DAO Treasury Taask Force

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The DAO Treasury Taask Force (DTF) is a committee assigned with making DAO treasury management proposals to the community and DAO for consideration.

The initial mission and goals of the committee will be:

  1. Grow and optimize the DAO treasury with an emphasis on safety, security and transparency

  2. Partner with Pixelcraft to assist in developing and identifying tools and infrastructure for ongoing DAO Treasury management

  3. Foster and encourage growth of the overall Aavegotchi community by increasing awareness, actively promoting adoption, and maintaining current user engagement.


On Oct 2021, Dr Wagmi proposed the idea of a DTF on a forum post.

This was formalized in a DAO vote / AGIP 20. The vote passed and the DTF was created with 8 members.

Subsequently, another DAO vote / AGIP 28 was proposed by Coderdan to expand the DTF multisig. The vote passed, increasing the size of the DTF to 18 members.


  • Dr Wagmi

  • BowtiedNerd

  • Mori

  • Letsgobankless

  • Addison

  • Deucehearts

  • BackfireCapital

  • Swappi

  • Notorious_BTC

  • Yanik

  • Jarrod

  • Diddlypoo

  • Kokusho

  • Choyna

  • Master_Yin

  • Pgendreau

  • MarvinP

  • Chichi

DTF Funding Application Form

Gotchigang members who are seeking a grant from the DTF, please complete this form and submit it to one of the DTF members on the DTF Discord.