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Aavegotchi REALM

Aavegotchi Realm

Beyond the Human Realm, there is the Ether Realm, where smart contracts twinkle and dark forests lurk. Travel a bit further down the rabbit hole, and one eventually discovers the Gotchiverse Realm. When a yield farmer in the Ether Realm is liquidated, its spirit journeys to the Gotchiverse, where it reincarnates as an Aavegotchi. Aavegotchis are a spectral species who love nothing more than farming, voting, and shitposting with their frens.

The Gotchiverse began with only a handful of Aavegotchis, but as liquidations grew within the Ether Realm, so the population of the Gotchiverse burgeoned, with thousands of Aavegotchis exploring, building, and settling in its vast expanses, and even building great structures to worship the lickquidators, their creators.


The Gotchiverse occupies a vast expanse of land, with key landmarks distributed across its geography. It has three distinct zones:

  • The Citaadel
  • The Grid
  • The Beyond

The Citaadel

Protected by a Force Field that keeps out lickquidators, the Citaadel is the home base of Aavegotchis in the Gotchiverse. Towers cannot be built in the Citaadel, except for in special areas around the Great Portal.

The Great Portal

A key landmark within the Citaadel is the the Great Portal. The Great Portal is a structure of impressive magical character, capable of bridging the chasm between the Gotchiverse and the Human Realm. Within the Great Portal swirl the spirits of all Aavegotchis that ever existed. The Great Portal protects the Gotchiverse Citaadel, taking in return a small tithe of the Gotchus Alchemica harvested from the Gotchiverse.

The Grid

The Grid encompasses everything outside of the Citaadel. Parcels in the Grid are much more plentiful, but owners should beware -- lickquidators are lurking in every corner. Grid Parcels can build both Walls and Towers.

The Aarena

A key landmark in the Grid is the Aarena.

Although Aavegotchis are frenly, they do realize that aggressive urges need an outlet, which is why they created the Aarena.

Within the Aarena, Aavegotchis with high enough Spirit Force (Aave-powered interest-bearing aTokens) can battle against each other in epic Battle Royales, competing for the Spirit Force of their opponents.

Lickquidators dare not enter into the Aarena, instead opting to frequent the Phantastic Grounds, another friendly-fire area that also allows lickquidators to enter.

The Beyond

Locked Parcels that will not be unlocked until the beginning of Act 2.


Districts comprise of groups of REALM parcels that are situated close to each other. The following image shows the Citaadel and its districts.

Guilds generally organize themselves in districts. Check out the Guild page for the list of Guilds and which districts they are situated in.

Aavegotchi Districts

Browse the REALM here at

REALM Parcel Sizes

Parcels come in three sizes, with each size providing greater deposits of Alchemica* and more building space

  • Humble: Contain smol deposits of Alchemica and building space (8 x 8 pixels)
  • Reasonably Sized: Contain reasonable deposits of Alchemica and building space (16 x 16 pixels)
  • Spacious: Contain huge deposits of Alchemica and building space (32 x 64 pixels)

*Exact Material amounts are calculated by Chainlink VRF upon purchase.

Some parcels will be next to or adjacent to Alchemica deposits. These parcels will see farming boosters indicated on the gotchiverse dashboard and when they are listed on the Baazaar.

To make it more human frenly, each parcel will be assigned with a unique three word combination. This is in addition to the TokenID. Users will be able to use the search box on the Gotchiverse site to specifically filter for parcels with the word or words they are looking for.

REALM parcels that are adjacent to one another can be used to form estaates.

Aavegotchi REALM Parcel Sizes

REALM Gameplay



Owners of REALM parcels can employ their Aavegotchis (and those of others) to farm their REALM parcels, producing quantities of resources known as Gotchus Alchemica. These resources can be combined to create powerful structures known as Installations.

The Gotchiverse is an open-ended social space where players can engage in myriad activities, such as farming, crafting, trading, and combat.

