Aavegotchi Milestones in 2022

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Aavegotchi Forge: SOON!

  • The Aavegotchi Forge is coming soon!
  • Familiarize yourself with Alloys and Essences!
  • Learn how to forge and smelt too!

Aavegotchi 2022 Year in Review

  • The Shippooorrrsss have been shipping hard!
  • Here's a recap for each month of the year!

Christmas decorations are here!

  • 4 of the decorations are craftable
  • Take part in the Christmas Raffle for the special fifth decoration!

Aavegotchi November Update!

  • The shippooorrrs have shipped a ton of new features in November
  • Check it out here!

Get ready to fight Gotchigang! The Aarena is launching soon!

  • The Aarena will be available soon!
  • Check out the features and the roadmap in this blog post

GBM Auction is back in the house!

  • Now, anyone can launch their own GBM Auction!

Vote on AGIPs 50 - 53 now!

  • Gotchigang, cast your votes on 4 more Core Proposals!

Aavegotchi partners with Mandala Metaverse!

  • A new FAKE Gotchi from Mandala Metaverse is now in the queue!

Vote on AGIP 49 now!

  • Gotchigang, it's time to vote on the Aaltar Spillover Rates!

FAKE Gotchis Card Raffle coming up soon!

  • Gotchigang, get your Drop Tickets ready for the FAKE Gotchis Card Raffle!
  • 1,000 FAKE Gotchis Cards will also be airdropped to qualifying Gotchis
  • Burn your FAKE Gotchis Cards to mint your own FAKE!

Vote on AGIPs 45, 46, 47, and 48!

  • AGIPs 45, 46, 47, and 48 are up for voting!
  • Read about the details here!

Aavegotchi October Update

  • FAKE Gotchis Launch, AGIPs 43 & 44 passing, Polygon Discord AMA With gldnXross and moar in this October!

Halloween Decorations! Gotchiverse Halloween Contest!

  • 6 new Halloween-themed decorations have just hit the Crafting Table!
  • Take part in the Halloween-themed Gotchiverse parcel decorating contest!

Vote on AGIPs 43 and 44!

  • Two more AGIPs for gotchigang to vote on!

11 more Aavesome FAKE Gotchi Art revealed!

  • The third and final reveal of the FAKE Gotchi Summoning works are here!

Here are the winners of the Gotchiverse Mosaic Tiles Art Contest!

  • We have so many ebic submissions for the contest!

5 more FAKE Gotchi Artwork!

  • More aavesome FAKE Gotchi artwork to feast your eyes on! 👀

Sneak peek at the first 4 FAKE Gotchis!

  • The first 4 FAKE Gotchi art designs are out now!

The Gotchi Renaissance is here!

  • Showcase and sell your art with NFT Displays
  • Jump around the Gotchiverse with Bounce Gates
  • Explore without a Gotchi in Observooor Mode

Partnership with Router Protocol

  • Aavegotchi announces their partnership with Router Protocol
  • This partnership enables cross-chain swaps for GHST once Aavegotchi V2 goes live!

Aavegotchi August Update

  • FAKE Gotchis, Mosaic Tiles, Rarity Farming Season 4 and moar in this Aavegotchi August Update!

Four new Core Proposals are up for voting!

  • Gotchigang, it's time to do your civic duty and vote on four new Core Props!

FAKE Gotchis — A Frenly Art Karmic Experiment

  • FAKE Gotchis is a community-driven cryptoart collection based around the theme of Aavegotchi and the wider lore of the Gotchiverse
  • Get your FAKE Gotchi Cards and mint one now!

Mosaic Tiles are now available for crafting!

  • A new color set of Mosaic Tiles will be released on Crafting Wednesday every week for the next six weeks
  • There's also a Mosaic Tiles Aart Contest with Faabulous prizes. Don't miss out on it!

Gotchigang, AGIPs 37 & 38 are now live!

  • Read all about it here and then head to Snapshot to vote nao!

Aavegotchi July Update

  • Our shippoooorrrss never stop shipping!
  • Rarity Farming Season 4, launch of Gotchiverse Docs, Aavegotchi’s 2nd Birthday, and moar!

Aavegotchi X Freckle Spooky Trivia

  • Test your Gotchi knowledge in a Freckle trivia and stand to win prizes!

Aavegotchi Rarity Farming Season 4 is Coming!

  • Are you excited?! Rarity Farming Season 4 will be starting on Thursday, July 28th!
  • 1.5 million GHST are up for grabs!

  • Find out how Chainlink VRF empowers the randomized calculation of Alchemica tokens in your REALM parcel!

Haarvesters, Reservoirs, and Maakers coming to you soon!

  • 3 new Installations incoming!
  • New ways to play-to-earn, extracting Alchemica from your Parcel, and moar!

Aavegotchi June Update

  • GotchiGang at NFT NYC 2022, Aavegotchi V2 Reveal, GBM Auctions in the Baazaar, and moar in this June Update!

Cast your votes for AGIPs 31 - 36!

  • We have 6 new Core Proposals for #gotchigang to vote on!
  • Read about them here and go vote!

More Aesthetica to craft!

  • Beautify your REALM parcels with Grass and Rugs
  • Each design will be released on Crafting Wednesdays

Aavegotchi May Update

  • Our shipppoooorrrsss have been shipping!
  • In May, we shipped the Gotchiverse Land Release, Gotchi UBI, wapGHST staking, GLTR staking, and moar!

