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Aavegotchi Realm


The Aavegotchi Realm is currently under construction. As our metaverse grows, so will our metaverse page. To be first in the know for upcoming updates or discussions regarding potential developments, hop into our Discord.

Welcome, fren! You’ve stumbled upon the Aavegotchi Realm - the classic, two-dimensional, pixelated wonderland where Aavegotchis live, work, and play. This is where you’ll be able to interact with all aspects of Aavegotchi life - and even build some of it yourself!

Glossary help: What is a metaverse?


Life in the Realm

The Aavegotchi Realm is expanding as we speak. Here are just a few of the activities you'll be able to find in the metaverse so far:

  • Interact with other Gotchis

Say hello! Visit your Aavegotchi frens and make new ones.

  • Play Mini-Games

Enter your Gotchi into competition! Level up your Aavegotchi when you rack up wins in all kinds of different metaverse games.

  • Vote in the DAO

Make your voice heard in the Aavegotchi Realm. Head to the metaverse governance building to cast your vote for the future of Aavegotchi!

  • Find a Babysitter and More

As the ecosystem grows, you’ll be able to choose a special someone to look after your Aavegotchi when you’re away. Since kinship is an important aspect of Aavegotchi care, you’ll be able to find these types of services and more in the Aavegotchi metaverse.

How Do I Get My Own Land?

In the Gotchiverse,* you’ll also be able to contribute your own creations to the Aavegotchi experience! REALM parcels will be purchasable in the Aavegotchi store. You’ll be able to decorate your parcel via the Aavegotchi scene builder, and even add dApps to your land that can be used to interact with all kinds of other smart contracts. If that weren't enough, REALM parcels can also be enhanced by staking GHST to unlock new features.

Can't wait to see you in the Realm, fren! aavegotchi

*The Aavegotchi metaverse, or Gotchiverse, both refer to what is officially named the "Aavegotchi Realm."

Our Aavegotchi Realm is in rapid development and this page will be updated as we progress. Still have other questions? Reach out to us in one of our community channels!