GHST Token

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GHST Token

The GHST token is the eco-governance token that powers the whole Aavegotchi ecosystem.

Holding GHST grants the owner voting power in AavegotchiDAO at a rate of 1 vote per token. GHST is also the main currency of account for trading NFTs in the Aavegotchi marketplace.

GHST is a fully compliant ERC20 token. You can view its contract address on Polygon here:


User incentives play a huge part in any project. In this case, GHST provides the economic incentives to encourage greater participation in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Specifically, the token helps to align the respective goals of the AavegotchiDAO, GHST holders, and Aavegotchi holders.

Players have to buy GHST and spend it within the ecosystem. A portion of this is transferred directly back to the DAO to continue funding the development of the ecosystem. At the same time, part of the value is also distributed as rewards for wise governance in the DAO, and as rewards for engaging in rarity farming.

For more information, make sure to check out the Tokenomics page.

Total supply

GHST was initially launched using a “bonding curve” mechanism where GHST was backed by DAI. However, in 2023, the AavegotchiDAO voted to remove the bonding curve and make GHST a free-floating token.

Following the removal of the bonding curve, the total supply of GHST token is now fixed at 52,747,802 GHST.

As GHST will still be burnt through various mechanisms in the Aavegotchi ecosystem, please refer to the contract on etherscan for a real-time update of the token's total supply.

Buying GHST

There are 3 ways to get GHST.


  • Crosschain Swap

  • Quickswap

  • Uniswap

Access the DEXes through the Aavegotchi UI here.


  • Superbridge — Bridge from Ethereum to Base

  • Gotchi Bridge — Bridge between Polygon and Ethereum

  • Polygon Bridge — Official Polygon Bridge

  • Umbria Bridge — Fast bridge with GHST liquidity

Access the Bridges through the Aavegotchi UI here.


  • Binance


  • Kraken

Access the Exchanges through the Aavegotchi UI here.

Make sure you get the correct token address as well.

On Ethereum Mainnet: 0x3F382DbD960E3a9bbCeaE22651E88158d2791550

On Polygon: 0x385Eeac5cB85A38A9a07A70c73e0a3271CfB54A7

Please verify these links against other officially published Aavegotchi sources - it never hurts to be extra careful.

Using GHST

What can you do with GHST, other than buy it and wonder wen moon? Plenty, and once you learn about the various ways to use GHST, we have a feeling you might just rethink selling.

These include:

Is GHST decentralized?

Yes, GHST is a fully decentralized token, with no admin privileges or backdoors. Originally deployed under the ownership of AavegotchiDAO, when the bonding curve turned off, the DAO that maintained admin keys to GHST was also dismantled, meaning that no one owns the admin keys to GHST any longer.