Spirit Force Arena

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Compete to win in the ultimate Aavegotchi Battle Royale! Survive and defeat your opponents while avoiding the deadly Lickquidators.

How to Play

  1. Choose a game, pay the GHST entry

  2. Select a Gotchi and grab some gear

  3. Battle others and avoid the lickquidators to become the LAST GOTCHI STANDING!

  4. Win GHST!

  5. Upgrade your Gotchi to unlock higher divisions!



SPIRIT FORCE ARENA features unique vertical and asymmetrical combat where all players are free to fly whilst avoiding a floating force of enemies roaming the map. As matches progress so too do the rising FOMO levels ultimately pushing all players upwards into a showdown on the roof.


SPIRIT FORCE ARENA features a unique combat toggle allowing fans of both long-range gunplay and close-quarters melee to feel at home. Switch between each easily mid-match to deal devastating combos or stick to one style and dominate.


With a single login across all of our Aavegotchi experiences, players are free to progress their Profile with the speed and style they wish. Earn Badges from any of the supported titles to level up your Profile, and unlock rewards such as Tokens, Profile Customization, Combat Consumables, and Emotes.


Land owners within the Gotchiverse can farm Alchemica tokens such as Alpha, Fud, Fomo, and Kek. These can then be spent alongside crafting materials collected from matches to buy Potions and Protolicks that then give a brief advantage during matches. Gear up therefore and join $GHST matches to have a better chance of earning the prize pot from all players!


Purchase a Gotchi to create your own playable character that can be used in any of our supported titles! Kit them out with apparel, combat items, and pets to make them feel strong and look cool. Then hangout with frens or head into battle and make a name for yourself within the Aavegotchi community!


Play SPIRIT FORCE ARENA on Windows, MacOS, or Linux! Play a game on PC, earn rewards, then go use or view them on another device or platform.

Battle Royale

Players can stake and earn GHST in Battle Royale Matches with up to ten players.

  • Navigate to the Available Games screen at SPIRIT FORCE ARENA

  • Choose the Battle Royale tab at the top

  • Stake your GHST using the slider at the bottom of the pop-up screen

  • Confirm your stake and the amount will be deducted from your wallet and held securely until the end of the match. Remember, each participant in the match must stake the same amount of GHST to ensure a fair and competitive environment.

  • The match will automatically begin once the maximum number of players has been reached or the timer runs out.

  • Use your skills, strategies, potions, and Protolicks to outsmart and outlast your opponents.


SPIRIT FORCE ARENA can be played on either a controller or on a keyboard.

The control schemes for both options could be found here

Download the Game

SPIRIT FORCE ARENA is available on Microsoft, Apple, and Linux machines.

Download the game here