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Let's go on a journey!

Hey frens, buckle up and join us on our multi-year journey to make Aavegotchi a household name! Our Roadmap consists of three major sections. Read on for more!


Aavegotchi Roadmap Phase 1: Incubation

Incubation is the first phase of our multi-year journey. It spans from Q2 2021 to Q4 2021.

Strategy for this phase: Establish Aavegotchi as a popular game for crypto natives

Milestones: 25K MAU / 5K DAU

Q2 2021

  • Polygon to Ethereum NFT Bridges
  • Aavegotchi Onchain Sideviews
  • GHST Token listed on Aave
  • Social media integrations (Link Aavegotchi via Discord/Twitter)
  • NFT Aauctions
  • REALM Gotchiverse Litepaper Release
  • Haunt 2 (planned)
  • REALM Gotchiverse Presale

Q3 2021

  • Haunt 2 Raffle: 5 - 8 September 2021
  • Raffle #5: 24 - 28 September 2021
  • REALM Gotchiverse Whitepaper Release
  • REALM Presale #2
  • Aavegotchi Aarcade Mini-game hub

Q4 2021

  • REALM Public Land Sale #1, #2, and #3
  • REALM Gotchiverse Alpha Launch
  • Creator Economy Wearables Dapp Launch
  • AavegotchiDAO V2 (Metamorphosis)
  • Baazaar NFT offers feature
  • Rarity Farming Season 2
  • Gotchi renting/lending
  • The Aarcade
  • Gotchiverse Citaadel Launch


Aavegotchi Roadmap Phase 2: Breakout

Breakout is the second phase of our multi-year journey. It spans from Q1 2022 to Q4 2023.

Strategy for this phase: Establish Aavegotchi as a community-owned gaming platform with mainstream appeal

Milestones: 1M MAU / 25K DAU

  • Aavegotchi Builder SDK
  • REALM Public Land Sales
  • REALM third-party Dapp Integration
  • GotchiGang Referral Program
  • Aavegotchi Mobile App alpha launch
  • More Haunts (planned)
  • AavegotchiDAO V3 (Oasis)

Year 2023-Specific Roadmap

  • Launching the AavegotchiDAO Foundation
  • Implementing On-chain Smart Contract Execution
  • Decentralizing our Workflow
  • Turning off the GHST Bonding Curve (Pending DAO vote)
  • Launch of Gotchichain – A blockchain for all things Aavegotchi
  • Gotchi in 3D

For more details concerning the Year 2023 Roadmap, check out this blog post


Aavegotchi Roadmap Phase 3: Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous is the final phase of our multi-year journey. It spans from Q1 2024 to beyond!

Strategy for this phase: Fulfill the Aavegotchi vision of making a crypto game with mass mainstream appeal

Milestones: 10M MAU / 50K DAU

  • More Haunts (planned)
  • REALM Public Land Sales
  • Aavegotchi Minigame Builder
  • Aavegotchi Hardware Wallet

Gotchiverse Roadmap

The Gotchiverse is an ambitious, multiyear project being developed together by Pixelcraft Studios and AavegotchiDAO, the governing body of the Aavegotchi NFT Gaming Protocol.

Alchemical Aaltars and Alchemical Channeling

This major release allows players to equip Alchemical Aaltars and Golden Aaltars onto the parcel and channel Alchemica. Aaltars can be upgraded with Alchemica and the upgrades can be sped up by spending GLTR token.

Status: Complete

Farming Release

This major release allows players to survey their parcel for Alchemica and then equip Harvesters, Reservoirs, and the Maaker Bot to their parcel, enabling farming and collecting Alchemica directly from the parcel.

Status: Complete

NFT Display + Paarty Portal Release

This major release introduces the NFT Display -- an installation used for displaying NFTs of various sizes into the Gotchiverse. It also introduces the Paarty Portal, an installation that can be used to create events that support deep links to spawn at a specific location directly in the Gotchiverse.

Status: Complete

Traits + Aarena Release

This major release synthesizes the unique traits of each Aavegotchi and Wearable to give every Aavegotchi in the Gotchiverse a different gameplay experience.

PVP between Gotchis will also be introduced in the Citaadel in a special area known as the Aarena.

Status: Under Development

Gotchiverse Developer SDK

This major release allows developer to hook into the Gotchiverse to create custom experiences on their parcel.

Status: Planning

Estaates Release

This major release allows players to link parcels adjacent to each other into an Estaate, which gives various benefits to the Estaate owner.

Status: Not Started

Gotchi Lodge, Guild Channeling

This major release introduces the Gotchi Lodge, a special Installation within the Gotchiverse that contains an "interior" room outside of the overworld.

Guilds will also be able to set Wearables as their official Guild Crest, and perform a form of communal channeling known as "Guild Channeling" once a week.

Status: Not Started

The Grid Expansion

This major release introduces a completely new playable area known as "The Grid", as well as new quests, storylines, and a completely new playable character -- the Lickquidator, mortal enemy of the Aavegotchis.

Status: Not Started

Individual Features

We also have many smaller features that are being worked on outside of the Major Releases.