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Twas the night before Haalloween,

when all thru the Tavern,

every Gotchi was singing,

every Rofl is rollin' on the floor laughin' (rofl-ing);

The Baards were plucking their haarps,

the baagpipes were creating a merry tune.

Twas the night before Haalloween,

where Gotchis come out to play!


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Baards are our musicians from the Aavegotchi community. Check out this AavegotchiDAO thread for the inspiration behind the Baard role.

jo0wzjo0wz32 year old stay-at-home dad, loves to learn everything about the creative process. Crypto goals: 1. Learning solidity. 2. Wants to make his own (mini)game in Aavegotchi. Hobbies: Weightlifting, DJ'ing, Videogames, Collectibles, Reading & Self-learning.Twitter


Our Baards have created some very aavesome soundtracks. Check them out here!