Lickys Escape

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Licky's Escape is a single-player magnetic puzzle game!

In the Gotchiverse, Licky, a lost alien-robot Lickquidator, finds himself in a perilous game of cat and mouse. Pursued by powerful Aavegotchi ghosts determined to capture Licky for their own benefits, Licky must use his wits to evade the grasp of his ghastly captors and, with the help of an unusual ally, make a break for freedom.

Navigate through over 100 puzzles across 5 stunning worlds in the Aavegotchi universe. Created in collaboration with Aavegotchi artist stellarhobbes, this game seamlessly blends intricate puzzles with an engaging narrative.


Licky's Escape uses an innovative gameplay mechanic centered around physics and magnets. Experiment with different strategies, manipulate your environment and discover creative solutions to advance through levels.

The game features boss battles and plot twists. As you progress, a captivating story unfolds. Immerse yourself in Licky's world, where each puzzle solved brings you closer to the next twist in an engaging narrative.

Key Features

  • Explore 5 beautifully designed worlds with over 120 challenging puzzles.

  • Unique physics-based gameplay centered around magnets.

  • Unlock digital collectible artworks as you progress.

  • Experience an unfolding story full of twists and boss battles.

  • 100% hand-drawn by celebrated Aavegotchi artist, stellarhobbes.

Download Licky's Escape

Download Licky's Escape on the Apple App Store here.