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REALM gameplay is coming soon! There will be plenty of activities in the Gotchiverse — from socializing to communal channeling at a Gotchi Lodge. Get to know more frens and participate in Guild-only activities here!


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NameEmblemDescriptionRequirementPoint of ContactSocial MediaDiscord
Aeolian HauntsAeolian Haunts GuildAeolian Haunts is a social multinational guild with much love for Crypto and Pixels! Our target is to build a fun and warm community and participate in all kind of activities available for guilds and gotchi parties, when the Gotchiverse is live! We welcome you to be a part of our GotchiGang!You have to love Ghosts, Pixels and Crypto! Main requirement to join is to be active and polite. Even people without a gotchi yet, are welcome to our community. We offer help and tips in our discord channel for everyone who wants to join the aavegotchi ecosystem!CryptoK9#1322FacebookLink
Bloob SquadBloob Squad GuildA place for bloobs of all sorts. Bloobin' around the metaverse? The bloob squad is for you!Say bloob IRL and when you join the discordbloob#7342Link
cRekto ClubcRekto ClubFriends of cRektoMembers need to polite, constructive, and have a Wraangler setcRektoTelegramLink
F8 GuildF8 GuildBlockChain gaming guild focused on P2E on PolygonBe respectful and Follow in-game ToScalcryptochad.ethWebsiteLink
FrenzoneFrenzone GuildThe Frenzone is a frenly guild made for frens who like aavegotchi! We're not too hardcore but also not too casual either. We are somewhere right in the middle! We welcome both veterans and newbies alike, feel free to ask questions when you are unsure about something! We have community calls every now and again in which we discuss upcoming events and current state of aavegotchi! So what are you waiting for? Join our discord and become one of the Frens today!A Gotchi owning a pajama hat.Remco#3748
Ghost SquadGhost Squad GuildActive community of Gotchiverse addicts, game developers and content creators.Miner Helmetgotchinomics@gmail.comTwitterLink
Gotchi FArmy GangGotchi FArmy GangOur Community aims to work as a team in the Gotchiverse REALM to come ... Farming / Fighting / Scavenging and more ... that's where we are going Frens … One of the first GotchiGang having an NFT Guild Banner / A decentralised Treasury / A community mini-game on his way and moaaaar !Love gotchis and Claim your NFT Gotchi FArmy Gang BannerPG#0811
Be The Coin 🧩#4204
Gotchi RidersGotchi Riders GuildGotchis ride together! We are a Gotchi biker gang! We travel far and wide, and beat up Lickquidators!Every Gotchi can become a prospect by wearing a 'Biker Jacket'. The insignia of the Gotchi Riders!CryptoGotchi#9089Link
Keepers of the RealmKeeper of the Realm GuildWe'll be watching.Invite-only basis. The insignias of guild include Monocle, ROFL, and DAO Egg.Cookiethief#3952
Los MustachosLos Mustachos GuildFirst and only spanglish guild for Mustacho aficionados. DecentralizedNone, but a moustache earns you voting power.
1 mustache= 1 vote
Sergey Beard, Goatee, Mutton Chops, Horseshoe & Beard of Wisdom also unlock 1 VP.
MetaguildMetaguildMetaguild is a free-to-play guild. We want to coordinate our farming activities on both sides - aavegotchi and liquidators. Whether you have aavegochi or not is not important. As soon as the lending mechanism is implemented, we will start a scholarship program. Metaguild - the community of players, investors, and developers. We believe in games where the community has a voice and authority to choose the future.Adhere to the discord rules of Metaguild.Sandro#7777
MSGMSG GuildWe are a Lickuidator and Aavegotchi coordination guild. Our focus is on mass coordination efforts amongst Gotchis and Lickuidators to maximize benefits for all. We also focus on expanding the overall Aavegotchi ecosystem by providing moar use case and rewards in GHST. We are here to work together as well as with other guidls to dominate the Reaalm. We are Legion. We are many. We do not forgive. We do not forget to pet. Expect us.Dedication and Love🐙Musashi13#5579Twitter
The Order of Portal MagesThe Order of Portal Mages GuildThe Order of Portal Mages are the Mages Guild of Aavegotchi! Within our sacred Tavern you will find the finest assembly of Wizards, Witches and Portal Mages in all the Realm. If a Wizard or Witch ye be, then enroll in our Mages College to learn the arts of wizardry & witchcraft! If you are a holder of the legendary Portal Mage gear, you will be welcomed into the Lordship of Portal Mages and a title will be bestowed. All new members are asked to show their POM (Proof of Mage) upon entering the Tavern, if they seek to join the Order.Proof of Mage (can be found in discord)@hillzcryptoTwitterLink
WAGMI WarriorsWAGMI Warriors GuildWe are a wearable based guild for the GotchiverseYou must have an Aavegotchi equipped with any of the wagie wearables; a wagie cap, headphones, or WGMI shirtjarrod | aavegotchistats.com#9686TwitterLink