Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals (AGIPs)

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  1. Election for DAO Foundation’s 9 Directors/Multisig-Signers (Revote)
  2. Creating the Aarcade Taask Force (ATF)
  3. Update the Template to Require the Use of ‘Weighted Voting’
  4. Fund Alchemica Spending Competition
  5. Establish the “Core Framework” Guiding Wearable Release
  6. Launch Round 2 Parcel VRF Rolls
  7. 2023 DTF Budget Request
  8. Gotchi Lodge 2023
  9. Launching The Aavegotchi Forge
  10. Infinity Keys X Aavegotchi Paartnership
  11. Aavegotchi X The Sandbox
  12. Close the GHST Bonding Curve
  13. 25/25/25/25 Split for Curve DAI
  14. Form and Fund the Curve Transition Team
  15. Curve Transition Plan - Securing funds for liquidity
  16. Fund fireball.gg Team to Develop Guilds
  17. Securing Protocol Rewards - Operational & Funding Request
  18. Alchemica + GLTR Taskforce Funding
  19. Gotchi Lodge 2023 Budget Revision
  20. Liquidity Provision: Reimbursement of the DAO
  21. Liquidity Provision: Adding the $2.5M left in a Quickswap Pool
  22. DAO Meeting Management and Delivery: One-time disbursement for fulfilled deliverables
  23. Aavegotchi X Anata Collaboration
  24. Create a DAO Treasury Dashboard
  25. Aavegotchi GHST Ship Summoning
  26. Alchemica Spending Competition Season II
  27. Forge 2.0 Request for Funding
  28. Fund development of Strategotchi - Digital Multiplayer version
  29. DAO Directors : Treasury officer role
  30. Channel Alchemica through a -2 kinship burn
  31. Thank Aavegotchi Pilot
  32. Rarity Farming Season 6
  33. Schedule all Act 1 Parcel Surveys (re-rolls)
  34. Gotchi Battler funding
  35. OTC Agreement for GHST Holdings of 0VIX Users
  36. Return 0VIX funds to multisig
  37. Forge 2.0 New Schematics, Methodology, and Godlike Sets
  38. Geodes, Schematic Distribution, and a Final non-drop ticket Raffle
  39. Gotchi Crawler Demo Proposal
  40. Aaveghostly Latina Spin Dream
  41. Alchemica Spending Competition - Season 3
  42. Revamp the Aavegotchi Rental Protocol to support Parcels and Wearables
  43. Gotchi Heroes Reworked Version Proposal
  44. Rarity Farming Season 7
  45. Gotchi Crawler Leaderboard Prize Pool Funding
  46. Aavegotchi DAO Mission Statement
  47. Gotchi Greetoors (formerly ITF) Funding
  48. Mechagotchis V1
  49. Strategotchi V1: Funding Proposal
  50. Dropt | TFG Alpha Funding Proposal
  51. Strategic Treasury Diversification into Ethereum with $3M ETH Purchase
  52. Upgrading the ATF

Election for DAO Foundation’s 9 Directors/Multisig-Signers (Revote)

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #51 (Revote)

Proposal Summary:

This CoreProp shall serve as the election for the AavegotchiDAO Foundation’s 9 Directors/Multisig-Signers discussed in AGIP 50. Those elected shall only serve if AGIP 50 passes, otherwise this election is to be deemed null and void.

The board of Directors Consists of nine doxxed Directors that also act as multisig signers on the DAO Treasury multisig.


  • 5/9 signers in order to execute.

  • Directors shall use Gnosis to set up the multisig.


  • Each Director is a compensated from the Foundation Multisig for a total of 8000 GHST annually.

  • Compensation shall be distributed once every 90 days, paying 2000 GHST to each Director directly from the Foundation multisig.


The Board acts as the executor of the DAO’s wishes. If individual Directors disagree with an action of the DAO, they can choose to resign but they cannot vote or act against a verified on-chain AGIP’s intent.

Directors have no legislative power, execute off-chain commands of the DAO, and simultaneously serve as signers of the Foundation's gnosis multisig.


Candidates should:

  • Be upstanding members of AavegotchiDAO with good reputations

  • Be familiar with smart contract interactions

  • Possess a hardware wallet and know how to use it

  • Be willing to have their name on a Cayman entity and be doxxed to Pixelcraft Studios

  • Be familiar with creating transactions and signing on Gnosis Safe


The following community members have signaled their interest in becoming AavegotchiDAO Foundation Directors:

  • CryptoGotchi#9089

  • Maxicrouton#1596

  • Mori#5912

  • Nofuturistic#1972

  • Zaunzi#1831

  • Choyna#0001

  • Rikige#0073

  • sirlinkiest#9322

  • notorious_BTC#2084

  • brillz#7019

  • Kokusho#9945

  • Zeitgeist#6030

  • Mycaleum#8283

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Please read each of their pitches before casting your vote at: https://discord.com/channels/732491344970383370/1042466123574157382/1042466123574157382

Option 1: CryptoGotchi#9089

Option 2: Maxicrouton#1596

Option 3: Mori#5912

Option 4: Nofuturistic#1972

Option 5: Zaunzi#1831

Option 6: Choyna#0001

Option 7: Rikige#0073

Option 8: sirlinkiest#9322

Option 9: notorious_BTC#2084

Option 10: brillz#7019

Option 11: Kokusho#9945

Option 12: Zeitgeist#6030

Option 13: Mycaleum#8283

Voting Period: 3 - 10 January 2023


Mori3,200,000 GHST (17.96%)
Nofuturistic3,100,000 GHST (17.31%)
Mycaleum2,000,000 GHST (11.18%)
Notorious_BTC1,900,000 GHST (10.62%)
Choyna1,700,000 GHST (9.77%)
Kokusho1,400,000 GHST (7.77%)
Maxicrouton1,200,000 GHST (6.77%)
Brillz1,100,000 GHST (6.00%)
CryptoGotchi865,000 GHST (4.84%)
Sirlinkiest500,000 GHST (2.8%)
Rikige324,000 GHST (1.81%)
Zaunzi296,000 GHST (1.66%)
Zeitgeist268,000 GHST (1.5%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Creating the Aarcade Taask Force (ATF)

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #54

Proposal Summary:


This SigProp was previously created back in June 2022, the proposal did not meet the quorum at the time. This proposal is being re-created as there has been some traction on games developed by community members that would like to utilize player rewards acquired through AGIP16.


The open-source nature of the Aavegotchi protocol combined with its on-chain assets provides an excellent foundation for external development efforts. More specifically, third-party developed games can greatly expand the usability of Aavegotchi assets and provide growth to the entire project.


Through AGIP 16, the DAO staked 100k GHST to generate rewards that could be given out to the wider Aavegotchi community of players for participating in mini-game events. To date, there has been minimal usage of these rewards. This is in part due to lack of:

  • Clarity on how game developers can apply for (and be sent) player rewards for their game events,

  • A game development focused task force that can help review applications for these player rewards, and,

  • New games!!


This proposal aims to introduce and confirm the Aarcade Taask Force (ATF) who will:

  • Control the multi-sig wallet that distributes player rewards to the community and developers,

  • Review applications for player rewards to be used in developer games, and

  • Provide a supportive platform for developers to discuss, troubleshoot and test their games in the ATF’s Aavegotchi Aarcade discord server.

End Goal & Benefit

The ATF’s objective is to help incentivize the development of more mini-games of a higher quality for the Aavegotchi community to play, share and enjoy. The natural benefit of this is increased utility and growth for the Aavegotchi protocol and its assets. By taking active custody of the 100k GHST from AGIP16, the ATF firmly believes it can help more player rewards get to the community and spur the next generation of Aavegotchi mini-games!

Potential Risks

As we are in the early stages of forming the Aarcade Task Force some potential risks include:

  • Mismanagement, theft or loss of rewards (multi-sig wallet helps mitigate this),

  • ATF members becoming inactive (signer numbers have been kept low to help ensure the multi-sig remains agile)

Amendment to AGIP 16

AGIP16 did not originally allow for usage of the 100k GHST to directly purchase assets from the Aavegotchi bazaar.

The ATF proposes that for successful stress test and xp/release game events, the following maximum drawdown amounts from the 100k GHST pool can be made (in agreeance with the game developer hosting an event) to purchase additional prizes from the Aavegotchi bazaar to be distributed to players:

  • 100 GHST per stress test game event

  • 500 GHST per xp/release game event

Note: Purchases will only be made via the Aavegotchi bazaar for maximum transparency.

Fake Gotchi Cards (FGC’s)

Frens generated by the AGIP16 100k GHST were used to enter the last raffle draw for Fake Gotchi Cards netting a total of 87 burn cards that are now available for use as mini-game player rewards. Under this proposal, these cards would also be transferred to the ATF multi-sig.

The ATF intends to allow one card be used per game event to mint a collection that can be distributed to players as the game developer of that event sees fit. A typical use case could be that 100 pieces of art are minted with one FGC and then distributed to the top 100 addresses in a game leaderboard event.

Note: Compensation for artists collaborating on FGC works will be from funding sources outside of the AGIP16 100k GHST (and its rewards pool) and is outside the ATF’s scope. It will be the game developers responsibility to negotiate terms with a collaborating artist.

ATF Members

There will be 7 initial signers for the ATF multi-sig wallet:

  • jarrod | aavegotchistats.com#9686

  • Gotchinomics#4936

  • Slick#2526

  • shah#0369

  • PG#0811

  • Scrooger

  • Hefe

These members have all actively participated in the Aavegotchi community for over a year now, come from different backgrounds and consist of experienced developers, security experts and gamers:

Transactions will require 4 out 7 signers to approve before they can be processed.

The ATF multi-sig treasury wallet will be used to:

  • Control distribution of rewards from AGIP16 100k GHST Staking,

  • Convert GHST to and from wapGHST for GLTR staking, noting the following: The staked ratio to be managed at the ATF’s discretion, and, only the wapGHST pool will be used to stake for GLTR for now but will review this as the greater Aavegotchi protocol and DAO evolves

  • Drawdown on 100K player rewards to purchase Aavegotchi NFT assets from the Baazaar to distribute as player rewards: Maximum of 100 GHST for each stress test event; Maximum of 500 GHST for each xp/release event

  • Minting Fake Gotchi Card art work to be used as player rewards


So what do you think? Should we form the Aarcade Taask Force this time Anon?

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Create the ATF

Option 2: Don’t Create the ATF

Voting Period: 3 - 11 January 2023


Create the ATF17,000,000 GHST (98.09%)
Don't Create the ATF328,000 GHST (1.91%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Update the Template to Require the Use of ‘Weighted Voting’

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #55

Proposal Summary:

I'd like to propose that we update the template for proposals to require all future proposals to use the voting system 'weighted voting' (even for simple yes/no proposals). Weighted voting is what was used in the AavegotchiDAO Foundation election CoreProp.


  1. Using weighted voting, sub-DAOs like GotchiVault will be able to vote in a way that accurately reflects the outcomes of their sister proposals.

  2. People will be able to show slight preferences, or even indifference, by splitting their own votes; even on yes/no proposals.


