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Terence McKenna

"Sir. It has been a pleasure to get to know you."

The Gotchi Minister salutes Terence McKenna and his team.

The team took one last look at the beautiful world of Polygon before stepping into the spacecraft.

On 15 April 2021, history was made. Captain Terence McKenna and his team successfully crossed Polygon into the New World of Ethereum.

The Aastronauts

The Aastronauts are a collection of 5 rare Aavegotchis and 1 rare Unopened Portal that have been fractionalized/sharded through Unicly. The team is led by Terence McKenna.

The Aastronauts are participants in Rarity Farming and would receive rarity farming rewards as well. Unfortunately, as no one is petting these Gotchis, their Kinship level is dropping. In the future, a pet operator can be assigned to pet these Gotchis.

Clicking on the image of an Aastronaut will bring you to its profile page.

Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna Aavegotchi

Gotchi Pocket
aavegotchi GldnXross Robeaavegotchi chainlink sergey beardaavegotchi All Seeing Eyesaavegotchi Galaxy Brainaavegotchi Mudgen Diamondaavegotchi Mudgen Diamondaavegotchi Mythical Rofl

Machine Elf

Machine Elf Aavegotchi

Gotchi Pocket
aavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Coderdan Shadesaavegotchi Xibot Mohawkaavegotchi Coconutaavegotchi Miner Pickaxe

Stoned Ape

Stoned Ape Aavegotchi

Gotchi Pocket
aavegotchi Pajama Shirtaavegotchi chainlink sergey eyesaavegotchi Ape Maskaavegotchi Fireballaavegotchi Coconutaavegotchi Jamaican Flag


Ayahuasca Aavegotchi

Gotchi Pocket
aavegotchi Gentleman Coataavegotchi aave stani hairaavegotchi DAO Eggaavegotchi Water Bottleaavegotchi aave captain aave suitaavegotchi Wizard Visoraavegotchi Portal Mage Helmetaavegotchi aave captain aave shield

Clockwork Elf

Clockwork Elf Aavegotchi

Gotchi Pocket
aavegotchi Elf Earsaavegotchi Coderdan Shadesaavegotchi Lil Pump Dreadsaavegotchi Mudgen Diamondaavegotchi aave flag

Unopened Portal 2

On 16 May 2021, Pixelcraft announces that they are adding a final member to the Aastronauts Collection. Unopened Portal 2 is the third lowest tokenID of Haunt 1. Pixelcraft Studios acquired it on the Baazaar for 60,000 GHST, and it has already been bridged to Ethereum and deposited into the Aastronauts collection.

Unopened Portal 2 Aavegotchi



The uGOTCHI Token allows token holders to have direct ownership of the Aastronauts. The total supply of the uGOTCHI token is fixed at 1,000,000. Hence, the amount of uGOTCHI tokens that you have represents the percentage of ownership over the entire Aastronauts collection.

The uGOTCHI Token is a good way for people who are interested to get exposure to a collection of rare Gotchis. For those who do not have the time to own and care for a Gotchi, the uGOTCHI token is a passive way to invest in a very good set of Aavegotchis for price appreciation. Of course, with every investment, this comes with risk of loss as well.

Click here to view the uGOTCHI collection on Unicly.


On 18 May 2021, Pixelcraft announces that appraisers have concluded their appraisal of the Aastronauts in the uGOTCHI collection. Using an ETH price of $3,550.00, the appraisers designated the collection to be worth 258.04 ETH or USD $916,042.00. The valuations of the individual members of the collection are reflected in the table below.

NameToken IDAppraised Value (ETH)Appraised Value (USD)
Terence Mckenna154990$319,500.00
Machine Elf806211.27$40,008.50
Stoned Ape44797$24,850.00
Clockwork Elf130657$202,350.00
Unopened Portal 2277$273,350.00

The following points of consideration were made to the Appraisers:

  1. Each Aavegotchi is an ERC-721. Each wearable that is equipped is also a collectible ERC-1155.

  2. All of these NFTs are trading on the Baazaar and are priced in GHST (currently going for 1.34 each). I highly recommend using the filters and exploring the prices. You can also find some of the most exciting sales by following the fan-maintained Aavegotchistats on Twitter.

  3. Godlike wearables are the rarest with only 5 existing in total. This is followed by Mythicals. The Gotchis in the Unicly collection are all wearing multiple Godlikes and Mythicals.

  4. These 5 Aavegotchis are called the Aastronauts because they are the first gotchis to be bridged to Ethereum.

  5. The Unopened Portal is the first portal to be bridged to Ethereum. It also has an extremely low ID (#2).

  6. The Aavegotchi ecosystem is large and growing with over 30 million DAI deposited in the GHST token bonding curve. The AavegotchiDAO has accumulated 1 million+ in the DAO treasury so far. There are more than 30k followers on Twitter and 10k active members in Discord. In addition, the Baazaar NFT market has significant and consistent volume. Aavegotchi typically ranks in the Top 10 on Analytics sites such as DappRadar.

  7. When Aavegotchi first launched their 10,000 Portals in March 2021, they were sold out in less than a minute.

  8. The Aastronauts are continually farming GHST tokens directly into their "NFT wallet" feature by winning Rarity Farming rewards every two weeks. (Terence McKenna alone is on pace to earn 40,000 GHST before mid June). This is crucial because the rewards are not going to some outside wallet, but are deposited directly into each Aavegotchi according to their rarity scores. Terence McKenna is the leader of this collection and is currently the 4th rarest of all Aavegotchis in existence.