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Aavegotchi's don't spend their time just twiddling their ghostly thumbs, y'know...

The metaverse is chock-full of things for Aavegotchis and their masters to do. Explore the realm with your friends and pit your 'Gotchi against theirs to win their ever-precious spirit force (not including their initial balance, of course) and valuable XP!

There are a wide variety of mini-games to suit all players' (and Aavegotchis') tastes. If your adorably ethereal companion's hyper-aggressive, they'd surely appreciate a good battle here and there. On the flip side, they might not be quite right for a baking competition.

As the AavegotchiDAO evolves, there are incentives coming for anyone and everyone to jump in and develop their very own mini-games! As long as they conform to the trait distribution standards, the games will reward winners with XP.