Gaame Jaam

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Gaame Jaam

The Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam was held from 1 - 5 September 2021. Aspiring game developers took part in the hackathon to create their very own mini-game. Get the inside scoop of the Gaame Jaam here!


  • Game must use Web3 to be able to fetch and play as their Aavegotchis.
  • Be built in a web based framework (like Phaser) to allow for seamless Metamask integration
  • Max team size of 4
  • Owning an Aavegotchi isn’t necessary for building the games
  • Moralis prize pool requires the use of a Moralis tool



  • 10k USD worth of prizes, all paid in GHST
  • $5000 is set aside for the top three general winners and $5000 more rewards are allocated to builders who build making use of Moralis tools
  • Any participant who owns any Aavegotchi will also see 25 XP rewarded
Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam Rewards


  • The one and only Ivan on Tech
  • The “No NFT, no play” gaming revolutionary Cagyjan
  • Polygon Network’s head of NFTs and Gaming Shreyansh Singh
  • Aavegotchi’s lead summoner Coder Dan
  • Pixelcraft Studio’s Dev Evangelist, Coyote


GOTCHIMINER by @smokeyZheBandit, @oibaffio2, @Crypto_Toupa, and @gotchinomics

The goal of this game is to dig underground for Crypto Crystals. GOTCHIMINER placed first in both the General and Moralis competitions!

AADVENTURE by MetaGuild @metaguildcom & @HotspurSC2

Choose three Gotchis to form a team. The first task is to find @coderdannn who hasn’t been seen in two days! Flushed face AADVENTURE placed second in the general competition!

PORTAL DEFENDERS by @oh_no_bruno

This multi-player game involves exactly what the title implies, defending portals from the Lickquidators! PORTAL DEFENDERS placed third in the general competition and second in the Moralis competition!

Github link


Keep your Gotchi & Rofl Ball away from crabs! The closer they get, the more irritated your Gotchi becomes.

Link to Demo

1 ARM BAANDIT by @mdurkin92

This ebic slot machine game (powered by #Chainlink VRF!) features various Aavegotchi Wearables that you have to match across lines in order to receive payouts.

AAVEGOTCHI DUNGEON by scranley#3257

The player’s task for this game is to destroy towers and collect treasure!

AAVEZON by @space_asylum

A Gotchified twist on working at Amazon! The goal of this game is for your Gotchi to push the required number of boxes into a portal before time runs out.

AAVEZON placed third Third place medal in the Moralis competition!

SAMUGOTCHI SHOWDOWN by Rainbow Hallow (@GrizzyJones, @vrycmfy, and @lahcen_kha)

The game pits your Gotchi against the feared Lickquidator. Your Gotchi uses Guard, Throw, and Slash to attack. Just make sure your timing is right!

SUSHIBAGOTCHI by @sushibatoken

An ebic game where Aavegotchis, @MoralisWeb3, and Sushiba are the only three entities left in the world. The goal is to unite your Gotchis with Moralis and Sushiba!

CONGOTCHI by SlickBB#5737

Congotchi tasks the player with finding lost Gotchis and returning them to the comforts of the Citaadel.