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Weapons are hand wearables classified either as Melee or Ranged Weapon. These special Wearables can inflict damage upon Gotchis (in the Aarena), Lickquidators, Enemies, and Waalls.

Each Weapon will also be endowed with special benefits, such as extra damage to Waalls, extra damage to Lickquidators, extra attack speed, and others.

Melee Weapons

aavegotchi aave thaave hammerThaave Hammer
aavegotchi Farmer PitchforkPitchfork
aavegotchi Farmer HandsawHandsaw
aavegotchi Sushi KnifeSushi Knife
aavegotchi Miner PickaxePickaxe
aavegotchi Portal Mage AxePortal Mage Axe
aavegotchi Portal Mage Black AxePortal Mage Black Axe
aavegotchi Royal ScepterRoyal Scepter
aavegotchi Mechanical ClawMechanical Claw
aavegotchi Hook HandHook Hand
aavegotchi Bitcoin GuitarBitcoin Guitar
aavegotchi Double-sided AxeDouble-sided Axe
aavegotchi Spirit SwordSpirit Sword
aavegotchi Haanzo KatanaHaanzo Katana

Ranged Weapons

aavegotchi chainlink mk2 grenadeMK2 Grenade
aavegotchi chainlink m67 grenadeM67 Grenade
aavegotchi chainlink cubeLINK Cube
aavegotchi Aagent PistolAagent Pistol
aavegotchi Common Wizard StaffCommon Wizard Staff
aavegotchi Legendary Wizard StaffLegendary Wizard Staff
aavegotchi Witchy WandWitchy Wand
aavegotchi FireballFireball
aavegotchi Energy GunEnergy Gun
aavegotchi BasketballBasketball
aavegotchi LassoLasso
aavegotchi Bow and ArrowBow and Arrow
aavegotchi LongbowLongbow
aavegotchi Mudgen DiamondMudgen Diamond