A History of the term "Spirit Force" in the Aavegotchi Project

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Spirit Force?





Why are there so many different terms?!?!?!?

Let's take a walk down memory lane:

  1. The Aavegotchi game was initially designed to be on Ethereum Mainnet. During that period, Spirit Force refers to aTokens, the interest-bearing tokens from the Aave Protocol.

  2. Due to high gas fees on Ethereum Mainnet, the launch of the Aavegotchi game was shifted to Polygon, a layer 2 solution. The benefits of shifting to Polygon include near-zero transaction fees and near-instant transactions.

  3. The shift to Polygon meant that we need aTokens on Polygon. Our in-house coding genius and diamondboi, Nick Mudge managed to bridge Aave V2 aTokens from Ethereum Mainnet over to Polygon. These are known as maTokens. Aavegotchis belonging to Haunt 1 use maTokens as their Spirit Force.

  4. Subsequently, Aave themselves shifted over to Polygon. Tokens from their Aave (Polygon) markets are known as amTokens. From Haunt 2 onwards, the Spirit Force for Aavegotchis will use amTokens instead.