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Year 2023

Aavegotchi partners with OnePlanet!

  • Aavegotchi partners with OnePlanet, an NFT launchpad and marketplace on Polygon!

Aavegotchi heading for Consensus 2023!

  • Aavegotchi will be at Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas next week!
  • There will be aavesome Gotchi swag and merch!

7 new Core Props to vote for!

  • Gotchigang, your votes are needed for 7 new Core Props!

Vote on AGIPs 72 - 75 now!

  • Four more AGIPs to vote on! 4 sets of XP rewards to earn!

March 2023 Update

  • It's the monthly update from our shippooorrrs! Find out what's cookin' in March 2023!

Aavegotchi in the News

  • Aavegotchi is featured on Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and Yahoo Finance, and many moar!

Let's vote on AGIPs 70 & 71 now!

  • Two new Core Proposals are live for voting on the official Aavegotchi Snapshot: Alchemica + GLTR Taskforce Funding and Gotchi Lodge 2023 Budget Revision

Gaming Industry Veteran Joins Pixelcraft Studios as Game Director

  • Gotchigang, let's welcome Jason Slama as Pixelcraft's new Game Director!
  • Slama previously worked as Game Director at Gwent, a popular card game based on The Witcher

Launch of Gotchi Miner game!

  • Join the first ever Gotchi Miner public tournament from March 28th to April 4th, 2023!
  • The top players will receive amazing rewards, including NFT wearables and FAKE Gotchi NFTs from the popular Hall of Fame series

Web 3 Gaming Studio Inverse Worlds to Develop on Aavegotchi's Supernet

  • Inverse Worlds is coming to Gotchichain!
  • The web3 game studio, which focuses on building social metaverses, has big plans for development on Aavegotchi’s own Polygon Supernet.

Introducing Gotchichain: Aavegotchi X Polygon Supernets

  • Gotchichain is gonna be a dedicated blockchain for all things Aavegotchi!
  • It is powered by Polygon Supernets and will be launching in early Q3 2023!

Aavegotchi partners with Magic Eden!

  • Aavegotchi NFTs have launched on Magic Eden, one of the largest NFT Marketplaces on Polygon!
  • To celebrate this major moment in Gotchi history, Aavegotchi and Magic Eden are offering a 20,000 MATIC prize pool for the top traders of the Aavegotchi collections on Magic Eden’s marketplace!

2 new Core Proposals to vote on!

  • Vote to fund to develop guilds! Vote to secure protocol rewards!

Aavegotchi February 2023 Update!

  • Launch of the Aavegotchi Forge! Rarity Farming Season 5 Rounds 1 & 2! GotchiGang at ETH Denver! And moar!

The Great GHST Migration

  • We are gonna turn off the bonding curve!
  • Here's what you need to know/do!

Vote on AGIP 67!

  • Gotchigang, it's time to vote on the Curve Transition Plan

Vote on AGIPs 64, 65, & 66

  • To close or not to close the bonding curve? What's the split for the Curve DAI? Form the Curve Transition Team? Let's vote on these matters now!

The Aavegotchi Forge is going live on 22 Feb 2023!

  • Craftooorrrs, hope you have been accumulating wearables for crafting! ;)

Vote on AGIPs 62 & 63 now!

  • Gotchigang, let's cast our votes on funding the paartnership with Infinity Keys and Sandbox, respectively!

Vote on AGIP 61 nao!

  • Cast your votes on launching the Aavegotchi Forge!

Aavegotchi January 2023 Update

  • Our shippooorrrsss have been busy shipping. Check out what they have shipped in Jan 2023 here!

Vote on AGIPs 59 and 60 now!

  • Let's vote whether to set the 2023 DTF Budget and to send Gotchi Lodge to ETH Denver!

Rarity Farming Season 5 is here!

  • Deck out your gotchis in bling-bling and win some GHST in Rarity Farming Season 5!

Aavegotchi 2023 Roadmap!

  • What's in store for Aavegotchi in 2023?
  • Read all about it here!

Vote on AGIPs 57 and 58 now!

  • AGIP 57 — Establish the “Core Framework” Guiding Wearable Release - Forge Proposal
  • AGIP 58 — Launch Round 2 Parcel VRF Rolls

Aavegotchi has a new CMO!

  • Meet Nigel Carlos, the man who helped propel Alien Worlds to the top of the DappRadar rankings!

Aavegotchi Forge 101

  • The Aavegotchi Forge will be launching soon!
  • Get the lowdown on how to forge and smelt here!

AGIP 51 revote. Vote on AGIPs 54-56

  • Revote on AGIP 51 - Election for DAO Foundation’s Directors/Multisig-Signers
  • 3 more completely new AGIPs to vote on!

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