi Lil Bubble Space Suit256Lil Bubble Space SuitLegendaryNRG +2, AGG -2100body
aavegotchi Bitcoin Guitar257Bitcoin GuitarLegendaryNRG +4100hands
aavegotchi Taoist Robe258Taoist RobeGodlikeNRG -3, BRN +35body
aavegotchi Bushy Eyebrows259Bushy EyebrowsGodlikeNRG -3, BRN +35eyes
aavegotchi Beard of Wisdom260Beard of WisdomGodlikeNRG -2, BRN +45face
aavegotchi Aantenna Bot261Aantenna BotMythicalAGG -2, BRN +350pet
aavegotchi Radar Eyes262Radar EyesMythicalAGG -2, BRN +350eyes
aavegotchi Signal Headset263Signal HeadsetMythicalAGG -2, BRN +350face

DeFi RPG Wearables

DeFi RPG Wearables
aavegotchi Brunette Ponytail292Brunette PonytailCommonAGG -11000head
aavegotchi Leather Tunic293Leather TunicCommonNRG -11000body
aavegotchi Bow and Arrow294Bow and ArrowCommonAGG -11000hands
aavegotchi Forked Beard295Forked BeardCommonAGG +11000face
aavegotchi Double-sided Axe296Double-sided AxeUncommonAGG +1, BRN -1500hands
aavegotchi Animal Skins297Animal SkinsUncommonAGG +2500body
aavegotchi Horned Helmet298Horned HelmetCommonBRN -11000head
aavegotchi Longbow299LongbowUncommonAGG -1, BRN +1500hands
aavegotchi Feathered Cap300Feathered CapUncommonNRG -1, SPK -1500head
aavegotchi Alluring Eyes301Alluring EyesRareAGG -2, BRN +1250eyes
aavegotchi Geisha Headpiece302Geisha HeadpieceRareNRG -2, AGG -1250head
aavegotchi Kimono303KimonoRareNRG -1, AGG -2250body
aavegotchi Paper Fan304Paper FanRareAGG -3250hands
aavegotchi Sus Butterfly305Sus ButterflyLegendaryAGG +4100pet
aavegotchi Flower Studs306Flower StudsLegendaryNRG -2, SPK -2100face
aavegotchi Fairy Wings307Fairy WingsLegendaryNRG -2, SPK -2100body
aavegotchi Red Hair308Red HairLegendaryNRG -2, SPK -2100head
aavegotchi Citaadel Helm309Citaadel HelmMythicalNRG +3, AGG -250head
aavegotchi Plate Armor310Plate ArmorMythicalNRG +3, AGG -250body
aavegotchi Spirit Sword311Spirit SwordMythicalNRG +2, AGG -350hands
aavegotchi Plate Shield312Plate ShieldMythicalAGG -550hands
aavegotchi Kabuto Helmet313Kabuto HelmetGodlikeAGG +3, SPK +35head
aavegotchi Yoroi Armor314Yoroi ArmorGodlikeAGG +3, SPK +35body
aavegotchi Haanzo Katana315Haanzo KatanaGodlikeAGG +2, SPK +45hands

Forge Wearables

Forge Wearables
aavegotchi Pixelcraft Tee350Pixelcraft TeeCommonNRG +11000body
aavegotchi 3D Glasses3513D GlassesCommonBRN +11000eyes
aavegotchi Pixelcraft Square352Pixelcraft SquareCommonSPK -11000hands
aavegotchi Nimbus353NimbusCommonAGG -11000pet
aavegotchi Alchemica Apron354Alchemica ApronUncommonNRG +1, BRN -1500body
aavegotchi Safety Glasses355Safety GlassesRareNRG +1, AGG +2250eyes
aavegotchi Bandage356BandageUncommonSPK +1, BRN -1500face
aavegotchi Nail Gun357Nail GunRareNRG +1, SPK +2250hands
aavegotchi Flaming Apron358Flaming ApronLegendaryNRG -2, AGG -2100body
aavegotchi Forge Goggles359Forge GogglesLegendaryNRG -1, AGG -3100eyes
aavegotchi Geode Smasher360Geode SmasherLegendarySPK +2, BRN +2100hands
aavegotchi Geo361GeoLegendaryAGG -2, SPK +2100pet
aavegotchi FAKE Shirt362FAKE ShirtMythicalSPK -4, BRN -150body
aavegotchi FAKE Beret363FAKE BeretMythicalNRG -3, BRN -250head
aavegotchi Paint Brush364Paint BrushMythicalNRG -3, SPK -250hands
aavegotchi Paint Palette365Paint PaletteMythicalSPK -1, BRN -450hands
aavegotchi Heavenly Robes366Heavenly RobesGodlikeNRG +4, BRN -25body
aavegotchi Eyes of Devotion367Eyes of DevotionGodlikeSPK -3, BRN -35eyes
aavegotchi Beard of Divinity368Beard of DivinityGodlikeSPK -3, BRN -35face
aavegotchi Staff of Creation369Staff of CreationGodlikeSPK -3, BRN -35hands

Forge Wearables 2

Forge Wearables 2
aavegotchi Wavy Hair370Wavy HairCommonNRG +11000head
aavegotchi Plastic Earrings371Plastic EarringsCommonNRG +11000face
aavegotchi Party Dress372Party DressCommonBRN +11000body
aavegotchi Overalls373OverallsUncommonSPK -2500body
aavegotchi Lens n Frens Plant374Lens n Frens PlantRareNRG +2, BRN -1250pet
aavegotchi GM Seeds375GM SeedsCommonSPK -11000left hand
aavegotchi Lick Brain376Lick BrainRareAGG +2, BRN -1250head
aavegotchi Lick Eyes377Lick EyesUncommonSPK -2500eyes
aavegotchi Lick Tongue378Lick TongueRareSPK -3250face
aavegotchi Lick Tentacle379Lick TentacleRareNRG -3250hand
aavegotchi Sebastien Hair380Sebastien HairLegendaryNRG +2, SPK -2100head
aavegotchi Voxel Eyes381Voxel EyesLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -3100eyes
aavegotchi GOAT-ee382GOAT-eeLegendaryNRG +1, AGG -3100face
aavegotchi Sandbox Hoodie383Sandbox HoodieLegendaryNRG +3, AGG -1100body
aavegotchi Faangs384FaangsMythicalSPK +550face
aavegotchi Block Scanners385Block ScannersGodlikeNRG +65eyes
aavegotchi Staff of Charming386Staff of CharmingGodlikeNRG -4, BRN -25hands
aavegotchi Roflnoggin387RoflnogginGodlikeBRN -65head