Binance now supports GHST deposits/withdrawals on Polygon!

  • Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, has enabled GHST deposits and withdrawals directly on Polygon Mainnet!

Vote on AGIPs 29 & 30!

  • AGIP 29: 24h Windows for Alchemical Channeling
  • AGIP 30: Scheduling Land Auction/Raffle #3 for June
  • Vote is live from 21 - 28 May 2022!

Aavegotchi Raffles Return with Gotchiverse REALM Decorations

  • The first Gotchiverse Decorations Raffle is scheduled from 9 - 12 June 2022
  • Get your hands on ROFL Gnome, REALM Globe, Smol Flower, Laava Lamp, Neon Light, and Caamp Fire!

Gotchi UBI is coming to the Gotchiverse!

  • Gotchi UBI is a daily stipend of Gotchus Alchemica available once every 24 hours to each Aavegotchi that enters the Gotchiverse
  • It will launch on the 18th of May!

April Updates

  • What has PC achieved in April?
  • Read all about it here!

Two Major Gotchiverse releases confirmed for May!

  • May 2: Gotchiverse Social Release
  • May 18: Gotchiverse Land Release

The Gotchiverse Bible: Chapter 4 has been released!

  • Featured in this chapter are Wearable Benefits, Estaates, Land Management, and Recipe Book Updates!

Limited Edition Golden Tile NFTs

  • Pixelcraft Studios introduces the limited edition Gold Tiles for the Gotchiverse
  • There are 3 designs
  • You have 2 weeks to craft each Golden Tile
  • Hurry up and continue collecting those Alchemica!

Aavegotchi March Update

  • Our shippoooorrrr has been shipping
  • Gotchiverse Alpha Launch, Gotchi Lending, Gotchiverse Game Bible Chapter 3, and moar!

The Gotchiverse has launched!

  • The Gotchiverse has launched!
  • During the alpha period (31st March - 30th April), collect Alchemica with your Gotchis!
  • Use your Alchemica to craft a limited edition Golden Aaltar that is only available during this period!

Gotchi Lending is now live!

  • Gotchi Lending is now live!
  • Borrow or lend out your Gotchis in a trustless manner over the blockchain

AGIPs 24 - 28 are open for voting!

  • 5 new coreprops for #gotchigang to vote on
  • Read and vote now!

Celebrate the Alpha launch of the Gotchiverse by minting a limited edition Golden Aaltar NFT!

  • The Gotchiverse alpha is launching on 31st March and will feature real Gotchus Alchemica
  • Collect as much Alchemica as possible to craft a limited edition Golden Aaltar NFT!

Gotchi Lending is coming soon!

  • Gotchi Lending is coming out on 28 March!
  • Gotchi owners can now trustlessly lend out their Gotchis to other players for a set duration

Aavegotchi February Updates

  • February was another action-packed month for #GotchiGang
  • GHST listing on Aave, Rarity Farming Season 3, Gotchiverse Stress Test #3, and moar!

The Gotchiverse Bible: Chapter 3

  • Chapter 3 is out!
  • It covers Alchemical Channeling, Wearable Traits Pool, Guilds and Gotchi Lodge, and GAX and GLTR!

Rarity Farming Season 3

  • Rarity Farming Season 3 will commence on 24 February 2022
  • There will be 3 leaderboards this time round: Rarity (70%), Kinship (20%), and XP (10%)

Memers, you ready?

  • Aavegotchi launches an ongoing meme bounty program!
  • If your meme gets selected, winners will get a 100 GHST bounty for image memes, and 200 GHST bounty for video memes directly to your address after the post is live.

AGIPs 21, 22, and 23 are up for voting!

  • AGIP 21: Adding GHST to Umbria Narni Bridge
  • AGIP 22: Starting Rarity Farming Season 3
  • AGIP 23: Co-sponsoring the GoodGhosting Pool
  • Vote now!

Vote on AGIPs 19 & 20!

  • AGIP 19: Providing GHST Liquidity on SynFutures
  • AGIP 20: Creating the DAO Treasury Taask Force

GHST Token is now list on Aave!

  • GHST Token is now live on the Aave Polygon Market!

Gotchiverse Game Bible: Chapter 2 is out!

  • The Gotchiverse Game Bible: Chapter 2 is out!
  • Topics covered: Alchemica Tokenomics, Installation Traits and Recipes, and Aavegotchi Trait Mappings!

Rarity Farming Season 2 Baadges are out!

  • Here are the winners for each of the Rarity Farming Season 2 Leaderboards!

Creator of PhaserQuest Joins Aavegotchi as Senior Game Programmer

  • Phaser game engine expert Jerome Renaux joins Pixelcraft Studios to help build the Gotchiverse!

The Gotchiverse Bible

  • The Gotchiverse Bible has been released!
  • It is a public-facing document that gives detailed information about gameplay, economy, and building within the Gotchiverse game.

Aavegotchi Raffle #6: DeFi RPG Theme

  • The 6th Aavegotchi Raffle has a DeFi RPG Theme
  • The Raffle will be held from 26 - 29 Jan!
  • Don't miss out on it!

December 2021 Updates

  • What has our shippooooorrr been up to in December 2021?
  • A lot!
  • Check out the Medium post for more