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Let's Game!

What’s the fun of owning an Aavegotchi if you can’t play with it? One of the core experiences of the Aavegotchi game will be exploring the Aavegotchi Realm overworld with friends and pitting your Aavegotchis against theirs.

Some mini-games will be played using simple random number generators (RNGs), whereas others will offer more immersive, player-controlled experiences.

Each mini-game will use different Aavegotchi traits to enable fair gameplay for a wide variety of trait distributions. For example, a HYPER-AGGRESSIVE Aavegotchi may perform well in an Aavegotchi Fight Club, but may not be well-suited to a cake-baking mini-game.

Have an Aavegotchi that isn’t suited well to any mini-game currently offered? Jump in and develop one! To help support developers building Aavegotchi mini-games, AavegotchiDAO V2.0 will manage a Development Fund that has been set up for supporting development work carried out within the Aavegotchi ecosystem. As long as mini-games conform to trait distribution standards, they can reward winners with XP.

XP Rewards for Mini-Games

From time to time, selected mini-games will offer XP rewards to top scorers on the mini-game's leaderboard. These Mini-Game XP events will be announced by the Pixelcraft team on Discord when available.

For a list of past mini-game XP events, check out this page here.

XP is needed for Aavegotchis to remain competitive on the Rarity Farming XP leaderboard to win GHST prizes.

Official Mini-Games

Soon! The Devs are hard at work. More information will be released here once it is available!

Community-created Mini-Games

Some of our aarchitect frens have created some mini-games of their own! Try them out!

The Mini-Games section of the DApp can be found here

Reverse Pacman by aaron555

Link to game here

Reverse Pacman Aavegotchi Mini-Game

Gotchi Tower Defense by jarrod |

Link to game here

Gotchi Tower Defense Aavegotchi Mini-Game

GotchiMiner by @smokeyZheBandit, @oibaffio2, @Crypto_Toupa, and @gotchinomics

Link to game here

GotchiMiner Aavegotchi Mini-Game

1 Arm Baandit by @mdurkin92

Link to game here

1 Arm Baandit Aavegotchi Mini-Game

Aavezon by @space_asylum

Link to game here

Aavezon Aavegotchi Mini-Game

Portal Ddefenders by @oh_no_bruno

Link to game here

Portal Defenders Aavegotchi Mini-Game

Samugotchi Shodown by Rainbow Hallow (@GrizzyJones, @vrycmfy, and @lahcen_kha)

Link to game here

Samugotchi Shodown Aavegotchi Mini-Game

Astegotchi by Alvi

Link to game here

Astegotchi Aavegotchi Mini-Game