Spirit Force

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The aETH aToken

Every Aavegotchi is powered by Spirit Force. Upon opening a portal, the summoner (you!) has to imbue your Gotchi with Spirit Force to summon your new-found friend to life!

So what exactly is Spirit Force?

Spirit Force are interest-bearing tokens embedded within your Aavegotchi! This makes your Aavegotchi increasingly valuable over time!

In Aavegotchi, the terms "Spirit Force", "Collateral", "aTokens", "maTokens", and "amTokens" mean the same thing. Confused? Check out this history page for more information.

This page will provide you with some helpful information on what are the available aTokens and how do you get them.

Do note that you eventually need maTokens/amTokens to summon your Gotchis on Polygon. There are various ways to get maTokens without needing to go through aTokens. However, for the sake of representativeness, we explain how to get aTokens here.


While the underlying asset is loaned out to borrowers, aTokens accrue interest in real time, directly in your wallet! Seriously, you can watch your balance grow every minute.

aTokens can be classified into one of two categories: (1) cryptocurrencies, or (2) stablecoins. Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are secured by cryptography. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers. Stablecoins are a class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offer price stability by being pegged to an external reference such as the US Dollar (USD). The underlying mechanism of pegging differs across stablecoins, with each having its own risk profile.

The following aTokens (cryptocurrencies and stablecoins) are available on the Aave Protocol. The Supported by Aavegotchi column indicates whether a given aToken will be available for Aavegotchi gameplay. The list of supported aTokens are not finalized; there will be twitter votes/DAO votes to add in more aTokens for Aavegotchi gameplay based on player demand.


ImageNameDescriptionSupported by Aavegotchi
aDAI tokenaDAIStablecoin backed by collateral on the Maker Platform.Yes
aUSDC tokenaUSDCA fully collateralized US dollar stablecoin jointly created by Circle and Coinbase.Yes
aTUSD tokenaTUSDStablecoin issued by TrustToken that is fully collateralized and legally protected.TBC
aUSDT tokenaUSDTA stablecoin that mirrors the price of the U.S. dollar, issued by Tether.Yes
asUSD tokenasUSDA synthetic USD token enabled by the Synthetix protocol.TBC
aBUSD tokenaBUSDA 1:1 USD-backed stable coin issued by Binance (in partnership with Paxos).TBC
aGUSD tokenaGUSDA USD Stablecoin issued by Gemini.TBC


ImageNameDescriptionSupported by Aavegotchi
aETH tokenaETHDigital, global money. The currency of Ethereum DApps.Yes
aAAVE tokenaAAVEGovernance token of Aave Protocol. Stakers provide security to the protocol.Yes
aUNI tokenaUNIGovernance token of Uniswap Exchange.Yes
aYFI tokenaYFIGovernance token of Yearn Finance.Yes
aBAT tokenaBATToken that powers Brave Browser and digital advertising.TBC
aREN tokenaRENToken that powers the RenVM and Darknodes.TBC
aENJ tokenaENJToken used to back the value of assets created on Enjin.TBC
aKNC tokenaKNCToken that powers Kyber Network.TBC
aLINK tokenaLINKToken that powers a decentralized oracle network.Yes
aMANA tokenaMANANative currency in Decentraland.TBC
aREP tokenaREPToken used to participate in Augur's prediction markets.TBC
aSNX tokenaSNXToken that backs the synthetic assets on Synthetix Exchange.TBC
aWBTC tokenaWBTCTokenized version of Bitcoin on Ethereum.TBC
aZRX tokenaZRXToken that is used to pay fees on the 0x protocol.TBC
aCRV tokenaCRVGovernance token of Curve Finance.TBC
aBAL tokenaBALGovernance token of Balancer.TBC

Getting aTokens

The following steps are taken from the Zero to Hero Guide 2.0 from Aave Medium. It has been replicated here for the reader's convenience.

1). Head over to the Aave Protocol to get started!

2). Here you have a few options to link your crypto wallet, depending on which type of wallet you have:


3). Before you can use Aave Protocol, you’re going to want to have some crypto assets. The list of available crypto assets are shown in the Stablecoins and the Cryptocurrencies sections above.

If you don’t own any crypto but you want to join the fun, you’ll need to convert your fiat currency (normal money, like dollars, euros, etc.) into a cryptographic asset (like one of the above).

Lucky for you, Aave recently introduced a fiat to crypto onramp where you can buy crypto assets directly from the Aave Protocol application! Now you can use Transak or Ramp Instant to buy the asset of your choice directly with a credit or debit card or wire transfer in just a few minutes (see below).


4). Once you have connected your wallet to the platform, you can deposit an asset into Aave Protocol. When you click “deposit”, the interface will show you what you have available in your wallet to deposit. You then select the asset you would like to deposit, choose how much to deposit, and then voilá, you’ve done it! Note: there will be an "approve" transaction before the actual deposit transaction takes place. This is to grant permission to the deposit contract to use that particular asset you are depositing.


As soon as your deposit transaction goes through, you benefit from the deposit interest rate. The aToken version of the asset can now be seen in your wallet.

Converting aTokens into maTokens

Got your aTokens? Good!

Let's head over to the maTokens page for Step 2!

Differences between maTokens and amTokens

Both maTokens and amTokens accrue interest. However, the way they accrue interest differs:

  • maTokens increase in value over time. This applies to Haunt 1 Aavegotchis that use maTokens. The value of the maTokens are increasing, but as the quantity does not change, it is not possible to withdraw maTokens from the Gotchis unless you sacrifice your Gotchi to get at the underlying collateral.

  • amTokens increase in quantity over time. This applies to Aavegotchis from Haunt 2 and onwards. The interest accrued is reflected as quantity. Hence, it is possible to withdraw amTokens once sufficient interest has been generated.

Aura in the Gotchiverse

The larger your Gotchi's Spirit Force, the larger his/her aura in the Gotchiverse.

The calculation for the aura size is as follows: