DROPT - The Fallen Gotchi

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DROPT - The Fallen Gotchi

Dropt - The Fallen Gotchi is a 1-3 player roguelike dungeon crawler being developed by Slickgotchi and Oliver Spoon, two of the Gotchigangs longest standing community members. Players must descend through levels, gather treasure and fight off swarms of enemies along the way.

The game is playable on PC at the official website.

How to Play

  • Create or join a game with between 1-3 players

  • Smash Geodes and collect Glitter!

  • Go Deeper into the dungeon

  • Catch Essence to add time to your playthrough

  • ...And Escape!

Dropt - How to Play


Dropt - The Fallen Gotchi could be played using Keyboard & Mouse or Keyboard Only. The image below shows the control schemes.

Dropt Controls