Aavegotchi Lore

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What are Aavegotchis?

Where did they come from?

Where do they live?

The old dusty tome of Aavegotchi lore beckons to you...

Summoning an Aavegotchi

Between the Nether Realm and the world of humans lies a third space -- the Ether Realm. Powerful wizards known as Summoners have built arcane magical Portals that allow humans to summon Aavegotchis from the Nether to the Ether. However, to complete the process, Aavegotchis must be staked with a certain amount of Spirit Force.

If the owner of an Aavegotchi desires to completely remove the Spirit Force stake, the Aavegotchi will be ejected back to the Nether Realm forever and the collateral will be returned to the owner.

The Gotchiverse

Beyond the Human Realm there is the Ether Realm, where smart contracts twinkle and dark forests lurk. Travel a bit further down the rabbit hole, and one eventually discovers the Gotchiverse Realm. When a yield farmer in the Ether Realm is liquidated, its spirit journeys to the Gotchiverse, where it reincarnates as an Aavegotchi. Aavegotchis are a spectral species who love nothing more than farming, voting, and shitposting with their frens.

The Gotchiverse began with only a handful of Aavegotchis, but as liquidations grew within the Ether Realm, so the population of the Gotchiverse burgeoned, with thousands of Aavegotchis exploring, building, and settling in its vast expanses, and even building great structures to worship the Lickquidators, their creators.

The Lickquidator Invasion



However, the Lickquidators’ appetite for yield knows no bounds, and eventually their metallic eyes turned towards the Gotchiverse. A clever Lickquidator discovered a backdoor that allowed them to travel to the Gotchiverse.

Initially creators of the Aavegotchis, the Lickquidators now simultaneously became their destroyers, as they ravaged the Gotchi homeland, greedy to harvest the Spirit Force of the Gotchis.

The Lickquidators ransacked the Gotchiverse, liquidating all but a handful of the Aavegotchis. The Aavegotchis that survived did not survive by luck. They were the most powerful of the Gotchi kin, a special class of Aavegotchis known as the Aadepts. These 9 Aadepts used the last of their Spirit Force to erect a Citaadel within the Gotchiverse, protected by a magical Force Field. Within the Citaadel they erected a megalithic structure known as the Great Portal, into which they channeled the last of their Spirit Force and the spirits of all the slain Aavegotchis in the Gotchiverse.

The Great Portal

The Great Portal is a structure of impressive magical character, capable of bridging the chasm between the Gotchiverse and the Human Realm. Within the Great Portal swirl the spirits of all Aavegotchis that ever existed. The Great Portal protects the Gotchiverse Citaadel, taking in return a small tithe of the Gotchus Alchemica harvested from the Gotchiverse.

The Prophecy

It has been foretold that the day will come when the Citaadel’s Force Field is lowered, allowing Lickquidators to plunder the Great Portal in an event known as a Great Battle. This event will be repeated nine times, at the culmination of which a momentous mystery will be revealed. Any Lickquidator reaching the Great Portal will plunder a share of the Alchemica stored within.

At the end of each Great Battle, it has been foretold that all Alchemica in the Gotchiverse Parcels will be replenished, nurtured by the Spirit Force of the fallen Gotchis and Lickquidators, in preparation for the next battle.