  1. A more accurate reflection of VP.

  2. Lessen concerns about large sub-DAOs being able to determine a proposal's outcome by themselves. For example, when GotchiVault does not split it's vote, they basically pick the winning choice of any proposal that reaches a quorum of about 3M or more. By giving them the ability to fine-tune their VP to their sister-proposal's results, there would be less concerns from DAO members about large sub-DAOs accumulating VP.


  1. Even if we require the use of weighted voting for all future proposals, we can't force sub-DAOs to utilize it in a democratic way. They still might decide to put all their VP behind the winning choice of their sister proposal. While this is completely up to them, there is little downside for the DAO in giving them that choice (i.e. enabling them to split their votes more accurately).

  2. Weighted voting might seem unfamiliar at first. However, we've recently utilized this voting system for the AavegotchiDAO Foundation election, and I have yet to see any complaints about the system being too complicated for people to use. The way that snapshot implemented it, is very intuitive, so 'weighted voting' being unfamiliar seems to be a negligible concern.

  3. Could potentially increase uninformed voting. Having to make a choice is sometimes hard. Especially because snapshot allows anyone to check all your past votes. So one should feel a sense of responsibility when casting one's vote. Using weighted voting we could see some people splitting their vote equally for all available choices. While this could reflect true indifference, it could also be a way for people to get XP while avoiding responsibility for any outcome. So no reason to read up on what's going on, just split the vote and get XP. While this might seem like a valid concern, I don't believe it is. There are always some uninformed people voting with their guts. People who care enough about their reputation to vote 50/50 to avoid responsibility for their choice (instead of just picking one of the options), but don't care enough to read up on their choices and pick what they believe is the best option, are likely a negligible minority.


Not changing the template.

Related material:

Template: https://aavegotchi.medium.com/scaling-aavegotchidao-c7e589de0333

Weighted voting: https://docs.snapshot.org/proposals/voting-types#weighted-voting

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Require Weighted Voting

Option 2: Do Not Change the Template

Voting Period: 3 - 11 January 2023


Require Weighted Voting17,000,000 GHST (96.75%)
Do Not Change the Template558,000 GHST (3.25%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Fund Alchemica Spending Competition

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #56

Proposal Summary:

Hey frens,

This has been a long time in the works but we’re finally getting ready to launch the first Gotchiboard competition - Alchemica spending season 1.

This will be hosted on https://gotchiboard.com/ - a DAO funded project

The competition will rank which addresses have spent the most alchemica. There will be 4 one-week rounds and a total of 80k GHST up for grabs!

Pixelcraft have already confirmed they will provide 25k GHST and this proposal is to fund a further 55k GHST from the Gotchiverse player rewards wallet.

Full details and rules can be found in the forum post.

The aims of the competition are:

  • Incentivise Alchemica and GLTR spending to reduce the circulating supply before PvP

  • Provide a fun gamified way for guilds and individuals to build their farms

  • Have an entertaining and frenly competition for all to participate in or observe

Thank you for your support frens and look forward to battling it out in the competition.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, fund the competition

Option 2: No, do not fund the competition

Voting Period: 3 - 11 January 2023


Yes, fund the competition16,000,000 GHST (86.73%)
No, do not fund the competition2,400,000 GHST (13.27%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Establish the “Core Framework” Guiding Wearable Release

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #57

Proposal Summary:

The Core Framework: A Proposal for Responsibly Managing Aavegotchi Wearables Emissions

Core Framework Written Summary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HTBNQqIVzvENiNmCL3kKAvgdKzcs4nWgyyVHvmX_ONQ/

Core Framework Ratios, Calculations and Proposed Sale: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Jk6O3zzsOIBmy1OwQlBsy0LWPQZrjxsWmlY2YCMz2iw/

These documents, prepared by The Forge Team, constitutes our recommended framework for the DAO to responsibly manage the future emissions of additional cores, and thus the increase of wearables supply.

The supply of cores, as defined in The Forge Litepaper, is the lever by which the protocol controls how many wearables can be forged on a rarity and slot basis. We are proposing three key ratios to be set by the DAO and used for managing the supply of cores in the future:

  1. The ratio of total wearables to total gotchis. The Forge Team proposes an increase in the rate of wearables to gotchis from current state of 4.2/gotchi to 4.3/gotchi (approximately 2.6% increase).

  2. The ratio of each rarity tier to the total number of wearables. The Forge Team is not proposing any modifications to the ratios between rarity tiers.

  3. The ratio of each wearable slot to the total number of wearables. The Forge Team recommends the following slot ratios:

Wearable SlotCurrent SupplyCurrent RatioProposed Ratio

We propose that the DAO should use the above key ratios to determine when to release additional cores, as well as how new cores should be distributed between rarities and slots. These ratios result in an initial addition of 2158 total cores across 15 different core types (out of 36 total).

The Core Framework will need to be maintained to include recent, relevant market data and evolutions in the market and the Aavegotchi protocol. Additional Core or Alloy sales must pass a core proposal outlining the specific sale and reasoning. If this Core Framework is accepted by the DAO, it will be included in a large Core Proposal to launch The Forge.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, Accept the Core Framework

Option 2: No. Reject this Framework

Voting Period: 26 January - 3 February 2023


Yes, Accept the Core Framework18,000,000 GHST (95.71%)
No. Reject this Framework801,000 GHST (4.29%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Launch Round 2 Parcel VRF Rolls

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #58

Proposal Summary:

I propose that we implement the round 2 parcel roll by early February.

The predominant discussions and farming emissions design specifically outlined a re-roll at 6 months. Many of the most invested and long-standing members of the Gotchiverse specifically designed their farming strategy around this shared understanding. Numerous DAO members helped contribute to the current recipes and mathematics specifically with that timetable in mind.

There are additional reasons to implement the round 2 rolls:

  • We have an opportunity to meet our commitments as a DAO, even if the Gotchiverse deliverable of a great battle is not quite ready

  • We can set a precedent for supporting asset holders and contributing members of our ecosystem

  • We will encourage further investment from current community members and be a more attractive investment to newcomers if we establish a pattern of reliability

  • Gotchiverse land owners have been especially harmed by macro market conditions and gotchiverse-specific market trends. This is one small effort to support those investing time and resources into the Gotchiverse

  • We are pushing for a higher farming to channeling ratio of alchemica emissions which this would support

  • It is more attractive to invest in the alchemica spending competition (and land in general) with a definitive round 2 plan

  • It is a targeted nerf/rug to those most supporting the ecosystem to intentionally delay rerolls

  • The hopeful time frame of an April Great Battle is also not definitive and susceptible to delays given the complexity of the current roadmap and desired focus on PVP

There are notable potential cons to consider:

  • Increased overall alchemica emissions if invested farmers have round 2 alchemica to farm

  • Mismatch of new rounds to the anticipated lore of a Great Battle followed by the new round

On the 1/8 DAO call, coderdan specifically stated it is a small dev lift to implement the next round of re-rolls, so this should not cause any major delays or change in shipping priorities. As thoroughly discussed in DAO discussion, both paths are reasonable, and I appreciate the formal DAO temperature check with this sig prop.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes. Launch Round 2 Parcel Roll

Option 2: No. Wait until the Great Battle

Voting Period: 26 January - 2 February 2023


Yes. Launch Round 2 Parcel Roll11,000,000 GHST (56.89%)
No. Wait until the Great Battle8,200,000 GHST (43.11%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

2023 DTF Budget Request

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #59

Proposal Summary:

I am requesting a budget extension while the DAO discusses alternatives to the DTF model.

The request covers two projects which have delivered on their promises but remain partially funded. In hindsight, the funds allocated for a project should have been withheld to avoid making requests after the fact. We learn from this.

The DAO is discussing the assessment and funding of new projects. This process may take another 3-6 weeks till we reach consensus and implement a new funding model.

In the meantime, we should ensure DAO members and project sponsors who have already done work are made whole for their efforts.

Below are the completed projects, including an additional request to cover bounties for two months. My compensation has been removed and will be included in another proposal.

  • Gotchi Farmy Sandbox Project; 8000/16000 GHST

  • GotchiBoard by Mark; 1000/2000 GHST

  • Media team Bounties 5000 GHST

The total request is 14,000 GHST. Funding will be sent to the current DTF multi-sig.

The DTF is not funding new Project Grants for 2023 until the DAO reaches a consensus on an improved funding process. This request is only to compensate members for completed work and to keep DAO operations going with bounties.

Appreciate contributions and efforts given towards Aavegotchi DAO & Project development so far.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Fund Completed Work/Bounties

Option 2: Do Not Fund

Voting Period: 2 - 10 February 2023


Fund Completed Work/Bounties17,000,000 GHST (94.11%)
Do Not Fund1,000,000 GHST (5.89%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gotchi Lodge 2023

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #60

Proposal Summary:

Eth Denver 2023 kicks off on February 24th, running through March 5th. It represents the largest gathering of Web3 talent in the world. This year’s event presents an opportunity for Aavegotchi DAO to collaborate with Pixelcraft by sending a team to spread awareness of the Aavegotchi protocol to developers and interested parties at the conference.

The team will be led by Aavegotchi DAO member Hefe and some of our most active Aavegotchi members.

The attending team will be:

Lost Local; Pixelcraft Director of physical goods and events.

Hefe; Event lead, managing bounties, organisation

NoFuturistic; Media capture, editing

Zombie Shepherd; Partnerships, media capture, A/V

Mycaleum; Partnerships, marketing, support

Smokescreens; Marketing, support

Lev; Support

The team is coordinating efforts to represent Aavegotchi as a unit; collaborating by wearing weather-appropriate branded team gear, carrying physical merchandise such as stickers, boiling down concise explanations for specific target audiences, and distributing links to a landing page showcasing key features of the protocol and resources for builders.

One IRL meetup we are excited to host is an ebic coffee shop live-streamed discussion featuring interesting builders present at the event, advocates from venues, and existing partnership connections. We are calling this event #BuidlWithFrens. There will be merchandise giveaways and a custom FG card exclusive to the event, published by GMI. The event will be an opportunity to connect with new frens, and capture unique and interesting experiences from both the Hackathon, shilling zone, man-on-the-street interviews, as well as lecture workshops. The whole coffee shop event will be broadcasted via various streaming services, including Aavegotchi Discord for those who cannot attend.

An extensive media plan has been put together for ETH Denver featuring a diverse and varied array of content, notably a dual daily VLOG, as well as raw footage sent to both editors and the Pixelcraft marketing team for promotional videos. Media coverage will not only increase our presence at the event, but also give the Aavegotchi team multiple opportunities to create long-term connections with other interesting and informed attendees. The Gotchi Lodge(Air BNB) is close to the venue, making it easy to host interviews there as well.

Currently, lodging for the event has been secured close to the main venues. Travel plans to the event are secured for over-the-road travellers, with flyers waiting for proposal approval prior to ticket purchase. Details for the ETH Denver Core event are currently limited, but being followed closely with the guidance of LostLocal. The team is in process of procuring team gear and coordinating with partners such as the ETH Denver Polygon team for collaborative opportunities.

