Aavegotchi Eye Shape

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"Eyeing some eyes?"


Check out the full list of Aavegotchi Eye Shapes (EYS) here!

List of Eye Shapes

Note: the Eye Shapes do not include colors as Eye Color varies based on rarity/Collateral type.

Mythical Low 10Aavegotchi Mythical Low 1 Eye Shape
Mythical Low 21Aavegotchi Mythical Low 2 Eye Shape
Rare Low 12-4Aavegotchi Rare Low 1 Eye Shape
Rare Low 25-6Aavegotchi Rare Low 2 Eye Shape
Rare Low 37-9Aavegotchi Rare Low 3 Eye Shape
Uncommon Low 110-14Aavegotchi Uncommon Low 1 Eye Shape
Uncommon Low 215-19Aavegotchi Uncommon Low 2 Eye Shape
Uncommon Low 320-24Aavegotchi Uncommon Low 3 Eye Shape
Common 125-41Aavegotchi Common 1 Eye Shape
Common 242-57Aavegotchi Common 2 Eye Shape
Common 358-74Aavegotchi Common 3 Eye Shape
Uncommon High 175-79Aavegotchi Uncommon High 1 Eye Shape
Uncommon High 280-84Aavegotchi Uncommon High 2 Eye Shape
Uncommon High 385-89Aavegotchi Uncommon High 3 Eye Shape
Rare High 190-92Aavegotchi Rare High 1 Eye Shape
Rare High 293-94Aavegotchi Rare High 2 Eye Shape
Rare High 395-97Aavegotchi Rare High 3 Eye Shape
AAVE Collateral98-99Aavegotchi AAVE Collateral Eye Shape
DAI Collateral98-99Aavegotchi DAI Collateral Eye Shape
ETH Collateral98-99Aavegotchi ETH Collateral Eye Shape
LINK Collateral98-99Aavegotchi LINK Collateral Eye Shape
USDC Collateral98-99Aavegotchi USDC Collateral Eye Shape
YFI Collateral98-99Aavegotchi YFI Collateral Eye Shape
UNI Collateral98-99Aavegotchi UNI Collateral Eye Shape
TUSD Collateral98-99Aavegotchi TUSD Collateral Eye Shape
USDT Collateral98-99Aavegotchi USDT Collateral Eye Shape