Gotchi Heroes

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Gotchi Heroes is a play-to-earn NFT based idle game where your Aavegotchi is your Hero that will fight endless waves of monsters! Your Aavegotchi's traits will directly influence how well you do and how far up the leaderboard you can climb. Earn GHST and GHERO tokens just by being on the leaderboard so make sure to check in each season!


Gotchi Heroes is an idle game where you fight waves and waves of monsters to progress to higher levels. Equip your items and let the game play itself, meaning after your Gotchi starts its journey and has some items equipped it will automatically start attacking. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, yes and no. The main thing to consider here is your Aavegotchi and its traits. It will have a huge impact on your gameplay strategy and the process of picking the right items to equip to get the most out of your Gotchi Hero. Your Aavegotchi's traits will ultimately decide how much progress you will make.

The main goal of Gotchi Heroes is to increase your DPS (Damage per Second), kill monsters, and reach higher levels. The higher your DPS/LEVEL, the higher your rank. The higher your rank, the more rewards you earn.

The Leaderboard

DPS and MAX LEVEL REACHED will determine your overall ranking on the leaderboard. The higher your rank, the better your rewards. We will try and make it as fair as possible so that even low-ranking or very new players will still get some rewards early on.


GHERO will be the native token for Gotchi Heroes. The token will be needed to participate and engage in many in-game activities. All players will automatically earn GHERO when they are on the leaderboard! As the game grows and we test more of the gameplay mechanics we will keep creating more uses for the GHERO token.

There will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 $GHERO tokens.

Burning GHERO will play a big role in the game. Quite a few actions in-game will require you to spend your GHERO. It will cost GHERO and ALCHEMICA to merge NFT's together and it will cost GHERO to reset skill cooldowns if you do not wish to wait for cooldowns to complete and want to progress faster. With these transactions, a portion of the fee will be burned. We will focus on long-term burning, slow and steady, and mostly depending on the gameplay and progress of players.


Gotchi Heroes features over 100 NFT's in the form of equippable items, upgrades, skills, and areas. Featuring 11 different categories of items that can be used by your Aavegotchi Hero! All of these can be bought and sold in the marketplace. The marketplace will have a 5% fee that will be used for the reward pool and funding development.