ETH Denver #BUIDLWeek kicks off February 24th and runs to March 1st. The Core event runs from March 2nd to March 5th. There is a Mountain retreat running from March 6th to the 9th. Attendance to the retreat costs extra, and many of our members have not opted in for this. No allocated proposal funding will be utilised for the optional Mountain Retreat.

Fully expanded proposal details can be found here

  • Please refer to the above document for amendments. Changes were made to the travel and lodging budgets.

Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal and for the continued community support. With frens like you we are definitely GMI.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Fund Gotchi Lodge 2023

Option 2: Do Not Fund Gotchi Lodge 2023

Voting Period: 2 - 10 February 2023


Fund Gotchi Lodge 202317,000,000 GHST (90.09%)
Do Not Fund Gotchi Lodge 20231,800,000 GHST (9.91%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Launching The Aavegotchi Forge

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #61

Proposal Summary:

Completed Forge Whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RvlJmCRudFnso45oPU0veBqo-OLwwZiMJDaNBjRhf54

I propose that we launch the Aavegotchi Forge! This proposal combines all previous Forge-related signal proposals into a final core proposal. The Core Framework has already been submitted and accepted as a core proposal (AGIP 57). The Completed Forge Whitepaper outlines all Forge mechanics and economics. The Whitepaper will be updated with Forge v1.1- Geodes expansion when the mechanic has been finalized.

The signal proposals included in this core proposal:

The DAO modifiable variables:

The following are built-in variables designed as levers for the DAO to control.

1). Alloy return on smelting

  • Currently set at 90% of the amount required to forge
  • Of the 10% not returned, launch settings are the following:
    • 50% of alloy sent to a burn address
    • 50% of alloy sent to the DAO

2). Core Framework Ratios and Sales – Already passed in AGIP 57

3). Essence destination on Forging

  • Settings on launch: 50% of essence will be burnt; 50% sent to the DAO

This proposal has no major adjustments from the passed signal proposals to the final product.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, launch the Aavegotchi Forge

Option 2: No, do not launch

Voting Period: 7 - 14 February 2023


Yes, launch the Aavegotchi Forge15,000,000 GHST (96.46%)
No, do not launch561,000 GHST (3.54%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Infinity Keys X Aavegotchi Paartnership

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #62

Proposal Summary:

This CoreProp is for funding the Infinity Keys X Aavegotchi Onboarding Hunt. Infinity Keys put forth a discussion forum post here, has attended several Saturday Hangouts and Sunday DAO meetings to discuss their proposal, and include longtime members of the Aavegotchi community.

If you didn't read the detailed post here is a tldr.

  • 4,500 ghst to fund a series of gamified challenges to promote onboarding for new players, 3,000 ghst is dedicated for treasure incentives.

  • 3 Challenges: 1) A passcode riddle based on Gotchi Lore, 2) Hold or Rent a Gotchi 3) Pet a Gotchi, and 4) Find a passcode hidden in the gotchiverse.

  • These are designed to be easy for new players to get familiar with the vibes and concepts behind Aavegotchi before they make a full purchase decision to play.

  • At some point beyond the start of the campaign (1-3 weeks) we will conduct a drawing from addresses that have completed the achievement and airdrop various Tickets to winning participants.

  • There is no hard timeline to stop this campaign so it can be used for future Gotchi testers and Infinity Keys collectors beyond the campaign and treasure airdrops.

  • Completing this achievement will be required in other Infinity Keys quests and hunts, bringing other communities to Aavegotchi

One question that came through the discussions was about metrics. Infinity Keys has 26,000 mints from 5,000+ unique wallets for both free and low-cost mints from players solving challenges and collecting NFT keys. Individual partner projects have seen ~4,000 mints. And what's more exciting is that many of those mints continue to creep up far after the promotional campaign is complete.

We have done no marketing or promotions, so we think this is a good sign that as we ramp up community, more players will come to test out the games. We can't guarantee any level of participation, however, it is very much in our interest to bring as many players as we can through this hunt and into Aavegotchi.

One of the major goals of this proposal is to give those around you an easier path to trying Aavegotchi without buying in at a high price point. This onboarding comes from a deep understanding of the Gotchi community and how the system functions from an insider's perspective, but has the Alchemica to reach new players and bring them in.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: YES, fund 4.5k GHST partnership

Option 2: NO, do not fund partnership

Voting Period: 16 - 23 February 2023


YES, fund 4.5k GHST partnership18,000,000 GHST (96.25%)
NO, do not fund partnership692,000 GHST (3.75%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Aavegotchi X The Sandbox

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #63

Proposal Summary:

The GFA Sandbox team proposes to launch the creation of the Aavegotchi X The Sandbox Experience. It follows the great feedback we got from the Proof of Concept presented in January and the SigProp that received the support of the DAO.

This proposal aligns with the recent Aavegotchi Blog Post related to 2023 “The Year of the Gotchi.” We are convinced that having Aavegotchi in The Sandbox will bring exposure from a large user base to our ecosystem.

Bringing Aavegotchi into the Sandbox will contribute to achieving Aavegotchi’s three main focuses of 2023: Player growth, Partnerships and Decentralization.

As described in the DAO Discord Thread, we have an Aavegotchi IP Licence and are discussing the details of this partnership with The Sandbox but we already have some exclusive intel to share. The Alpha Season 4 is on its way (End Q2 2023) and Aavegotchi could be part of it if the DAO supports this initiative! With these Sandbox experiences, Aavegotchi DAO will be able to republish again for another Alpha season or in the future on their own lands.

Please note these additions upon the feedback received from the SigProp and the most recent discussions with The Sandbox:

  • Maintenance and Updates: The SigProp mentions "New updates or features to be added after those releases are out of this scope of work." This point will evolve regarding the last discussions we had with The Sandbox and expectations from DAO members. We got the confirmation that the time between the Alpha season 4 with experiences v0.8 (Q2 on sandbox lands) and the expected date for Land owners to be able to release experiences on their own lands shouldn't be too far from each other. That's the reason this proposal includes maintenance and updates until Aavegotchi DAO is willing to publish its own experiences on land (1 Major Gamemaker version update to 0.9 ie). As 0.8 just went out, Sandbox confirmed that the next release isn't right around the corner...

  • Ownership: As explained in Hangouts and DAO calls with the community, the GFA does not claim the ownership of any asset or account used / created in this whole process. The limited license agreement entrusts the GFA team to create and use digital assets based on Aavegotchi intellectual property (10% royalty to PC). All source files from asset creations (.VXM / . VXR / ...) and credentials of the Sandbox account (dedicated account) are licensed for a specified purpose and scope: the development and maintenance of our Sandbox Aavegotchi experience.

This proposal will also lead to some returns upon:

  • Marketing Strategy (Ownership and specific tokens/assets) for experienced players (Gotchis i.e.)
  • Aavegotchi and Sandbox project Aura and community
  • Incentivized events (cross universe/easter eggs/enigmas/contests/leaderboard/prize pools/Twitch Live/AMA/Crew3 quests)
  • Avatars / Wearables Sales (5% commission to Sandbox)
  • Original Assets sales

This Core Proposal is to fund 195k GHST for the creation of two Aavegotchi Experiences in the next 4 months as per:

  • The production costs
  • The side Costs (Project management tool licenses / Promotion / Creation process events / Sandbox Grant discussions and negotiations)
  • Incentives (In-game and Cross-Universe)

Those costs cover 2 experiences:

  • A single player game on a 2x2 land with multiple layers dedicated to Aavegotchi environments
  • A multiplayer game on a 1x1 land with multiple layers

We will start to work on these 2 experiences right after this voting session if the DAO supports it.

A detailed funding request is available here if you missed it in the DAO Thread: https://global.discourse-cdn.com/standard17/uploads/aavegotchi/optimized/2X/e/e2e7fd532e25a686269be903dfb79fa95cf703f5_2_936x396.jpeg

We are proposing a split funding with DAI & GHST from the treasury holdings (900k DAI and 4M GHST):

95 kGHST + 110 kDAI (rate : 1 GHST = $1.10)

The idea is to limit the selling pressure on GHST for the production compensation part. This would be 2 payments operated by the DAO Fondation. The release would be settled this way:

50% at start (47.5k GHST + 55k DAI)

50% mid-journey (47.5k GHST + 55k DAI)

Mid-journey achievements to be judged would be based on The Sandbox milestones already settled in the timeline to be signed in order to be ready for the end of Q2 2023. The Beta Version is planned for the beginning of May and is the milestone to be considered. According to our contracts PC + The Sandbox would judge the quality of that mid term release.

This funding includes some incentives to be distributed to engaged players and Aavegotchi community members.

Thank you for your support Frens and get to your votes!

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, fund the experience

Option 2: No, don’t fund the experience

Voting Period: 16 - 23 February 2023


Yes, fund the experience12,000,000 GHST (65.38%)
No, don’t fund the experience6,600,000 GHST (34.62%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Close the GHST Bonding Curve

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #64

Proposal Summary:

AavegotchiDAO was summoned as a 100% on-chain DAO in September 2020 via the deployment of the GHST Bonding Curve. This proposal is based on a diligent risk assessment of the Curve and concludes that there is a strong case for closing the GHST Bonding Curve and freeing GHST from reliance on MakerDAO’s DAI stable coin.

Closing the Curve in effect concludes a 2.5+ year DAICO (DAO+ICO) token sale. All DAI in the GHST Bonding Curve at the time of closing will transform the DAI from being half of a simple liquidity pool into actual Aavegotchi funding. A second Signal Proposal follows this one proposing a 30/30/40 split of the DAI for the founding team at Pixelcraft Studios, AavegotchiDAO treasury, and an additional 40% for the DAO that is explicitly earmarked for liquidity provisions.

The Problem: Unnecessary Risk Underpins Aavegotchi Today

“The Curve is forever” is a shorthand way of expressing how reliable GHST’s tokenomics have been up to this point. However, starting in 2022 turbulence in the macro crypto space has been growing, and our beloved bonding curve is potentially at risk of contagion.

While MakerDAO, the issuers of DAI, have delivered a stable stablecoin up to this point (DAI has never had a significant depeg from the USD) there is no guarantee that such success will continue indefinitely. Recent red flags include an inability for MakerDAO to remove the GUSD vault (a stablecoin issued by the recently bankrupt Genesis), the “Endgame” plan to depeg DAI from USD, growing exposure to real-world-assets (RWA) fraught with counterparty risk, and a general overexposure to (and vulnerability of) the USDC stablecoin in the MakerDAO asset pool.

Even if one concludes that DAI’s risk is only low to moderate, we must soberly assess whether such risk tolerance is acceptable to our DAO. Today, I put forth that not only is any risk from DAI’s depeg unacceptable, but such risk is also entirely avoidable.

Aavegotchi Is Ready to Secure Funds On Our Own

AavegotchiDAO has already demonstrated that it can manage its own treasury. Likewise, two plus years of Pixelcraft Studios flawlessly managing all significant ecosystem multisigs and upgradeable contracts underscores the company’s readiness to also manage the DAI at scale.

With nearly 20M DAI in the curve, there is sufficient funding to continue development and enable deep liquidity at the same time. The Curve was KYC’d and never accessible to a large swath of Aavegotchi fans. Under this proposal, GHST with good liquidity would actually become more accessible to more people!

