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What do you get when you take those interest-bearing aTokens and put them on Polygon? Why you get maTokens, of course!

This page is a continuation of the aTokens page. Previously, we have gotten ourselves some aTokens. Now, we are interested in converting them into maTokens and using them as collateral to summon our Aavegotchi frens!

Converting aTokens into maTokens

First, head over to the Bridge to Polygon on the Aavegotchi DApp.

Aavegotchi Bridge to Matic

Next, click on the token image (circled in red below) to open a dropdown menu of tokens.

Aavegotchi Bridge to Matic

After selecting the token, key in the amount you want to transfer to Polygon. Using aUSDC as an example, key in the amount you would like to transfer to Polygon in the box highlighted in red.

Aavegotchi Bridge to Matic

Once you have keyed in the desired amount, click the "Approve Transfer" button. Wait for the transaction to go through on Ethereum.

After the Approve transaction goes through, click the "Transfer to Polygon" button. Wait for this transaction to go through on Ethereum as well.

After you have done that, give it 10 minutes or so for your maTokens to appear in your wallet.

If you are using Metamask and would like to learn how to configure Polygon on it, do check out the Polygon Guide for step-by-step instructions as to how to do so.

Staking maTokens into Aavegotchis

Okay, I've gotten myself some maTokens. What now?

Good work fren.

The next step is to purchase a portal using GHST. Portals could be purchased in the Aavegotchi DApp (link will be provided at launch) or on the Secondary Markets such as Opensea. Once you've gotten your hands on a precious portal, it is time to begin the summoning process. Upon opening the portal, you will be presented with 10 Gotchis, each with a randomized required maToken/collateral. Here's where the maToken you have acquired comes in. Stake it in the Gotchi that has the same collateral type and bring your fren to life!

For a more detailed explanation of the portal-opening process, check out our portals page.

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