Wearables Taask Force

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The Wearables Taask Force is a group of Aavegotchi community members who would assist Pixelcraft in analysis of the current distribution of wearables within the ecosystem from a slot, rarity, and trait modifiers perspective.

This would ensure that further release of items avoids duplication of existing items (ex. Monocle and Radar Eyes) and expands the amount of gotchis that can be equipped optimally (currently there is a skew of certain traits being modified in the same directions among multiple items, meaning many gotchis are left out in the cold as to what they can equip).

This would both greatly expand the meta on a more even basis as well as guard against dilution of existing items.


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The idea for the committee came from Diddlypoo on a forum post.

This was formalized in a DAO vote / AGIP 15. The vote passed and the Wearables Taask Force was created.


  • Kuwlness

  • Fantasma

  • Bearded

  • Actaeon

  • Thunderfish

  • Letsgobankless

  • Kokusho

  • Ader1990.eth

  • Machete

  • Aimo217 (AL#4105)

  • Notorious_BTC

  • MonsterRNG

  • Goobz

  • Diddlypoo