Aavegotchi POAPs

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Hey fren, have you been actively voting in AavegotchiDAO?

You now have proof that you voted!

What are POAPs?

The POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) is a system that event organizers can use to distribute crypto-badges (ERC-721 tokens) to people that show up to their event. It also provides an open standard for developers to build on.

POAPs not only have cool designs and allow you to brag your badges with everyone, your collection acts as a digital proof of representation without providing any explicit personal data.


In June 2021, our fren GotchiLove highlighted that the dev team at POAP has created a Snapshot plugin allowing voters to be rewarded with POAP Badges.

A proposal was made to introduce POAP badges for Snapshot voting and it passed.

Members who are interested to contribute to the POAP design process can check out this Discourse thread.

Aavegotchi POAPs

The following POAPs are available for claiming:

AGIPDesignDesignerLink to vote
AGIP-6Aavegotchi AGIP-6notorious_BTCAGIP-6
AGIP-13Aavegotchi AGIP-13ThraxAGIP-13
AGIP-14Aavegotchi AGIP-14GotchiLoveAGIP-14
AGIP-15Aavegotchi AGIP-15GotchiLoveAGIP-15
AGIP-17Aavegotchi AGIP-17Backfire CapitalAGIP-17

Claiming the POAPs

To claim your POAPs, click on the links in the above table to the Snapshot votes you have participated in. Scroll down the page and there will be a claim button (see image below). Claiming/minting the POAP badge is free.

Viewing your POAP Collection

To view your POAP collection, go to https://app.poap.xyz/ and connect your MetaMask.