Although there are no victory conditions or “end of game” scenarios, one overarching goal of the Gotchiverse is to collect Alchemica to bolster your parcel to produce more yield, and build defensive structures in preparation for the coming of the Prophecy, and the great lickquidators invasion.

Players that possess Lickquidator Credits can opt to play as lickquidators. Lickquidator Credits can be earned by completing tasks, referring friends, participating in airdrops, or other ways. They can also be purchased with GHST.

The main goal of a lickquidator is to collect loose Alchemica that has been spilled around the Gotchiverse, but they can also engage in combat with Aavegotchis and offensive Installations to earn Alchemica.

Lickquidators are envisioned as a free-to-play entry point to the Gotchiverse Realm, with no cap on supply and limited collectability.

There is also a Gotchi Lending feature that allows Gotchi owners to lend out their Gotchis to other players for a set period of time to try out the game.

Entering the Gotchiverse

The Gotchiverse is accessible at

First, you need to select your Gotchi's spawn location.

You can select from the active bounce gates (left in below image) or one of the parcels you own (right in below image).

Entering the Gotchiverse

Next, select the Gotchi that you will be using and click on the portal to enter.

Aavegotchi entering the Gotchiverse

Inside the Gotchiverse


Movement of Gotchis can be controlled using the arrow keys, WASD keys, or by your mouse.

The Gotchiverse UI is designed as follows:

  • Top left: Map of the Gotchiverse. Your current location is reflected as a Gotchi
  • Top center: Super chat — Load Alchemica into a "Gotchiverse Wallet" and perform a Super chat that drops Alchemica around the Gotchi's radius. Up to 1000 of each kind of Alchemica can be dropped at once
  • Top right: Settings and Logging out
  • Upper right: Item shop
  • Bottom left: Gotchi stats and Chat — can be set to the particular district you are in or throughout the Citaadel
  • Bottom right: Crafting Table and Build Mode
Aavegotchi Crafting Table

The Crafting Table is used to create new installations using Gotchus Alchemica. Check the Recipes page for some of these installations that you can craft, the Gotchus Alchemica required, and the duration needed to craft them. A transaction is required to craft them.

Aavegotchi building installations

Build Mode allows you to place your installations on the REALM parcels you own. A transaction is required to install your installations on your parcel.

Aavegotchi Item Shop

The Item Shop sells 3 products:

  • HP Potion (+2500 HP): 10 KEK
  • AP Potion (+250 AP): 20 ALPHA
  • Protolick 1 (10 mins, 10k health, 6% DMG per attack): 60 FUD & 20 FOMO
  • Protolick 2 (10 mins, 60k health, 10% DMG per attack): 400 FUD, 150 FOMO, 100 ALPHA, 15 KEK


The following table shows the control scheme used in the Gotchiverse.

EExclamation point
FHappy Face
UUnhappy Face
BBurning Fire
Shift + Direction keysRun
Left Mouse ButtonShoot
Left Mouse Button (Hold & Release)Charged Shot
Right Mouse ButtonMelee Attack
Right Mouse Button (Hold & Release)Teleport

Gotchus Alchemica

Gotchus Alchemica (ERC20 tokens) are the four elements of the Gotchiverse: Fud, Fomo, Alpha, and Kek. They can be combined to craft Installations and Aesthetica, among other uses. Read more about the tokenomics here.

Gotchus Alchemica

The table below shows their total supply:

TokenTotal Supply

Gotchus Alchemica can be extracted from REALM in four distinct ways:

  • Alchemical Channeling: A basic daily stipend earned by Aavegotchis that comes directly from the Gotchiverse ether, instead of being harvested from the parcel.
  • Communal Channeling: Aavegotchis can also collectively channel Alchemica when a Gotchi Lodge Installation has been built upon the REALM Parcel. In order to participate in communal channeling, the Aavegotchi must be wearing the associated Guild Insignia and be present on the REALM Parcel during the ritual. For every additional Aavegotchi participating in the Communal Channeling ritual, Alchemica will be farmed more rapidly.
  • Farming: Once a Harvester has been built, Alchemica begin accruing passively, with x amount going into the Reservoir, y amount spilling over to the nearby map, and z amount going to the Great Portal
  • Harvesting: Aavegotchis and lickquidators can roam the map, collecting loose Alchemica spilled from mining.