It is along this backdrop of benefits including derisking, securing funding, and improving GHST accessibility that I propose closing the GHST Bonding Curve.

Allocation of the Curve’s DAI

Turning off the Curve is an opportunity to not only derisk from reliance on MakerDAO, but also secure significant funding for our ecosystems.

So far, the DAI in the Curve’s contracts has only served one purpose: to provide liquidity for the creation and destruction of GHST tokens. After the Curve’s closure, whatever DAI remains in that contract will be freed to go to work on behalf of the Aavegotchi protocol.

My originally paired Signal Proposal regarding allocation of DAI was voted down. However, another Signal Proposal written by Immaterial and Fantasma has passed with over 80% support. Titled “25/25/25/25 split for curve DAI”, that SigProp was upgraded to CoreProp shortly after the publishing of this proposal you are now reading.

IF the 25/25/25/25 CoreProp passes alongside this proposal to close the curve, then DAI post-Curve closure shall be allocated in accordance with it.

IF the 25/25/25/25 CoreProp does not pass, but this proposal to close the curve does pass, Curve’s on-chain vote on Aragon will not happen until a new CoreProp regarding DAI allocation is passed.


Assuming both CoreProps pass, the process for our community to close the GHST Bonding Curve will happen in a controlled, methodical way by following these steps:

Sunday, Feb 26

This CoreProp and a DAI distribution CoreProp must both pass in order to confirm AavegotchiDAO’s intention and terms. If passed, the Aragon on-chain vote to close the GHST Bonding Curve begins in the days following shortly after.

*Achieving quorum on our on-chain vote requires 8% of total GHST supply to participate. That means GHST holders need to coordinate migrating GHST back to Ethereum between now and the vote so that we can honor the AGIP and successfully close the Curve.

IF Aragon vote successfully closes the Curve:

The Curve will immediately close, capping the supply of GHST. Any DAI collateral shall be transferred to all multisig wallets in accordance with the terms of the 25/25/25/25 AGIP.


The risks of closing the Curve mostly are technical in nature. Pixelcraft Studios has already had our Solidity team spend time simulating the process for closing the Curve and how that would work. Everything worked as designed. The majority of risk is in the moments after the Curve closes.

Without deep liquidity and a spike in outside entities speculating, we may see dramatic volatility in the GHST market.

There is also a greater-than-zero risk for the new multisig wallets tasked with securing the DAI. With proper planning and for the reasons noted above, we believe that AavegotchiDAO is capable of this responsibility.


The benefits and reasoning for this are already well fleshed out above but to briefly review:

Remove all risk of Aavegotchi’s success relying on an outside party (MakerDAO and DAI)

Complete the GHST continuous token sale, securing funding for both AavegotchiDAO and Pixelcraft Studios, thus enabling bigger, better, faster, stronger development for both parties.

Improve GHST tokenomics, especially in terms of accessibility. As opposed to having most liquidity locked into a KYC-walled liquidity pool, AavegotchiDAO will be able to dynamically direct liquidity to the platforms that make the most sense at any given time.


For the benefits noted above, I am proposing that now is the time to meet the moment and make this significant change to the Aavegotchi ecosystem’s meta. The status quo is simply unacceptable as the risk of doing nothing cannot be justified. Together we have weathered a brutal bear market in 2022 and now have an opportunity to prove we’ve learned lessons from watching seemingly invincible players in the space fall. Securing significant funding that is rightfully raised also makes a lot of sense given where we are as a protocol. The vision is too great for small budgets especially when the option to close the token sale and allocate those funds to the vision’s development is completely within AavegotchiDAO’s control.

We are in a completely unique situation where we can self-fund on a scale envious of our competitors, all while completely derisking from our current reliance on DAI tokens. Let's use this opportunity as a rallying cry to come together and level up as the completely independent, self sustaining AavegotchiDAO.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: YES, close the GHST Curve

Option 2: NO, do not close the GHST Curve

Voting Period: 19 - 26 February 2023


YES, close the GHST Curve17,000,000 GHST (91.17%)
NO, do not close the GHST Curve1,700,000 GHST (8.83%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

25/25/25/25 Split for Curve DAI

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #65

Proposal Summary:

We would like to put forward our own proposal that we believe is the fairest way to allocate the funds whilst also protecting asset holders. We believe that the 4 pillars of the Aavegotchi ecosystem are: Liquidity, The DAO, Pixelcraft, and Asset holders. Therefore, our proposal is to allocate the curve funds evenly between these 4 pillars and making sure asset holders are not left behind by allocating them 25% of the DAI for Protocol Rewards which will directly reward asset holders through either Rarity Farming, or another reward mechanism chosen by the DAO.

The split would be as follows:

  • Liquidity: 25%

  • The DAO: 25%

  • Pixelcraft: 25%

  • Protocol rewards: 25%

By protocol rewards, we mean fair and inclusive reward pools that account for all native assets in the protocol. A yes vote for protocol rewards in this case does not mean a yes vote for ongoing RF in its current iteration, it protects funds to be used to make sure that protocol assets remain liquid and sufficiently included in the economic cycle/paradigm going forward.

A yes vote for protocol rewards signals to loyal supporters of the protocol that the original vision remains intact, rather than being diverted into new and unproven games and business models.

Without inclusion/correlation between GHST and assets, great economic disruption could follow the turning off of the curve for asset owners. A stream of funding protocol rewards for two years not only creates an ongoing source of buy side liquidity for the GHST token, it also allows market participants to trust in the correlation between GHST and protocol assets.

As we prepare to release the Forge and GBM different assets, we have the choice to signal to market participants whether they are bidding into a single RF season, or towards inclusion in the economic benefits of the platform for a full two years from here.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, agree to 25/25/25/25 split

Option 2: No, find another way

Voting Period: 19 - 26 February 2023


Yes, agree to 25/25/25/25 split18,000,000 GHST (94.48%)
No, find another way1,100,000 GHST (5.52%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Form and Fund the Curve Transition Team

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #66

Proposal Summary:

We propose the formation of a DAO Curve Transition Team (CTT) to assist the DAO in managing liquidity and treasury on a contingent basis prior to and after turning off the GHST curve should the DAO consent. We have numerous problems to tackle which need thoughtful investigation. The CTT will provide detailed summaries and analysis of our current state and potential paths moving forward regarding liquidity and asset management. These are some of the main questions the CTT will address and provide potential paths and analyses for DAO consideration:

Regarding liquidity:

  • Should current treasury assets be used to provide liquidity prior to the curve being turned off?

  • If so, how much? What wallet will hold these LP tokens? Will that liquidity remain after the curve DAI is distributed? Should the DAO stake those LP tokens for GLTR?

  • Should the DAO keep GHST-USDC as the primary liquidity pool? If supporting any secondary pools, where do we diversify out?

  • What is our goal amount of decentralized liquidity?

  • How does this compare to current liquidity? How fast should we seek to establish our goal amount?

  • What are potential estimations for impermanent loss with different potential trajectories for GHST?

  • Should we turn off GLTR rewards for amGHST and move them elsewhere?

Regarding treasury management:

  • What are our operations for treasury management?

  • What wallet is holding the funds?

  • Is our operational security process adequate?

  • Are we keeping funds in DAI or moving to alternative assets?

  • What other stablecoins would we consider?

  • What other crypto assets would we consider? ETH, BTC, MATIC? On what chain?

  • What DeFi protocols should we consider for treasury management?

  • Which ones should we meet with and what liquidity mining rewards should we aim for?

  • Should we perform GHST buybacks? If so, how? What are the potential impacts and costs of such a strategy at different liquidity targets?

  • What should be done with interest earned? GHST buybacks? Compounding into the asset earning interest?

To answer the above questions with sufficient market research, we propose a 10,000 GHST bounty. We aim to provide the DAO a complete analysis within 3 weeks with multiple potential paths for consideration. Efficient treasury management will provide yield to keep our operations sustainable while also directing liquidity to ensure decentralized access to our core product.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes. Form and fund the CTT.

Option 2: No. Do not form or fun the CTT.

Voting Period: 21 - 28 February 2023


Yes. Form and fund the CTT.17,000,000 GHST (93.41%)
No. Do not form or fun the CTT.1,200,000 GHST (6.59%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Curve Transition Plan - Securing funds for liquidity

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #67

Proposal Summary:

Important note: Currently there is $38M of DAI in the curve contract, 30% more than when sigprop went live, so we are asking for a bit more funds than in sigprop ($4M increased to $5M). This increase allows us to increase the liquidity on the DEXs a little more and not end up with cash intended for liquidity that would end up lying idle.

Hello Frens!

The core proposal to close the curve is in progress and the vote for a 25/25/25/25% split is likely to pass.

One of these 25% was voted by the DAO to be used as liquidity to allow new entrants not to suffer from high slippage and to have a nice and smooth price discovery.

At the moment the liquidity on the DEX is quite low. We have about $2 million in liquidity in the GHST-USDC Quickswap pool and we can assume that if we do nothing it will drop drastically because the 8% APY coming from the GLTR is not enough incentive compared to the impermanent loss risks when the curve will close.

The liquidity provision will be split in 2 plans:

  • Pre-curve plan: Ensure high liquidity for the curve transition.

  • Post-curve plan: Buyback (protocol rewards), DAO treasury management, liquidity reallocations after price discovery.

In the sigprop we had asked to secure $4M for the pre-curve plan while having fairly approximate plans, so after discussions with Balancer and Quickswap we are coming back with a more detailed plan.

This core-prop only discusses the pre-curve plan to ensure liquidity on DEXs.

We have a liquidity target of around $5M+, as this could allow new entrants to trade $50,000 with less than 2% slippage.


DEXs: Quickswap and Balancer.


We have a maximum of 957,000 DAI available in the DAO treasury pre-curve closure (1.067M DAI - FArmy's 110k).

To add DAO liquidity, we chose an 80(GHST)-20(Stable) type pool. Since we have a lot more GHST than DAI in the treasury, this type of pool looks quite interesting.

To use 950k DAI in the Balancer pool we would need to match it with the following amounts of GHST if valued at 1.50:

80-20 pool: 2560000 GHST (4,750,000$ pool total)

This liquidity injection must occur 3 days before the close of the curve.

Bribes program:

It is possible for the DAO to deploy 6M DAI (this number depends on the number of DAI at the close of the curve) on Balancer and earn 5% (~300k annual) + 5-6% BAL rewards. (For the rest of the calculation we will take the worst case: 5% APY total on the DAI => 300k$/year)

Then we can use the 300k+ in DAI rewards to bribe the 80-20 GHST-STABLE pool, giving the DAO more rewards. This allows us to yield on our treasury and not let it sleep without yield.

Bribes are done via Snapshot, which will require regular participation between our Snapshot DAO and Balancer.


To achieve the liquidity target, we believe that a liquidity mining (LM) program in addition to the direct provision of liquidity by the DAO is worthwhile.

We are targeting $3M+ in external liquidity from this program. We believe that an APR of 50% for 2 months would be enough to incentivize the liquidity provider. This would require 160,000 GHST in LM rewards. The GHST must stay above $4 for the LM program to be cheaper than the IL incurred for the DAO. This liquidity mining program must begin 3 days before the curve closes and last for 2 months.

