Force Spirituelle

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Le jeton aETH

Chaque Aavegotchi prend vie grâce à la Force Spirituelle. Lors de l'ouverture d'un portail , l'invocateur (vous !) doit insuffler de la Force spirituelle pour invoquer son nouveau Gotchi !

Alors, qu'est-ce que la Force spirituelle ?

Spirit Force are Aave's interest-bearing tokens embedded within your Aavegotchi! Cela rend votre Aavegotchi de plus en plus précieux au fil du temps !

In Aavegotchi, the terms "Spirit Force", "Collateral", "aTokens", "maTokens", and "amTokens" mean the same thing. Confused? Check out this history page for more information.

Supported Spirit Force

aAAVE tokenAAVEGovernance token of Aave Protocol. Stakers provide security to the protocol.
aDAI tokenDAIStablecoin backed by collateral on the Maker Platform.
aETH tokenETHDigital, global money. The currency of Ethereum DApps.
aLINK tokenLINKToken that powers a decentralized oracle network.
aUSDC tokenUSDCA fully collateralized US dollar stablecoin jointly created by Circle and Coinbase.
aYFI tokenYFIGovernance token of Yearn Finance.
aUNI tokenUNIGovernance token of Uniswap Exchange.
aTUSD tokenTUSDStablecoin issued by TrustToken that is fully collateralized and legally protected.
aUSDT tokenUSDTA stablecoin that mirrors the price of the U.S. dollar, issued by Tether.
aWMATIC tokenMATICNative token of Polygon Network
aWBTC tokenWBTCTokenized version of Bitcoin on Ethereum.
aETH tokenWETHDigital, global money. The currency of Ethereum DApps.

Getting aTokens

The following steps are taken from the Zero to Hero Guide 2.0 from Aave Medium. It has been replicated here for the reader's convenience.

1). Head over to the Aave Protocol to get started!

2). Here you have a few options to link your crypto wallet, depending on which type of wallet you have:


3). Before you can use Aave Protocol, you’re going to want to have some crypto assets. The list of available crypto assets are shown in the Stablecoins and the Cryptocurrencies sections above.

If you don’t own any crypto but you want to join the fun, you’ll need to convert your fiat currency (normal money, like dollars, euros, etc.) into a cryptographic asset (like one of the above).

Lucky for you, Aave recently introduced a fiat to crypto onramp where you can buy crypto assets directly from the Aave Protocol application! Now you can use Transak or Ramp Instant to buy the asset of your choice directly with a credit or debit card or wire transfer in just a few minutes (see below).


4). Once you have connected your wallet to the platform, you can deposit an asset into Aave Protocol. When you click “deposit”, the interface will show you what you have available in your wallet to deposit. You then select the asset you would like to deposit, choose how much to deposit, and then voilá, you’ve done it! Note: there will be an "approve" transaction before the actual deposit transaction takes place. This is to grant permission to the deposit contract to use that particular asset you are depositing.


As soon as your deposit transaction goes through, you benefit from the deposit interest rate. The aToken version of the asset can now be seen in your wallet.

Converting aTokens into maTokens

Got your aTokens? Good!

Let's head over to the maTokens page for Step 2!

Differences between maTokens and amTokens

Les jetons maTokens et amTokens vous donnes des intérêts. Cependant, la façon dont ils accumulent des intérêts diffère :

  • Les jetons maTokens augmente de valeur au fil du temps. Cela s'applique aux portails Haunt 1 d'Aavegotchis qui utilisent des jetons maTokens. La valeur des maTokens augmente, mais comme la quantité ne change pas, Il n'est pas possible de retirer des maTokens du Gotchis à moins que vous ne sacrifiez votre Gotchi pour obtenir la garantie sous-jacente.

  • Les jetons amTokens augmentent en quantité au fil du temps. Cela s'applique aux portails d'Aavegotchis à partir de la Haunt 2 et plus. Les intérêts accumulés sont reflétés en quantité. Il est donc possible de retirer amTokens une fois qu'un intérêt suffisant a été généré.

Aura in the Gotchiverse

The larger your Gotchi's Spirit Force, the larger his/her aura in the Gotchiverse.

The calculation for the aura size is as follows: