Aavegotchi Maall

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The Maall

"Hey Aamy. Sorry I'm late."

"Nevermind that. What are you getting later? The Praada Parasol looks cuuuute!"

"The Kaate Spaade clutch will match my latest outfit! twirls"

The doors to the Maall creaks open.

"Yippie! It's time to shop!"

Aavegotchi Maall

The Aavegotchi Maall is the official Aavegotchi shop. The Maall sells wearables and consumables, with pricing in GHST tokens.

The Maall will be restocked from time to time, each time with totally new wearables.

Once these items are out of stock, they can only be purchased from others who are selling it on secondary marketplaces such as the Baazaar and other online marketplaces.

The Maall can be accessed here.