We expect between 10% and 20% of the GHST amount in Quick rewards from Quickswap team for the liquidity mining rewards on their V3 (full range liquidity).

For technical reasons, we cannot add all these rewards to the existing GLTR staking contract. So liquidity providers will have to choose between the GLTR rewards and the GHST + Quick rewards.

So, to summarize, we are asking the DAO to add 2,560,000 GHST with the 957,000 DAI available in the DAO treasury to a 80-20 Balancer pool. This pool will be bribed by the DAO through treasury management thereafter.

This provision of liquidity by the DAO will allow the DAO to earn swap fees and BAL rewards thus obtaining more cash flow.

In addition to these numbers, we are asking the DAO to sponsor a Quickswap LM program with 160,000 GHST.

Doing a liquidity program can be smarter in high volatility times because a 50-50 pool is very prone to impermanent losses, and we prefer incentive liquidity rather than having the DAO lose money through IL.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Agree with the pre-curve plan

Option 2: No, don’t agree

Voting Period: 25 February - 2 March 2023


Agree with the pre-curve plan13,000,000 GHST (94.45%)
No, don't agree749,000 GHST (5.55%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Fund fireball.gg Team to Develop Guilds

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #68

Proposal Summary:

Changes from SigProp: The previous SigProp funding request was for 25,000 GHST. The funding request for this CoreProp is for 27,500 DAI (a fixed price of $1.10 per GHST from the previous funding request).


Last year, within the fireball.gg team we tried to imagine how guilds may look like in Aavegotchi. We deployed a guilds list page https://fireball.gg/guilds where players could group up and claim their spot as a guild inside the Gotchiverse!

Twenty one brave guild leaders with their guilds passed through a github pull request quest and participated in this imaginary guild claim!


Using all of our knowledge and insight, a new guild model was constructed, with given properties:

  • on chain solution based on https://app.safe.global/ makes it very convenient to pull all related guild stats
  • to participate there is no need to move any assets or any change in custody
  • guild warehouse (inventory) out of the box
  • name (flag) as non-transferable NFT
  • we teach our community how to best use the safe app!

From a guild leader perspective the guild creation process would be something like:

  1. initiation transaction (deploy an empty gnosis safe)
  2. claim a guild flag-name in registry contract
  3. (optional) add members and other associated addresses
  4. (optional) set warehouse access rights


The deliverables are separated in two stages (both are included within the current funding request):

Version 2 — core features needed to start building guilds within the community and integration with ecosystem projects (Gotchiverse, STRATEGOTCHI and possibly others)

Version 3 — a feasibility study for the experimental features based on data from the first two versions

Version 2:

(a) smart contract with the following capabilities:

  1. guild registration
  2. guild deletion
  3. guild name-flag as a non-transferable NFT

(b) a custom data graph with a specific guilds and aavegotchi related stats:

  1. voting power
  2. assets (gotchis, wearables, land, etc)

Version 3:

(a) updates to the smart contract:

  1. guilds legacy — a historical NFT issued to remember historical events, like tournaments
  2. advanced guild warehouse access framework on https://github.com/gnosis/zodiac-guard-scope/

(b) guilds market

(c) other needed features based on data from version 2


(in DAI)

  • model, organization, integrations (ordengg) — 14,300
  • smart contract (PG) — 8,250
  • graph and data structures (ordengg) — 3,300
  • visual assets (FakeGotchis artists) — 1650


After the guilds framework is stable we can:

(a) transfer registry to the dao

(b) deploy a new guild registry system to and from the dao which will effectively give us the “Official Aavegotchi Guilds!”


Version 2 — April-May

Version 3 — June-July


Having guilds makes pvp, farming and development much more interesting! The fireball.gg team has agreements in place to test new guild mechanics with other Aavegotchi sponsored projects:

  1. integration with https://gotchiboard.com/ will open a road for guild specific tournaments!

  2. Integration with STRATEGOTCHI will help with guilds registrations and leaderboards data.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, Fund 27,500 DAI

Option 2: No, Do Not Fund

Voting Period: 8 - 15 March 2023


Yes, Fund 27,500 DAI16,000,000 GHST (95.53%)
No, Do Not Fund749,000 GHST (4.47%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Securing Protocol Rewards - Operational & Funding Request

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #69

Proposal Summary:

CoreProp summary (important parts):

Buyback schedule specifications for buying $GHST protocol rewards outlined in AGIP65. This includes consideration of a non-linear 18-month buying schedule with a 2-month long multiplier for purchase amounts to coincide with the liquidity mining plan, and the funding of an automated smart contract to execute purchases with various features. More details below:


Per AGIP65 25% of the unlocked $DAI reserves from the retired Bonding Curve are supposed to be allocated for securing protocol rewards in the form of rarity farming rewards. To meet this goal, the CTT recommends internally developing operations standards for actually following through on this request.

1) Protocol Rewards Purchasing Program:

The main aspects voters should consider in this proposal involve establishing a buying schedule for $GHST as well as how to best execute purchases for the DAO.

Filling the rewards pool is proposed to start once the curve closes & operations are in place to buy $GHST, with a planned duration in mind of no more than 18 months to conclusion. We are also proposing that the DAO implement a non-linear approach to daily/weekly purchases.

For voters this would mean commitment to a 2-month long multiplier for every purchase, in line with the liquidity mining schedule outlined in AGIP67. We believe that this is the best way to quickly accumulate $GHST reserves and turn our stable assets into ecosystem rewards.

It is also recommended, but not proposed, to establish responsibilities within a long-term treasury management team for projection modeling to ensure that the DAO is closely following a buying schedule. There will be some aspects of maintenance in such a long-term program.

2) Smart Contract

The proposed smart contract will ensure a secure environment for buying protocol rewards while ensuring Foundation users have the tools needed to buy protocol rewards in $GHST.

This proposed tool will be designed by CTT member @Bearded Gotchi Vault, and will undergo review by members @Sudeep, @MaxiCrouton and other critical members prior to implementation for production.

The expected contract deliverable will have the following features available for its DAO users:

  • Gelato automation tooling
  • Ability to choose purchasing between different DEX pools for best rate discovery
  • Adjusting the timing in between purchases & amounts of buybacks
  • Toggling for slippage rate tolerance
  • Automated reporting for accounting and proof of purchase
  • potential for future iteration and optimization development through the DAO bounty program or other funding opportunities.

Funding Request:

We are seeking a separate request of $5000 DAI (or $5000 worth of $GHST) to complete this contract as it will require ongoing maintenance and wasn’t anticipated in AGIP66 when the team was funded to conduct market research mainly.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, Implement Strategy

Option 2: No. Need More Discussion

Voting Period: 8 - 15 March 2023


Yes, Implement Strategy16,000,000 GHST (93.91%)
No. Need More Discussion1,000,000 GHST (6.09%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Alchemica + GLTR Taskforce Funding

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #70

Proposal Summary:

I've spent the last couple of weeks recruiting a diverse taskforce to generate ideas, conduct research and create sig props for our Alchemica + GLTR tokenomics. I hoped to find 8 members but ended up getting 10 amazing applications from some of the best minds and contributors in the community. These members have different types/sizes of holdings and different political/philosophical viewpoints to represent the diversity of our DAO as closely as possible.

We plan to split into vertical teams of 1-3 to work on ideas and come together on weekly public calls to collaborate and provide feedback. This means, as a taskforce, we will constantly be progressing 4-5 ideas in parallel. The projects we intend to start with are:

Kinship Channelling

  • @Immaterial

GLTR emissions/sinks research

  • @Maxicrouton
  • @Webb
  • @Umami

GLTR Raffles

  • @soloegoist

Guild/District Tokenomics

  • @AL

New Alchemica/GLTR sinks ideation

  • @Gotchinomics
  • @kuwlness

Media work (weekly summary videos)

  • @Nofuturistic

We are asking for funding for 5 hours of work per week at 25 GHST/hour for each of our members on a monthly rolling basis. This will make sure our community members are compensated for this important work and will keep them accountable to ensure that, as a DAO, we are constantly progressing our tokenomics.

The total funding for this month will be: 10 members * 25 GHST/hour * 5 hour/week * 4 weeks = 5000 GHST

As we have already started work, the 4 weeks will run from 6th of March until 2nd April.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, fund the taskforce

Option 2: No, do not fund the taskforce

Voting Period: 30 March - 6 April 2023


Yes, fund the task force14,000,000 GHST (93.72%)
No, do not fund the taskforce963,000 GHST (6.28%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gotchi Lodge 2023 Budget Revision

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #71

Proposal Summary:

Change from Sigprop: The disbursement was requested to be paid in GHST, this has been changed to DAI

The 2023 Gotchi Lodge was a major success, with the Aavegotchi project being one of the best-represented projects at ETH Denver 2023.

The Lodge started with six core team members but quickly became the Gotchi Hostel, accommodating seven Gotchigang cavalry members into the mix. These members proved to be critical to the great representation we had across all venues.

Key performance metrics proved challenging to quantify, but there was a noticeable increase in Twitter and discord engagement, Bazaar activity, External and internal enthusiasm for Aavegotchi, and BD/partnership leads post-event.

While the impact went far, we would like to fairly compensate all attending members at appropriate rates for the work done, and the initial budget set out for the event cannot accommodate that. Below is a complete breakdown of estimated vs actual hours, unforeseen expenses, preparation and long-tail labor (not taken into account), and finally, our request in USD terms.

This being our first IRL activation as AavegotchiDAO, we over-delivered and initially underestimated ourselves, and the current budget reflects that. As a team, we are coming away from this event with immense experience in planning future events.


The team hit across all metrics in the initial proposal and then some. There was a noticeable increase in internal and external enthusiasm for the Aavegotchi protocol during our presence in Denver.

Estimated hours vs actual

The original Estimate for a workday was:

  • 7 hours/day
  • $15/hr
  • Ten days in total

Final Production Payout Structure was updated to:

  • 12 hours/day (reflective of actual hours from arriving and leaving main venues)
  • $21/hr
  • Ten days in total for core event staff
  • Additional days allocated for long tail labor regarding prep and post-production

Unforeseen Expenses

Calvary team members' support; all who stepped up put in immense work and were critical to our mission. Most of them gave up their booth-browsing time to help us.

Sticker production costs were late-stage additions, but immense value adds in promoting Aavegotchi + creating awareness for Fake Gotchis.

Crafting supplies for Marijuana mansion, Art Work Prints, and Framing

An extensive amount of driving for the vehicle team

Preparation and long-tail labor

We genuinely undervalued and underestimated the work on the front and back end of EthDenver.

Front end

Hefe & Mycaleum: Many hours were spent planning, scheduling, and working with event organizers to secure panel slots. We also put time into budget management and funding necessary travel expenses for team members while waiting for the initial funding proposal to clear.

Back end

NoFuturistic continues to work on post-event content editing and distribution.

Hefe & Mycaleum: We have been working on the budget with actual expenses as well as the distribution of costs and compensation. We also put lots of time into crafting this budget extension proposal.

TBurd completed his photo album edits and uploading.

