FRENS Taask Force

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The FRENS Taask Force is a group of Aavegotchi community members who are responsible for monitoring and adjusting the FRENS rates to keep it in check with the pre-determined rate.

They perform contract calls to the GHST Staking contracts only available to a new “rateManager” role created for the committee.


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The idea for the committee came from Coderdan on a forum post:

"As many LPs know, the FRENS emission rate for GHST-QUICK and GHST-USDC does not automatically get updated when the price of the underlying tokens changes. For simplicity and security, we decided in our contract architecture not to include a price oracle, which is necessary for an “auto-adjusting” rate. Thus, the frens rate must be adjusted manually, which has a not-insignificant overhead for the devs.

There has been talk of setting up committees for managing certain parts of Aavegotchi, and I believe this could be an interesting candidate for such a committee. Right now we only have two pairs incentivized by FRENS, but this could change in the future.

The “committee” could be a multisig of at least nine (maybe up to fifteen) members with strong reputation in the community and high Gotchi dependability counters 19. At its core, this Liquidity Committee would monitor and adjust FRENS rates to keep in check with the pre-determined rate, by performing contract calls to the GHST Staking contracts only available to a new “rateManager” role created for the committee."

This was followed by another forum post where prospective candidates nominated themselves for the role.

This was formalized in a DAO vote / AGIP 11. The vote passed and the FRENS Taask Force was created.


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