Spirit Force

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The aETH aToken

Every Aavegotchi is powered by Spirit Force. Upon opening a portal, the summoner (you!) has to imbue your Gotchi with Spirit Force to summon your new-found friend to life!

So what exactly is Spirit Force?

Spirit Force are Aave's interest-bearing tokens embedded within your Aavegotchi! This makes your Aavegotchi increasingly valuable over time!

In Aavegotchi, the terms "Spirit Force", "Collateral", "aTokens", "maTokens", and "amTokens" mean the same thing. Confused? Check out this history page for more information.

Supported Spirit Force

aAAVE tokenAAVEGovernance token of Aave Protocol. Stakers provide security to the protocol.
aDAI tokenDAIStablecoin backed by collateral on the Maker Platform.
aETH tokenETHDigital, global money. The currency of Ethereum DApps.
aLINK tokenLINKToken that powers a decentralized oracle network.
aUSDC tokenUSDCA fully collateralized US dollar stablecoin jointly created by Circle and Coinbase.
aYFI tokenYFIGovernance token of Yearn Finance.
aUNI tokenUNIGovernance token of Uniswap Exchange.
aTUSD tokenTUSDStablecoin issued by TrustToken that is fully collateralized and legally protected.
aUSDT tokenUSDTA stablecoin that mirrors the price of the U.S. dollar, issued by Tether.
aWMATIC tokenMATICNative token of Polygon Network
aWBTC tokenWBTCTokenized version of Bitcoin on Ethereum.
aETH tokenWETHDigital, global money. The currency of Ethereum DApps.

Buying maTokens/amTokens

Aavegotchis are unable to use your regular Aave aTokens. They need to use specially created ones. ;)

The type of token you need depends on the haunt your Aavegotchi belongs to:

  • Haunt 1 Aavegotchis: maTokens

  • Haunt 2 (and onwards) Aavegotchis: amTokens

Important: amTokens used as Spirit Force comes from Aave V2, not V3.

After opening a portal, you are given a choice to select 1 Gotchi from among 10 Gotchis. If you do not have the particular type of Spirit Force (maToken/amToken) to summon the Gotchi, the top righthand corner of the UI provides a convenient way to acquire that spirit force.

The example in the screenshot below shows the summoning of an maWETH Gotchi. The summoner lacks maWETH in his/her wallet. To get maWETH, he/she could click on the "Get aWETH" text (circled in red in the screenshot below). He/she could then trade any existing tokens in their wallet for maWETH to summon the Gotchi.

Differences between maTokens and amTokens

Both maTokens and amTokens accrue interest. However, the way they accrue interest differs:

  • maTokens increase in value over time. This applies to Haunt 1 Aavegotchis that use maTokens. The value of the maTokens are increasing, but as the quantity does not change, it is not possible to withdraw maTokens from the Gotchis unless you sacrifice your Gotchi to get at the underlying collateral.

  • amTokens increase in quantity over time. This applies to Aavegotchis from Haunt 2 and onwards. The interest accrued is reflected as quantity. Hence, it is possible to withdraw amTokens once sufficient interest has been generated.

Aura in the Gotchiverse

The larger your Gotchi's Spirit Force, the larger his/her aura in the Gotchiverse.

The calculation for the aura size is as follows:

Nick Mudge on maTokens