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Aagents at Work


Closing an epic chapter in Aavegotchi history, around 280 of our dedicated community members have made their way up through the ranks to official Aavegotchi Aagent status! These agents will be the exclusive owners of the Aavegotchi Aagent wearable set, cementing their place in Aavegotchi lore.


From the aarchives:

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it..."

Aavegotchi “missions” are a fun way to get a great understanding of the Aavegotchi project. Most are simple tasks (with the exception of just one that requires a bit more thought) and can be done whenever time permits and in any order you choose. As you complete each one, you’ll be leveled up by our Aaprentices, until you reach full Aagent status! Just be sure to hop in to Mission Control before mainnet launch, as our Aagent program will only run until then. Upon mainnet launch, Aagents who have completed ALL Aavegotchi missions will receive a complete Aagent wearable set exclusively for Aavegotchi Aagents.



MISSION 1: Comment in the Aavegotchi Litepaper.

MISSION 2: Invite one fren to the Discord.

MISSION 3: Add a sentence or two of your thoughts about the project to the Aavegotchi Community Pitch paper.

MISSION 4: Retweet us on Twitter with why you love Aavegotchi, and tag two frens.

MISSION 5: Ask a question in our Telegram.

MISSION 6: Use our testnet to buy testnet (not real) GHST from the testnet bonding curve (which does NOT require KYC - the real bonding curve does, but you can complete all missions without KYC). This is where you’ll suddenly become an expert on using testnets if you haven’t before, and will feel super smart helping everyone who comes after you. If you get stuck on Mission 6, ask us! We're happy to aassist our Aagents.

MISSION 7: Vote on an Aavegotchi governance proposal.

MISSION 8: Meme-time! Create an Aavegotchi-themed meme in any language you like and post it to our meme thread on Reddit.

MISSION 9: (Our most challenging mission) Write a short article or make a short video about Aavegotchi (300 words for articles, or 30 seconds for videos). Publish your creation on the platform you choose (there are several options available for each), and retweet us one more time along with your link to your aavesome Aavegotchi content.

MISSION 10: CREATE AN AAVEGOTCHI (on testnet) using our Aavegotchi builder, adopt your Gotchi as your avatar (for 72 hours), and share your creation with the rest of the Aavegotchi fam!

MISSION 11: Check out our new wiki! Choose two things you think could be useful to help make it the best resource it can be.

MISSION 12: Be a Moovie Star! Tag 2 of your favorite Crypto Youtubers and let them know that the #GotchiGang is coming!


Congratulations fren, you’re an official Aavegotchi Aagent! aavegotchi agent Join us while you can - head over to our Discord to get started!