Smokescreens is working on a b-roll for behind-the-scenes clips and footage.

Zombie Shepheard assisting with post-event media delivery and lead follow-up

Kontak has large content libraries to edit and share with NF for distribution.

Dr. Wagmi and Diddly have continuing BD discussions with project teams that met in Denver.

Funding Request in USD

The initial funding proposal [AGIP 60] was $11,723, paid in GHST at delivery on February 11th, 2023.

The requested extension is $19,255 USD, paid in DAI.

We appreciate the continued support and look forward to future IRL activations with the Gotchigang!

Funds should be sent to this Safe address as a single payment on Polygon: 0x376184461aaa5Bd445cd52924Fdf29e8E4b86900

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Fund Revised Team Budget

Option 2: Do Not Fund

Voting Period: 30 March - 6 April 2023


Fund Revised Team Budget13,000,000 GHST (80.64%)
Do Not Fund3,000,000 GHST (19.36%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Liquidity Provision: Reimbursement of the DAO

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #72

Proposal Summary:

Changes from SigProp: The original Sigprop had four options for GHST Reimbursement, this CoreProp only includes the option that got the most support.

Little summary of where we are in the $7.5M liquidity allocation from the curve closing.

What has been used:

These funds (about $5M) used prior to the curve closing came from the DAO wallet, which we took roughly $4M worth of GHST and $1M DAI.

So we need to reimburse the DAO wallet with these $5M borrowed, we have two options:

  1. Reimburse all the funds ($5M) in DAI.

  2. Reimburse the $4M worth of GHST in GHST, so it means using DAI to buyback GHST.

If we choose to reimburse in GHST, the schedule of swaps to pay back the DAO could be 6 months. (With constant swaps over the period)

Not having too long of a timeline will help to have an average price closer to the price when we borrowed the funds.

The original Sigprop had four options for GHST Reimbursement, this CoreProp only includes the option that got the most support. Which is:

1 GHST is 1 GHST, trying to reimburse the 2,740,000 GHST borrowed with $5M DAI (Would be at maximum $5M purchase of GHST, can be lower if we suceed to get enought GHST to reimburse the DAO with less than $5M)

Technical details for the DAO directors:

Deploy a new "swap contract" (see AGIP 69) with the Liquidity wallet as owner

Swap 3/4/5/$7.5M DAI into USDC. (can be done in little chunks)

Send 3/4/5/$7.5M USDC to the contract. (can be done in little chunks)

Send GHST to the Treasury Wallet

Note: The 6 months swaps timeline specified can be changed to any timeline if the DAO is willing to.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Reimburse only in DAI

Option 2: Reimburse in GHST

Voting Period: 6 - 13 April 2023


Reimburse in GHST14,000,000 GHST (89.64%)
Reimburse only in DAI1,600,000 GHST (10.36%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Liquidity Provision: Adding the $2.5M left in a Quickswap Pool

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #73

Proposal Summary:

Little summary of where we are in the $7.5M liquidity allocation from the curve closing.

What has been used:

We already used about $5M for adding liquidity on Balancer and for the LM program on Quickswap, so we have about $2.5M DAI left.

From these $2.5M DAI left, I propose to use 50% of this amount to buy GHST, and pool it with 50% USDC in a Quickswap pool (Gamma V3), increasing liquidity and cash flow for the DAO (through fees).

Concerning the schedule of swaps, all the swaps should be done in 2 months (constant swaps). I believe 2 months is appropriate. Not too long since the sooner we have liquidity the better it is for the DAO/ecosystem, and doing it in less than 2 months would dilute our own LM program.

Technical details for the DAO directors:

Deploy a new "swap contract" (see AGIP 69) with the Liquidity wallet as owner

Swap $1.25M DAI into USDC. (can be done in little chunks)

Send $1.25M USDC to the contract. (can be done in little chunks)

Wait 2 months for the swaps to finish.

Add all the funds on the GHST-USDC pool (Gamma V3 Quickswap pool)

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, swap and add liquidity

Option 2: No, don’t do it

Voting Period: 6 - 13 April 2023


Yes, swap and add liquidity15,000,000 GHST (97.48%)
No, don't do it376,000 GHST (2.52%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

DAO Meeting Management and Delivery: One-time disbursement for fulfilled deliverables

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #74

Proposal Summary:

I have taken feedback from the recent Media Team Signal proposal and am proposing a way to move forward;

In hindsight, a funding request for fulfilled deliverables and future funding should have been two separate proposals.

While there has been extensive discussion around ways information should be disseminated, there has been little pushback on the necessity of these meetings or the value they provide to stakeholders.

So, I would like to be made whole for my completed efforts there. I am happy to help formulate a new proposal in collaboration with the DAO based on aggregated feedback + additional input.

We can develop a satisfactory iteration of the previous DAO proposal reasonably quickly since extensive discussion exists. We will sort out details on management and delivery of meetings and associated media over 1-2 focused DAO calls. A subsequent proposal will get posted in addition to any challenging proposals (highly encouraged). The DAO can vote on the offering(s) of their choice.

This part of the last proposal did not seem like a point of contention and would serve as a reasonable way to continue moving forward with the DAO on what they would like to see from Sunday DAO calls.

January, February and March payments total 4800 GHST

Treasury Details:

4800 GHST priced @ the time of Signal Proposal Snapshot (1.07 USD/GHST)

Total disbursement amount in USD: 5,136

Paid out to 0xfD95Dea0f353618826d5FA94be862D9cb0d4dda8 within 48 hours of Core Proposal passing in either DAI or USDC

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Fund completed work

Option 2: Do not fund completed work

Voting Period: 6 - 13 April 2023


Fund completed work15,000,000 GHST (94.55%)
Do not fund completed work851,000 GHST (5.45%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Aavegotchi X Anata Collaboration

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #75

Proposal Summary:

Changes from SigProp: The proposal at AnataDAO is currently passing. We also added clarification on how the Anatas will be bought and how the community can use the DAO owned Anatas.


Provide Aavegotchi community with Anata NFT's. A similar proposal is passing with 100% in favor to buy Aavegotchi Gotchi’s from AnataDAO. The Anata team would TWAP buy GHST over a 1-3 day period and purchase Aavegotchi's / Portals on for our holders to participate in the Gotchiverse (Bazaar or Magic Eden, etc).


Anata is a collection of 2,000 Anime Themed VTube rigged avatars. It is the NFT you use on calls, streams, meetings, etc. Each anata counts as one vote in Anata DAO. Anata is an art project heavily catered towards content creators. So far, the DAO has voted to provide every Anata NFT holder a 3D VRM, 1/1 PFP, Chibi, Upgraded 2D Vtuber Files, Gaming & Metaverse world integrations.

Holders - 950

Active Members - 100 (ish)

Treasury - $4m+

Team - BigDSenpai, Grug, DCF God, Herro


I am a big believer in Aavegotchi. Some of you may remember I used to stream opening H1-H2 portals and giving away gotchi's at random to the community. I didn't have a Face Cam though - an Anata VTUBE avatar would have been perfect while playing - which makes chat and video way more interactive.

Anata has a very large gaming sector, with gaming events & nights firing off 4-5 times per week. It would be great to intertwine what we are doing with Pudgy Penguins, Cozy Penguins and other communities with Aavegotchi games.

TLDR; more exposure into the Gotchiverse by helping eachother get community members involved in both projects.


A) $10,000 DAI (4-5 Anata)

B) $20,000 DAI (9-11 Anata)

C) Do Nothing

Average Anata price is .69-1ETH, the "cost" really depends on how much the DAO would want to give out to the community. I am all in favor of starting small if everyone else is.

The proposal would only be executed assuming the Anata DAO proposal passes. This is probably the best way to learn about Anata in under 2.5 minutes: https://twitter.com/AnataNFT/status/1625594906596249600

VOD of Moon playing Gotchi Miners: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1779138941

Aavegotchi DAO Owning Anatas

Aavegotchi DAO will own the Anatas they purchase. Each Anata NFT comes with:

  1. Fully rigged vtuber 2D Files
  2. 3D VRM Files soon to be completed
  3. 1/1 Profile Pictures
  4. Any future releases tied to that specific Anata NFT # These files of the purchased Anata’s can be placed in an Aavegotchi holder-only discord channel for Aavegotchi community members to use.

Aavegotchi DAO Buying Anatas

Aavegotchi DAO will buy an equal (as reasonably possible) amount of Male & Female Anatas at the best prices (floor) across multiple marketplaces Blur, Opensea, etc. within two weeks after the proposal passing.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, 10k DAI

Option 2: Yes, 20k DAI

Option 3: No, do nothing

Voting Period: 6 - 13 April 2023


Yes, 20k DAI7,600,000 GHST (48.72%)
Yes, 10k DAI4,900,000 GHST (31.22%)
No, do nothing3,100,000 GHST (20.06%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Create a DAO Treasury Dashboard

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #76

Proposal Summary:

I (MikeyJay) propose creating a DAO Treasury Dashboard to provide a clear overview of the Aavegotchi DAO’s financial health and activity. This dashboard, created in collaboration with Eitri (eitri#0228), will enable stakeholders to make informed decisions about the DAO’s operations and governance. It may also be useful to a bookkeeping and accounting team in the future, as it will provide summarized transaction information that can be posted as individual accounting ledger entries each month.

The dashboard will break down income sources, such as alchemica earned from Gotchiverse crafting, GHST earned from Baazaar fees and GBM auctions, and alloy earned from The Forge. It will also include a breakdown of various DAO token balances over time (GHST, DAI, alchemica, alloy, matic, and USDC).

The dashboard will be created using Dune Analytics. The complete specification for the dashboard can be reviewed here: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmXVahA1sCNVdZntcTGUobbMByF55qNg3Sm8FGT4BuNDVd

We aim to complete the dashboard within six weeks of the proposal's passage by the DAO. We request 2,000 DAI in funding, which we will allocate as follows:

  • 1,500 DAI paid to Eitri to create the dashboard

  • 500 DAI paid to myself for writing the specification and project management

Potential Risks

Our initial investigation suggests that we can use the freely available Dune Analytics to create the dashboard. However, there is a possibility that we may need a supplemental tool as work progresses. If we identify the need for a supplemental paid tool as work progresses, we will inform the DAO and, if necessary, seek approval for additional funding.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 18 - 25 April 2023


Yes17,000,000 GHST (97.29%)
No465,000 GHST (2.71%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

The completed Dashboard can be found here

Aavegotchi GHST Ship Summoning

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #77

Proposal Summary:

Changes from SigProp: The original Sigprop had requested payment in GHST, however the coreprop requests DAI.

$7700 USD paid in DAI for Aavegotchi logo sail. This sail will be great passive advertising for us and allows for active marketing to charter clients.

I got a quote on a billboard in our area, they charge $1200 a month with around 5400 views a day and are sold out. We’d get 5 years easy compared to 6 months with a billboard with easily a few hundred sets of eyes on the sail each trip.

We run 100-130 trips throughout the year. Trips are 2-5+ hours and we often have 12+ people onboard. The boat is owned and paid for and the sail is expected to last 5 to 10+ years from this sail and the costs of a billboard or something similar are way higher and less unique and targeted.