The amount of Alchemica that a Gotchi can carry in the Gotchiverse is determined by this formula.

Trading of Gotchus Alchemica will take place on the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX).

Average Alchemica Per Parcel

Similar to the “Portal” mechanic in Aavegotchi, REALM Parcels must be surveyed before they finally reveal the quantity of Alchemica that rests inside them. The surveying process is an onchain call to Chainlink VRF, a truly randomized number generator.

When the Gotchiverse is released, all existing REALM Parcels can be surveyed if their owners choose to, or the surveying process can be delayed until a future date.

The range of Alchemica available for each Parcel Type is listed below, for the entire Act 1, and for Round 1 of Act 1, which distributes roughly 25% of the Alchemica contained within.

Note that total Alchemica within a Parcel is cumulative, which means future Surveyings will add additional Alchemica on top of the total.

Avg. Base Alchemica Per Parcel (Act I Total)
Avg. Base Alchemica Per Parcel (Act I 1st Round)

Surveying Alchemica Range

The range of possible Alchemica that can be discovered during each surveying round is based on a Binomial Distribution that was voted for in AGIP-26. The rationale is to make it possible to win big but impossible to get rekt hard.

Building on REALM parcels

Installations are special structures built on top of your REALM Parcel. Installations are crafted via various combinations of Alchemica, and can be freely traded for GHST in the Aavegotchi Baazaar.

Confirmed Installations include:

Installation NameDescription
Alchemical AaltarThe most important Installation on the Parcel. Initially used for Alchemical Channeling with the Parcel’s linked Aavegotchi. Can also be upgraded to further the tech tree of various other Installations. Included with REALM parcel.
Gotchi LodgeThe social hub of a Parcel. Can be upgraded to support voice chat within the Parcel or globally for Guild members. Aavegotchis can link to a Guild House to engage in communal channeling, a spectral ritual that lowers kinship but increases the Alchemical channeled to each Aavegotchi for a short period.
HaarvestersHaarvesters are Installations that allow players to extract Alchemica from beneath the surface of their Gotchiverse REALM parcels. Each harvester is capable of harvesting one type of Gotchus Alchemica, and each upgrade increases the harvest rate, allowing the player to harvest Alchemica faster.
ReservoirsReservoirs hold the Alchemica harvested by the Haarvesters. Like Haarvesters, each Reservoir Installation is able to hold one type of Alchemica. As the level of a Reservoir increases, the Reservoir’s capacity increases, and the spillover rate and radius decrease.

To prevent excess load on the Polygon blockchain, each parcel can only have its Reservoirs emptied once every eight hours. The timer begins after a successful emptying transaction occurs and will not be reset by equipping or unequipping Reservoirs.
MaakersBy default, players are only able to upgrade one Installation per parcel at a time. Equipping a Maaker Installation adds Maakerbots to your parcel, increasing the number of simultaneous upgrades that can be performed. The higher the Maaker level, the more upgrades that can be performed at the same time. Keep in mind that only one Maaker can be equipped to each of your parcels.
WallsWalls are defensive structures that can be built to enclose ones’ Parcel and prevent spilled Alchemica from being stolen. Walls can be upgraded to improve their toughness.
TowersTowers are offensive structures that can be built to protect against Lickquidator raids. They can be upgraded to improve their traits. Towers cannot be built inside the Citaadel premises, except in certain special regions.
Black HoleBlack Holes are powerful, mystical objects that exert a gravitational pull on all nearby Lickquidators, slowly draining their health and bringing them closer towards the Parcel.
NPC as DappsDapps will be playable directly within the Gotchiverse. An early example of this will be the GotchiDEX dapp, a DEX specially created for providing liquidity for the Gotchus Alchemica. A developer SDK will be created to allow other developers to re-skin their smart contract frontends to work as NPCs within the Gotchiverse.
AntennasAntennas are used for in-parcel voice chat among Gotchis. We are frenly and sociable!
Display CasesInviting a Gotchi fren over to your parcel? Show off your Art, Baadge, and Trophy NFTs in Display Cases.

