The Forge

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The Forge

Light the furnace and grab your hammers. It’s time to craft some wearables!

The Conundrum

In legacy video games, releasing new gear happens all the time and is how games expand. Also in legacy games, the gear is non-custodial with no real-life value! The old gear becomes devalued as players progress.

However, in the Gotchiverse, our beloved wearables hold real monetary value and, therefore, we must rethink how new items are released.

If we print new wearables like the Fed prints new money, things will quickly become devalued. On the other hand, if we do nothing, then we’re going to have a very stagnant game with nothing new to enjoy. What to do!?

The Forge

The galaxy brains in our DAO came up with an elegant solution: let us break wearables down into three or four parts all of which serve a vital function. Those pieces are Schematics, Cores, Alloy, and sometimes, Essence. You will also receive a same-tier geode in the process of smelting.

Aavegotchi Schematics

Schematics are the blueprints for each specific wearable. Each wearable has within it a corresponding Schematic. To forge a Marine Jacket, you need a Marine Jacket Schematic. When you smelt the Marine Jacket down, you get back the same Schematic.

Rest easy, once a new item is released, there will never be any more Schematics for that item released ever again. The scarcity of each item is safu!

Aavegotchi Cores

Cores are what gives the wearable its BRS boosting power! Each Core represents two things: the rarity tier and the wearable slot. For example, our Marine Jacket has within it a “Rare Body” Core while the Coderdan Shades have within them a “Mythical Eye” Core.

Cores allow for control over inflation within each specific wearable rarity tier and slot.


Aavegotchi Alloy

Alloy is the most liquid of all resources and it controls the overall supply of wearables. At this time no new alloy is planned to be released. This means you will have to smelt old wearables in order to make new ones! And with a 10% loss from each smelt, we, for the very first time, will have deflation of wearables. Brilliant!

The DAO has decided to send half of the lost alloy to be burned forever and the other half to the DAO for future use.


Aavegotchi Essence

This potent material comes straight from the hearts of sacrificed Aavegotchis. It takes Essence to Forge new Godlike items and pets. However, when you smelt those items again, ALL the Essence is lost!

1 Gotchi Sacrificed = 1,000 Essence

Curbing Inflation

Each component serves as a different lever to control inflation in different ways.

Schematic: unique to the individual wearable. The quantity of each item and schematic will never increase. (For instance: There will always be a total combined 50 Citaadel Helms + Citaadel Helm Schematics)

Core: mechanism to control scarcity within each wearable slot and rarity. For example, if no new Mythical Head Cores are released, then the total Mythical Head supply cannot increase.

Alloy: this material controls the maximum number of wearables in circulation.

Essence: an added component to drive deflation of Gotchis for top players and pet crafters.

This will allow for exciting, new wearables to be released in the form of schematics. All the fun of new content without the fear of moar inflation!

How to Forge and Smelt

Make sure you bring your materials, and our resident Graandmaster Blacksmith, Flex, will show you the ropes! All the details you need for Forging and Smelting can be found here.

Alloy Forging Costs and Smelting Yields

RarityAlloy Cost to ForgeAlloy Received upon Smelting


There are six tiers of Geodes, ranging from Common to Godlike.

Bring your geodes to Flex at the Forge UI. He will crack open these mystical gems to reveal the incredible prizes lurking inside. You do not need an Aavegotchi or GLTR to crack open your geodes.

The rarity of your geode determines the percentage chance of obtaining a prize from the pool. Initially, the prize pool consists of a collection of four legendary schematics, which, when combined, form the mighty Smithooor set.

The following table shows the percentage chance of obtaining a prize for each rarity of geode:

RarityPrize Distribution (%)

Forging Time

While smelting is an instantaneous process, forging takes time. During this time, players’ materials remain locked inside The Forge. Players return to claim their new wearable once the forging is complete.

The time it takes to forge a new wearable depends upon the wearable itself- the rarer and more valuable a wearable, the longer the forging process will take.

A gotchi can only forge one wearable at a time. The player must wait for the wearable to complete before forging another wearable (or select a different gotchi to interact with The Forge).

RarityForging Time (In Polygon Blocks)

Blacksmithing Skill

The Forge is accompanied with the all-new and first-ever crafting skill: Blacksmithing. Crafting new wearables takes significant time or will cost you mountains of GLTR. However, this crafting time can be greatly diminished by leveling up your Blacksmithing skill. Your Gotchi will gain experience for both Forging and Smelting items.

Upon the completion of forging and smelting, the player’s designated gotchi will receive a certain amount of smithing skill points (with rare items granting more points).

RaritySkill Points Earned from ForgingSkill Points Earned from Smelting

As skill points accrue, the Gotchi is able to progress to higher and higher smithing levels. Gotchis with higher smithing levels will be able to claim their new wearables from The Forge in a shorter timeframe than those with lower smithing levels. In typical RPG fashion, the amount of skill points required to reach each new level increases from one level to the next in exponential fashion.

The formula for the forging time multiplier (M) for a gotchi given its smithing skill level (L) is as follows:

All gotchis start at smithing skill level 1 with zero skill points. To determine the additional skill points required (P) to advance to a level (L) from the prior level (L - 1):

LevelForging Time MultiplierSkill Points Required
(this level)
Skill Points Required

Forge Wearables

The list of Forge Wearables can be found here.