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Hey Fam! Ever miss out on an Aavegotchi talk/chat session because you couldn't make it? Worried that you might overlook some fAAntastic Aavegotchi-related media because your to-watch DeFi videos are piling up? No worries Fren. We got ya covered! Watch them on-demand here!

Frens, we also have our own Aavegotchi Youtube Channel too :D

Guaranteed CHAOS! A new victim plays Gotchi Guardians | Devlog 4 (7 December 2023)

KILLER GAMEPLAY: Aavegotchi's Chaotic New Tower Defense Game | Devlog #3 (14 September 2023)

100x $ghst token! Aavegotchi founder on polygon supernets, new games, new AAA game devs! (25 August 2023)

Epic Gotchi Guardians GAMEPLAY! Watch Aavegotchis Battle for Survival | Devlog #2 (29 July 2023)

FIRST LOOK at ex Gwent Game-Director Jason Slama's NEW GAME | Gotchi Guardians Devlog #1 (1 June 2023)

Chill with CODERDAN - Founder of Aavegotchi (10 March 2023)

AMA with Aavegotchi, Community-Owned Gaming Protocol (21 October 2022)

CGC11 Fireside Chat with Jesse Johnson, Co-Founder and COO of Aavegotchi (31 August 2022)

Gotchiverse Walk-Thru, Farming Tutorial, Token Details with Jesse on the LADZ City show (22 July 2022)

GMI Guild Summit with Keynote Presentation by Jesse (17 July 2022)

ForbesBook Podcast with Jesse Johnson (13 April 2022)

Crypto Sapiens — Jesse Johnson | Aavegotchi and Financial Accessibility Through Gaming (12 March 2022)

Aavegotchi Gotchiverse Gameplay on LADZ City (22 December 2021)

FutureX Meet-Up #4 - Is DeFi Gaming All Froth or Just Beginning? (29 November 2021)

Cryptocurrency Subreddit AMA (13 October 2021)

Link to AMA here

Gamifying DeFi, with Jesse Johnson of PixelCraft Studios by The Metaverse Podcast (26 July 2021)

Building on Aavegotchi! Coderdan interviewed by Ivan on Tech (22 July 2021)

Recording of Aavegotchi's First Birthday Party and Community Call by No Futuristic (8 July 2021)

Recording of Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper Release by No Futuristic (24 June 2021)

Recording of DinoSwap AMA by No Futuristic (18 June 2021)

Recording of Season 1 Rarity Farming Finale Community Call by No Futuristic (16 June 2021)

Jesse shares about AavegotchiDAO in the Blockchain Gaming Alliance Panel (7 May 2021)

Coderdan presents Aavegotchi on Odaily China Crypto News (3 February 2021)

Link to video here

Coderdan shares about Aavegotchi in the Blockchain Game Alliance Demo Day (29 January 2021)

Link to video here

Our Malaysian Aambassador Buzz Lightyear / Jason Chew shares with DeFi Singapore about Aavegotchi Farming and NFTs! (27 January 2021)

Link to video here

Learning how to integrate Aavegotchi for your hackathon, with Coderdan and Nick (19 January 2021)

Coderdan giving a presentation on the Bonding Curve (20 December 2020)

Cutting-edge Games Conference: Interoperable Avatars For The Great Web3 MMORPG (12 December 2020)

Aave * Aavegotchi Fireside Chat (8 December 2020)

Jesse & Dan - Challenging the NFT Status Quo on Zima Red (30 November 2020)

Aavegotchi Founder Interview. Cagyjan interviews Jesse / GldnXross (16 October 2020)

The Quest for Rarity: DeFi Meets NFTs With Aavegotchi by Robin Schmidt and The Defiant (5 October 2020)