115 trips x 3 hours= 345 hours/year

345 hours x 5 years =1725 hours

$7700/1725 hours =$4.4/per hour of advertising minimum


Captive target audience with extra income and crypto knowledge, unique advertising opportunity, media capture, onboarding help and discounted sailing trips for Aavegotchi holders. Opens the door for a world of content creation and unique marketing with merch as well as offering a platform for IRL meetups. Building positive synergy between the DAO and community supporters. I've already been offering 50% off discounts for Aavegotchi holders for over a year.


Damage to sail due to extreme weather (Hurricane, high-wind events, etc.) and daily usage. Sail must be used in the appropriate wind conditions to avoid damage. Advertising/Marketing funds could be used in other places.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 18 - 25 April 2023


No10,000,000 GHST (57.74%)
Yes7,600,000 GHST (42.26%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Alchemica Spending Competition Season II

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #78

Proposal Summary:

Following the success of Season 1 and using the feedback from the Gotchiboard Survey we would now like to propose Alchemica Spending Competition Season 2. Starting date will be May 1st 2023.

Details same as season 1:

  • 80k Total prize pool
  • Funded from Gotchiverse Player Rewards Wallet
  • 4 one-week rounds
  • 20k prize pool each round
  • Top 50 places paid each round

New details for season 2:

  • Each round time multipliers will be same as Season 1 Round 1
  • Each round will also have a different token multiplier: Week 1 FUD 2x, Week 2 FOMO 2x, Week 3 ALPHA 2x, Week 4 KEK 2x
  • Off chain item spending will now be included
  • A new Super Proto Lickquidator will be released
  • Off chain item spending will only count once the item is USED
  • Some new tiles or decorations will also be released for the competition

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 18 - 25 April 2023


Yes17,000,000 GHST (92.79%)
No1,300,000 GHST (7.21%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Forge 2.0 Request for Funding

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #79

Proposal Summary:

• Hire the Forge Team for a 3-month period with an overall UI/UX focus

• Planned deliverables: full geode functionality with refilling of prize pool with at least 3 new schematics; respec potion completion and distribution; strong UI/UX focus with main website integration of the Dressing Room w/ similar art/RPG feel as offered by the Forge UI; major improvements to Forge UI/UX; operationalize a schematic pipeline for new schematic releases

• No plans for further core or alloy release in this period

• Goal is for content to accrue value to native assets (gotchis, wearables)

• Backgrounds, wearable skins, evolving pets and a new BRS-modifying slot will be tabled for further technical development. The Forge Team will prevent the most viable and community-favored project(s) for the next Forge installment.

• Compensation is denominated in USD instead of GHST for a total of $161,825 for the Forge Team and a 10,000 GHST bounty budget

The Aavegotchi Forge Team proposes a 3 month contracted period of service to the Aavegotchi DAO to continue developing and improve features on the Aavegotchi protocol and User Interface. Over this three-month period, we plan to “stick the landing” for the Forge, add additional User Interface work w/ an integrated dressing room, and outline potential new features that can be pursued by the Forge Team or other design teams.

A contracted three-month period allows the team to take on multiple projects simultaneously. It also allows our team the ability to provide rolling economic data, maintain and improve the UI, update the Core Framework document, and maximally engage the community. The Forge launch on 2/22 generated >$256,000 in total sales. We anticipate we will be able to continue to generate revenue without inflating cores or alloy and aim for budget neutrality or better while delivering new content, advancing the protocol, improving user experience, and providing value to native assets.

Forge Team Roadmap:

  • Geodes: Regardless of this proposal, the Forge team will debut the minimal viable Geode ASAP with function to obtain the 400 legendary Forge set schematics. As part of this proposal, the Forge Team will develop additional schematics for some of the unmatched cores from the Forge Launch auction. Plan to reload the prize pool by the end of April, ideally with multi-tier rarity functionality.

  • Review and complete the technical design and airdrop “Respec Potions”

  • UI Upgrade: Integrate the “Dressing Room” to the main Aavegotchi website. Create a dress-up and buy now option with new art, new NPC, and Aavegotchi aesthetic. Additionally, we will focus on overall UI/UX improvement with the goal of maximally educating users on protocol assets.

    • Schematic pipeline – Will operationalize new schematic creation with predictable schematic releases, randomized/fair trait selection, intentional approach to avoid power creep, and maximally assist in translating new wearables to Gotchiverse functionality

  • Updates to wearables.report (market data reporting) site to account for new wearables mechanics.

  • Add a dashboard of metrics related to The Forge (include reporting on two new mechanics developed by The Forge team)

  • Update existing metrics to account for changes in supply related to forging

  • UI/UX improvements (mostly navigation related to accommodate additional content, with some minor aesthetic updates

  • Back-end code improvements to allow for modularity and expandability in the future

Future Project Outlines – Forge Team to investigate and prepare potential proposals for the following:

  • Outline and potentially implement the transition from FRENS to GLTR for raffle tickets

  • New/Custom backgrounds – Develop a path for the community to design unique backgrounds and/or obtain Forge Team/Pixelcraft designed backgrounds

  • Wearable skins/non-BRS-modifying wearables – Continue aesthetics focus by creating a path for wearable skins w/ goal to maximize community-created content.

  • New BRS-modifying slot – Will be tabled for further economic and technical development for presentation to the DAO in Q3 2023*

  • Evolving pets/Upgradeable wearables – Tabled for further technical development and separate proposal for the DAO, though it still may be implemented by the Forge Team during the 3-month period or beyond.*

Forge Team Stipend:

For this work, diddly will be hired on as a full-time developer and responsible for all technical builds, solidity work and front-end management. This stipend for the Lead Developer role includes pay for extensive work performed in February-March 2023 to complete the Forge and to build the mobile user interface for a 4 month total stipend vs 3 months for the rest of the team. The three other roles will be part time ~20 hours/week. The 10,000 GHST bounty budget is to maximize external contributions and facilitate open contributions as much as possible.

Execution Details:

  • Three disbursements in DAI from the DAO Treasury Wallet to the Forge Team Wallet which will be specified in the core proposal:

  • $61,825 upon passage of core proposal

  • $50,000 30 days after passage of core proposal

  • $50,000 60 days after passage of core proposal

  • Funds will be sent to the following address: 0xa60CD32d13d1D99c1141eebD6D6F07652F19B982

In summary, we are requesting compensation for a dedicated 3-month period to form a devoted, highly skilled and proven team to continue developing the protocol. We strongly believe we will create more value than our asking cost as demonstrated by our previous success. We look forward to this period of exponential growth and helping the DAO continue its transition through the metamorphosis phase.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 18 - 25 April 2023


Yes12,000,000 GHST (65.41%)
No6,300,000 GHST (34.59%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Fund development of Strategotchi - Digital Multiplayer version

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #80

Proposal Summary:

The Strategotchi team is seeking a grant to complete the design and development of Strategotchi - Digital Multiplayer version. The team aims to expand the Aavegotchi universe with a unique multiplayer gaming experience that favors politics and alliance building as heavily as strategy and gaming ability.

Introductory post + litepaper:


Long Term Value:

Additionally, the grant will aid in bootstrapping Strata Inc., a legitimate software development company capable of providing long-term value to the ecosystem. By establishing a legal entity we can improve credibility, accountability, and better facilitate contracting with third parties, thereby enhancing the potential for scaling and achieving significant impact on adoption.

A Gotchi Multiplayer Strategy Game

Our game takes place in the Gotchiverse Grid, bringing players outside of the Citaadel for the first time and expanding on the established lore It features a new type of asset in the form of Guild Cards; NFT assets with in-game utility that allow players to build custom decks and tailor their play style to their preference.

Guild Cards Season 1 - Tokenomics and Distribution:


Token Sinks:

The game will provide a sink for native tokens through “Ranked Mode” buy-ins in GHST and/or Alchemica. Future plans for sinks include crafting a Strategotchi Board Tile for Gotchiverse parcels, a Seasonal LE Guild Waarz Trophy deco, and de-gen game modes (Sacrificial Gotchi) that, utilizing Forge smelting, will create deflationary pressure on Gotchis and wearables.

Guild vs Guild:

Along with the development of the game, the team will host the Strategotchi Inaugural Guild Tournament, a precursor to Guild Waarz, our model for an ongoing seasonal tournament that gives guilds the opportunity to make their mark in Gotchiverse History with custom skinned Limited Edition Trophies


With the ability to process more than 2000 transactions per second, Gotchichain can provide a seamless and responsive gaming experience. This is why PC sees the potential for Strategotchi to launch with heavy support in Gotchichain's launch window


We are seeking 131,400 USD (GHST equivalent) paid in 2 installments. A 50% upfront payment of 65,700 USD to be transferred upon successful passing of a core prop. The subsequent 50% (65,700 USD) to be paid upon the successful completion of the single player mode MVP (based on DAO foundation members’ judgment)


  • Season 1 Guild Cards Distribution (GBM)

  • Single player mode (digital)

  • Multiplayer mode (digital)

  • Inaugural Guild Tournament (precursor to Guild Waarz)

Cost Breakdown:


We believe this project has the potential to attract a new player base and expose the Aavegotchi IP to a new audience of strategy game enthusiasts, aligning it with the 2023 roadmap set out by PC, focusing on gaming and player growth.

It also serves our existing community by expanding utility of native assets as well as providing an engaging social experience involving Guild play, and pioneering the path for Guild vs. Guild competition.

As of today, I have achieved a verbal understanding with PC to have a limited licensing agreement extended to this project. Such a license will move into drafting and signatures only after the passage of this Sigprop. The agreement grants PC 20% of the revenue, and includes their support with smart contract development. (The remaining 80% is to be split evenly between player rewards and the DAO.)

It's important to emphasize that this grant is specifically for the digital version of the game, although plans for an official PC physical version are already being discussed. From my talks with the PC team, they are very enthusiastic about the idea and already have multiple manufacturing and distribution leads for the tabletop physical.

We are super excited and highly driven to embark on this ebic project, frens. With your support, Strategotchi aims to establish itself as a reliable and valuable contributor to the ecosystem over the long haul. We are eager to have your backing and work together to transform our aspirations into a reality!

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 18 - 25 April 2023


No9,500,000 GHST (51.1%)
Yes9,100,000 GHST (48.9%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

DAO Directors : Treasury officer role

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #81

Proposal Summary:

Changes from Sigprop: This role will remain until the directors are re-elected.

Hello frens!

With the end of the curve, a substantial amount of funds has been given to the DAO. The directors have been discussing the importance of DAO officer roles for some time, and I believe it's crucial to start the process by appointing a treasurer for the DAO.

DAO officer roles are important because sometimes directors' tasks go beyond signing transactions on DAO proposals. These roles help to further structure the DAO. That's why I am running for the position of treasurer.

The purpose of the treasurer role would be to:

• Ensure that all movement of funds asked to the DAO is completely clear, without misinterpretation possible.•Ensure that all movement of funds is smooth, swap contracts have sufficient funds, transfer of funds is done in a timely manner, etc.

• Prepare a monthly summary of the DAO treasury that is accessible to all.

