Developing Aavegotchi

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CoderDan welcomes you!

Wanna show off your hotshot coding skills? We welcome you fren!

The Aavegotchi Docs can be found here.


Have a suggestion for the DApp? Want to help translate it?

Contact coderdan#8904 on Discord

Gotchiverse Analytics

The official Gotchiverse Analytics page can be found here

DAO Treasury

DAO Treasury Dashboard (AGIP-76) by MikeyJay and Eitri can be found here

Building the Wiki

Want to help build the wiki? Found any errors in the wiki? Suggestions to improve the content?

Contact BowtiedNerd#6509 on Discord

The entire wiki is on Github. View it here

Building Mini-Games

Coyote, our devangelist, has created 2 tutorials on mini-game creation.

Aarchitect Creations

Aarchitects, our community developers, have come up with some cool web applications. Check them out!


Gaame Jaam

The Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam/Hackathon was held from 1 - 5 September 2021. Check out the cool mini-games created here.