Installations take a certain number of blockchain blocks to finish constructing, but this time can be reduced by spending GLTR (GAX Liquidity Token Reward), an in-game currency that can be earned by providing liquidity on the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX).

Aesthetica are aesthetic NFTs that can be added to a Parcel, but do not affect its Alchemica or other statistics. They just look dope.

Installation Traits and Recipes


Crafting Installations and upgrading them to become more powerful is an important part of the Gotchiverse experience. Different Installations require different “recipes” to craft and upgrade, which is why the Aadepts provided us with a handy Recipe Book for reference! You can find the latest Recipes here.

Harvest Rate, Capacity, and Spillover

Haarvesters and Reservoirs are special Installations that allow mining of Alchemica from beneath the Gotchiverse surface.

Each type of Haarvester is capable of harvesting one type of Alchemica, and each Reservoir can hold a certain amount of one type of Alchemica. As the Installation level increases, Harvest Rate and Capacity both increase.

Spillover is another property of Reservoirs that determines how much and how far Alchemica spills when it is claimed from the Reservoir. Lower level Reservoirs have higher Spillover Amount and Spillover Radius, and these amounts are reduced with further upgrades.

You can consult the Recipe Book here to see exact Harvest Rates, Capacities, and Spillover Rates.

Removing Installations

Once an Installation is added to a Parcel, it can be upgraded or removed. To view upgrading cost for existing installations, check out the recipes page.

Tiles and Aesthetica are not burnt on unequip/removal.

Installations are burnt on unequip/removal. Only 50% of the crafting and upgrading Alchemica will be refunded.

Crafting Revenue Distribution

Whenever an Installation, upgrade or other item is crafted within the Gotchiverse, the underlying Alchemica are sent to four distinct places:

  • Great Portal (35%)
  • Pixelcraft (30%)
  • DAO (30%)
  • Burn (5%)

The Great Portal is the heartbeat of the Gotchiverse. Whenever items are crafted in the Gotchiverse, 35% of that Alchemica is captured by the most important Portal in the game. As the Great Portal’s treasury balloons, a great prophecy waits to be fulfilled…

Supply in excess of the capacity will be redistributed via Alchemical Channeling, instead of minting new tokens.

Any Alchemica in excess of the Great Portal Capacity will be recycled back into the ecosystem via Alchemical and Group Channeling, slowing the minting rate for new tokens.

Initially, the Great Portal Capacity will be 1% of total supply, but this can be altered by AavegotchiDAO. Speaking of AavegotchiDAO…

AavegotchiDAO, the governing body of the Aavegotchi Protocol, receives 30% of the crafted Alchemica split. This Alchemica balance represents a powerful opportunity for the community to have a direct stake in treasury management and put these tokens to work on the protocol’s behalf.

Pixelcraft Studios, the Gotchiverse’s dev house, also receives 30% of crafted Alchemica. These Alchemica balances can quickly be put to work in any endeavor supporting the growth of the Aavegotchi protocol and Gotchiverse game. Besides just diamond-handing, user acquisition, strategic allocations and marketing initiatives are some of the ways Alchemica can be put to work.

A 5% token burn is the cherry on top of this Crafting Revenue Distribution plan. A burn of this significance will help to offset the various ebbs and flows of Alchemica inflation, whether it be from player adoption spikes, planned Alchemical events like The Great Battles, or very lucky surveyed REALM Parcels.

