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Aavegotchi has a truly unique gameplay that consists of multiple elements, blending together NFTs and DeFi.

GHST token

GHST is the native governance token and the base currency of the Aavegotchi ecosystem that unlocks the most aawesome features of the game. You can stake it to get FRENS and convert them into Raffle tickets, buy Portals and wearables, earn more GHST (coming soon!) and much more.

You can buy GHST via Aavegotchi bonding curve or one of your favourite exchanges.


A Portal is a device you need to summon your Aavegotchi from the Nether realm and start playing. A Portal allows you to choose from 10 different Aavegotchis with randomly generated traits and add intrinsic value to it by staking Aave-backed ERC20 tokens, or aTokens to it.

You can purchase a Portal on the Aavegotchi dApp or an external NFT marketplace such as OpenSea for approximately 100 GHST.


Wearables are an important part of the Aavegotchi gameplay. By dressing up your Aavegotchi, you can boost your cute ghost fren's rarity score and traits, helping them to perform better in rarity farming and minigames.

You can now get a Wearable Voucher via a limited-edition Raffle and redeem it for an analogous Wearable when Aavegotchi launches on Mainnet.

Rarity farming

Rarity farming is a minigame that rewards the owners of the rarest Aavegotchis with GHST tokens. The goal is to create an Aavegotchi with the highest Final Rarity Score, determined by the rareness of its traits and wearables.

After the end of each period, which length will be determined by AavegotchiDAO, the owners of the rarest Aavegotchis will receive a distribution of GHST rewards.