Developing Aavegotchi

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CoderDan welcomes you!

Wanna show off your hotshot coding skills? We welcome you fren!

The Aavegotchi Docs can be found here.


Have a suggestion for the DApp? Want to help translate it?

Contact coderdan#8904 on Discord

Gotchiverse Analytics

The official Gotchiverse Analytics page can be found here

DAO Treasury

DAO Treasury Dashboard (AGIP-76) by MikeyJay and Eitri can be found here

Unity SDK

The Aavegotchi Unity SDK is packed with everything you need to get started building your own gotchi experiences! All Aavegotchi pixelart NFTs (including both the avatars and wearables) are now available as 3D assets for you to build in Unity and beyond. Pixelcraft Studios will be continually adding more animations, characters, and world building infrastructure.

The pixelart versions of each Aavegotchi are also just a smart-contract call away thanks to all Gotchi traits and artwork being 100% stored on-chain. Everything you need for 2D pixel gotchis is right here:

Now is the time to begin creating games for the upcoming Aavegotchi Gaming Console. Join our thriving ecosystem of on-chain assets, cryptocurrencies, and passionate players.

Access the Unity SDK here.

Building the Wiki

Want to help build the wiki? Found any errors in the wiki? Suggestions to improve the content?

Contact BowtiedNerd#6509 on Discord

The entire wiki is on Github. View it here

Building Mini-Games

Coyote, our devangelist, has created 2 tutorials on mini-game creation.

Aarchitect Creations

Aarchitects, our community developers, have come up with some cool web applications. Check them out!


Gaame Jaam

The Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam/Hackathon was held from 1 - 5 September 2021. Check out the cool mini-games created here.