REALM Parcel Access Rights

REALM Owners can toggle the access rights to their REALM Parcels at the My REALM Parcels page.

Aavegotchi REALM Parcels Access Rights

There are 5 types of Access Rights:

  • Alchemical Channelling
  • Empty Reservoir
  • Equip Installations
  • Equip Tiles
  • Upgrade Installations

The options for the Access Rights include:

  • Only me (Default)
  • Me + Borrowed Gotchi
  • Whitelist
  • Anyone

REALM Tokenomics

Total Supply

The total supply of REALM is 420,069. Initially, 155,069 REALM will be unlocked and distributed over a period of two years (Act 1). They make up the Citaadel and the Grid. The remaining REALM are currently obscured in an area known as The Beyond. As certain game milestones are reached, these REALM will be unlocked to offer new game experiences (Acts 2-3).


REALM Parcels will be distributed in two main ways:

Method 1: Incentivized GBM Auctions (80%)

The primary distribution method for REALM Parcels will be the incentivized GBM auction system. Participants will be able to select and bid on specific parcels from within the Gotchiverse world map. In a GBM auction, a participant can earn GHST by participating, even if they do not win the NFT. First pioneered by Cryptographs back in 2019, the GBM auction is a patent-pending system, and Pixelcraft Studios has officially been licensed to use it for all Aavegotchi NFT Drops, including Haunt 2, REALM, and even Wearables.

Check out our Aauction page for more information.

This revolutionary auction model solves many problems inherent to the popular First Come First Serve (FCFS) drops, but they naturally, still favor those with the most capital to invest.

To balance this, the team has decided to raffle off the remaining 20% of REALM parcels using Chainlink VRF-powered Raffles.

Method 2: Raffle (20%)

The secondary distribution method for REALM Parcels will be Chainlink VRF-powered Raffles. Participants will enter via Drop Tickets that are used for Portal and REALM Raffles. Drop Tickets can be earned by holding summoned Aavegotchis, participating in Missions, or by converting FRENS points or other Raffle tickets at a rate of 10,000 FRENS points per Drop Ticket. Begin accruing FRENS points now by staking GHST.

Drop Tickets

Drop Tickets are ERC-1155 NFTs that are fully tradable on the Aavegotchi Baazaar. Each Drop Ticket represents one entry into the NFT Raffles, where you can win Aavegotchi Portals and REALM Parcels.

Aavegotchi Drop Tickets and REALM Parcels

There are three ways to get Drop Tickets:

  • Convert 10,000 FRENS into one Drop Ticket
  • Convert other Raffle Tickets into a Drop Ticket
  • Refer your friends to earn Drop Tickets 🔥

Parcel Boosts

Some REALM parcels come with Parcel Boosts. Parcel Boosts are spots of Alchemica directly adjacent to REALM Parcels within the Gotchiverse. Unlike surveyed Alchemica, which is randomly given by Chainlink VRF, Parcel Boosts are base amounts of Alchemica that are added to the total Alchemica of a Parcel after surveying.

Alchemica Boost amounts are 1000, 500, 250, and 100 for FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK respectively.

Alchemica Boosts and Amount per Location


After each Great Battle in Act 1, players will be able to survey their Parcel again, rolling to get more Alchemica. The Boost amount above will be added onto the amount rolled by the player for each surveying round.

Alchemica Bubble Ups

The Bubble Ups concept grew out of the debated Paatch 0.1c where Increase Boost Amounts failed to pass. Alchemica Bubble Ups provide additional utility to boosts, while still requiring the player to actively harvest the Alchemica that bubbles up.

Alchemica Bubble Ups are sporadic (but not infrequent) events where Alchemica pickups appear on top of deposits of Alchemica in the Gotchiverse, especially near active parcels. Notably, it is Pixelcraft’s Gameplay vested release allocation that will support these Alchemical releases, although AavegotchiDAO can also vote to supplement the amount.