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The Marketplace

" there"

The Merchant Gotchi surreptitiously beckons you over to his stall, with a glint in his eye.

"I have something aamazing for you."

The Merchant Gotchi brings out a cloth-covered object. Slowly, he pulls away the cloth. The object catches the sun's rays and shines in the bright afternoon sun.

".....A Mudgen Diamond" you whisper to yourself.

The marvellous shine catches the attention of countless bystanders.

Another Gotchi shoves in. "I'll have it!"


This, my Frens, is the Aavegotchi Marketplace. Are you savvy enough to spot and snap up a good deal fast? Can you stand the heat of haggling your way to riches?

Come and test your mettle! Buyers and sellers alike!

Aavegotchi Marketplace

The Aavegotchi Marketplace is the official secondary marketplace for Aavegotchi. Sellers can list their items for sale. There will be a listing fee of 0.1 GHST for every new listing on the Aavegotchi Marketplace. This is to prevent spam listings on Polygon. This 0.1 GHST neither goes to Pixelcraft Studios nor to AavegotchiDAO. Instead, it will be sent directly to the burn address on Polygon when a listing is created or updated.

When an item is sold, the seller gets 96.5% of the sales price deposited to their wallet. The other 3.5% is allocated as follows:

  • 2% to Pixelcraft Studios
  • 1% to AavegotchiDAO
  • 0.5% to Rarity Farming reward pool

All listings have a 1 GHST minimum. If a seller wants to price an item below 1 GHST, multiple items must be listed so that the total listing price is at or above 1 GHST.

Buyers may buy 1, some, or all of a multiple item listing.

Aavegotchi Marketplace

The Aavegotchi Marketplace can be found here.


There are a variety of products listed on the Marketplace:

The Marketplace comes equipped with filter functions to help buyers narrow down their choices.

Secondary Marketplaces

Besides the official Aavegotchi Marketplace, there are other secondary marketplaces that support the buying and selling of Aavegotchis including: Magic Eden on Polygon Mainnet, OnePlanet NFT on Polygon Mainnet, and Rarible on Ethereum Mainnet.

As Aavegotchis reside natively on Polygon, they have to be bridged back to Ethereum Mainnet before they can be bought/sold on Rarible. Refer to this guide on how to bridge your Aavegotchis. Do check out the FAQ in that guide for commonly-asked questions.