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A grid-based, turn-based strategy game where players control a squad of 3 Gotchis tasked with mining alchemica in lickquidator infested mines. Players must use precision tactics over brute force to avoid enemy attacks and collateral damage to their equipment.

The objective of the game is to hit the harvest target before the end of the last round to advance to the next level.


Strategotchi uses a turn-based structure that alternates between player and enemy turns. Each unit can move and take an action (e.g., attack or place a harvester). End your turn by pressing the "End Turn" button

Note: if a character takes an action, it cannot move afterwards.


How to move

Select a character to bring up its movement range and click on any tile within that range to move to it.

You can toggle between the available actions in the bottom left panel.

How to attack

Select the character you wish to attack with. In the bottom left panel, click the weapon icon to bring up your attack range. Click a tile within your range to attack.

Note: if a character has already moved, selecting it again will automatically arm its attack.

How to place a harvester

Select the Gotchi you wish to place the harvester with. In the bottom left panel, select the harvest icon to bring up the placement range and select the tile you wish to place the harvester on.

*Note: harvesters can only be placed on Raw Gotchiverse Tiles (black tiles).

Enemy Mechanics

Enemies telegraph attacks with threat indicators. Dodge these threats by moving, neutralizing enemies, or using knock-backs.

Knockbacks & Collisions

Your Portal Mage Axe (melee) and Witchy Wand (ranged) will damage and push targets back 1 tile.

Your Fireball (lobbed) will damage the target and push nearby units away

If a unit is knocked into another unit or object, a collision occurs, causing additional damage.

Harvester Mechanics

Place harvesters on Raw Gotchiverse tiles (black tiles). Harvesters are fixed units and do not receive knock-back if attacked.

Each harvester collects 1 Alchemica per round with no capacity limitations. If destroyed, harvesters result in a loss of their total collected Alchemica.

Solo Mechanics

Players have access to Solo, a support character providing temporary boosts.

  • Harvester Boost: Doubles Alchemica production for one round for boosted harvesters.

  • Damage Boost: Doubles damage output of a boosted Gotchi's next attack.

  • Shield Boost: Applies a temporary shield against one hit and prevents knock-backs on the shielded unit.

  • Movement Boost: Doubles the movement range of a boosted Gotchi's next movement.