• Stay informed about DAO proposals, ongoing funding, and the status of the treasury.

• Additionally, the role would also serve as an "expert" role, advising directors on how to interact with smart contracts to minimize losses to the DAO.

As a current director, I receive a payment of 2,000 GHST every three months. Given the active nature of the treasurer role, I plan to dedicate two hours per day to this role and will be requesting an increase in compensation to 5,000 GHST per three months.

Why choose me (Maxicrouton)?

  • I possess in-depth knowledge of DeFi and market making, enabling me to provide valuable advice on all financial decisions related to the DAO.

  • I am well-versed in the DAO's structure and DAO fund locations. I think having a go-to person for all treasury matters can be helpful for the DAO.

  • My participation in the Curve transition team and in directors group allow me to be aware and understand every fund move.

Thank you for considering me for the treasurer role.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 18 - 25 April 2023


Yes18,000,000 GHST (93.82%)
No1,200,000 GHST (6.18%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Channel Alchemica through a -2 kinship burn

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #82

Proposal Summary:

This proposal re-attempts to change kinship mechanics so that kinship points are burned during each Gotchi channeling event. Current Alchemica emission trajectories forecast an annual increase of 40% in supply due to persistent increases in Gotchi kinship multipliers at no cost to the player. The proposed change is a -2 kinship point burn per each Gotchi channeling event.

Additionally, a new rental permission will also be added for Aavegotchis that will on default be set to “NO” to avoid player friction with accidental kinship burning. Players may toggle this feature to allow renters to channel their gotchis or keep it off to preserve kinship.

Some benefits of this proposal:

  • Players will immediately face trade-offs for how to use kinship. This translates to either burning it at the altar to produce resources, or preserving it for other Aavegotchi uses like rarity farming, future gotchiverse functions, or expenditure in other games.

  • Develops some standardization around spending kinship. Serves as a good foundation for future spending utility.

  • There is a timing impact of this proposal where future Gotchiverse developments should provide meaningful kinship buffs from Pixelcraft efforts or through use in other games.

  • The specific burn rate can be adjusted via DAO vote over time if needed. The bigger focus is just implementing the mechanic change.

  • Alchemica emissions should lower as players opt to save points for kinship leaderboard ranking funded by the Aavegotchi protocol instead of spending them to expand their Gotchiverse assets.

Potential Risks

  • Players with newly summoned, or low kinship gotchis will lose channeling abilities if they want their kinship to grow. A counter-argument is:

  • Less engagement with Aavegotchis due to expected loss of channeling activity.

  • Additional complexity. This mechanic opens the door for dynamic strategy, but also has potential to overwhelm newcomers.

This work was the result of several people’s efforts including, but not limited to @Yanik_AI as the original kinship burning author, Alchemica + GLTR Task Force, @Immaterial for the edits, and feedback from the discussions boards.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 18 - 25 April 2023


Yes12,000,000 GHST (64%)
No6,700,000 GHST (36%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Thank Aavegotchi Pilot

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #83

Proposal Summary:

Aavegotchi DAO members provide extraordinary support to the DAO. They could provide even more - and better - support if they are thanked for their valuable DAO contributions with $GHST and an on-chain thank you note!

We propose a 3-month Thank Aavegotchi pilot to thank (reward and recognize) valuable contributions to Aavegotchi DAO with $GHST + an on-chain thank you note. We’ll do it in a way that is automated, scalable, on-chain, and protects against bots and bad actors.

The impact of rewarding Aavegotchi DAO members for your value-creating contributions should be greater efficiency, utility, and value for Aavegotchi DAO as well as more shared ownership in our community.

During pilot, we will test 3 different rewards formats in 3 1-month “seasons”:

Season 1: 15k total $GHST raffled to 30 winners. Each contribution you make to the DAO earns you “raffle tickets”.

Season 2: 15k total $GHST rewarding each valuable contribution you make.

Season 3: 15k total $GHST rewarding you in rarity-farming style.

At the culmination of the third month, the community will vote on which rewards format you prefer. If a follow-up proposal passes to continue our pilot for an additional 3 months, rewards for the second pilot will be in the winning format.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 2 - 9 May 2023


Yes9,500,000 GHST (70.47%)
No4,000,000 GHST (29.53%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Rarity Farming Season 6

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #84

Proposal Summary:

The sigprop to start rarity farming has passed, so I am proposing that we start rarity farming season 6 ASAP at the conclusion of this vote, should it succeed.

This proposal suggests keeping reward parameters the same as the prior several seasons and deferring any significant changes until Season 7 towards the end of the year. Last season used the following reward parameters:

4 Rounds (2 weeks each), 1.5 Million GHST Rewards Pool - to be funded by the DAO Treasury

  • 70% BRS

  • 20% Kinship

  • 10% XP

Top 7.5k Gotchis (30%)

Launch period: Season 6 round 1 to commence as soon as possible after the conclusion of the voting period.

Thank you as always for your consideration and your votes!

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, launch RF season 6 ASAP!

Option 2: No, delay RF season 6

Voting Period: 17 May - 9 June 2023


Yes, launch RF season 6 ASAP!15,000,000 GHST (94.7%)
No, delay RF season 6848,000 GHST (5.3%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Schedule all Act 1 Parcel Surveys (re-rolls)

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #85

Proposal Summary: I propose that Parcel Re-rolls be scheduled and recurring every three months to complete ACT 1. Further survey rolls and tokenomics of Acts 2 and 3 can be proposed by Pixelcraft or the Aavegotchi DAO. This predictability will ensure investors have prior investment decisions honored and to be more confident in future investments. The Pixelcraft team continues to develop the Gotchiverse and GotchiGuardians which will create further sinks and a healthy, sustainable ecosystem.

This will continue to push alchemica emissions away from channeling and into farming. It will allow Pixelcraft clear dates around which to target a Great Battle or similar climactic experience for the rounds. It also affords more confident participation in the alchemica spending competitions which have been very successful to date.

Minor changes from sig prop to core prop:

  • Clarification of dates w/ addition of Survey #10

  • Dates are an estimate based on proximity to Pixelcraft shipping Fridays.

Historical Survey Dates:

  • Survey #1 (Initial Farm release): 7/20/2022 (25% of alchemica in act 1)

  • Survey #2: 3/3/2023 (8.33% as are all surveys 2-10)

Proposed Survey rolls (estimates based on closest PC shipping Friday):

  • Survey #3: 6/16/2023
  • Survey #4: 9/8/2023
  • Survey #5: 12/1/2023
  • Survey #6: 2/23/2024
  • Survey #7: 5/17/2024
  • Survey #8: 8/9/2024
  • Survey #9: 12/3/2024
  • Survey #10: 1/24/2024 (final survey of Act 1)

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 13 - 20 June 2023


Yes11,000,000 GHST (75.37%)
No3,400,000 GHST (24.63%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gotchi Battler funding

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #86

Proposal Summary:

This sigprop is to obtain funding for the development of Gotchi Battler. I've assembled a team of some of the best builders in the community and we're excited to get started and build what is hopefully a prize asset for the DAO and community for years to come. Please read on to get an overview of the game, costs and deliverables and if you want a deeper dive into the game including a trailer please visit the forum post: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/gotchi-battler/4772

What is Gotchi battler?

Gotchi Battler is an auto battler game where 2 teams of 5 gotchis battle each other until 1 team is wiped out. Each Gotchis stats and special move will be determined by its traits. To set up a good team you’ll have to strategise what types of Gotchis mix well together and what formation the team should be in. Once you’ve set up the team you can sit back and watch your strategy play out in an epic Gotchi battle to the death!

Why Gotchi Battler?

I created a long post detailing the motivation behind building Gotchi Battler here: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/gotchi-battler/4772/21?u=immaterial So please go read that post but the TLDR headlines are:

  • Gamify Protocol Rewards

  • Increase demand for protocol assets

  • Strengthen the game lineup for Gotchichain

  • DAO revenue generation through future PvE expansions

Cost breakdowns

Name: Immaterial (gotchiboard.com)

  • Role: Ideation, Prototype, Specs, Management, Backend/Frontend dev, Infrastructure.

  • Monthly cost: $8k

  • Months of work: 7 (Feb-September)

  • Total cost: $56k

Coinmandeer (gotchiboard.com)

  • Role: Designer

  • Monthly cost: $8k

  • Months of work: 1

  • Total cost: $8k


  • Role: Battle Mechanics Consultant

  • Monthly cost: $4k

  • Months of work: 1

  • Total cost: $4k


  • Role: Backend specs, ½ Backend API, Smart contracts

  • Monthly cost: $8k

  • Months of work: 3.5 (June-August + ½ September)

  • Total cost: $28k

Eitri (aadventure.io)

  • Role: Frontend Development

  • Monthly cost: $8k

  • Months of work: 2.5 (July-August + ½ September)

  • Total cost: $20k

Unity Developer (anon)

  • Role: Unity development

  • Monthly cost: $8k

  • Months of work: 2.5 (July-August + ½ September)

  • Total cost: $20k

Bounties: $10k

Total cost: $146k

DAO payout schedule and deliverables:

14th of July

Amount: 45k DAI

Address: 0x10B989914A478Ed7DE2d2C4CC4e835bbd3de229b

Description: For designs, battle mechanics and upfront 1/2 payment for devs


  • Web app designs

  • Battle mechanics V2 document

1st of September

Amount: 45k DAI

Address: 0x10B989914A478Ed7DE2d2C4CC4e835bbd3de229b

Description: 2nd 1/2 payment for devs on completion of beta and funds for bounties


  • Public beta version of the game

  • Bug bounty program

1st of October

Amount: 56k DAI

Address: 0x10B989914A478Ed7DE2d2C4CC4e835bbd3de229b

Description: Immaterial's payment on completion of the project


  • Full general release of the game

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes fund

Option 2: Do not fund

Voting Period: 1 - 8 July 2023


Yes fund11,000,000 GHST (87.55%)
Do not fund1,600,000 GHST (12.45%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

OTC Agreement for GHST Holdings of 0VIX Users

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #87

Proposal Summary:

Modifications from sigprop:

  1. Removed explicit multisig address as it will be voted in a separate proposal focused on the returning of funds

  2. Added paragraph (lines 23-26) to explain on how OTC price will be calculated in a verifiable way.


In order to prevent a negative market impact of a sudden liquidation of 763,624 GHST tokens, an Over-the-Counter (OTC) transaction for DAI held in the AAVEGOTCHI DAO treasury is being proposed. @Maxicrouton is one of the main points of contact here that will assist with that transaction. This method is preferable due to its ability to reduce a substantial price pressure that could result from a sell order of this magnitude.


In essence the goal is to secure a fair OTC deal that meets the needs and expectations of all stakeholders involved. Aavegotchi DAO’s goal is to mitigate the sell pressure on the GHST token while concurrently ensuring the rightful owners of the funds receive their funds 0VIX users want to have a fair price and get the maximum value from funds recuperated

To circumvent market volatilities, the OTC price will be defined by averaging Chainlink prices over the time period that this CoreProp is voted on.

To derive the price of the GHST / DAI pair from Chainlink, the block-per-block price feeds on Polygon PoS will be used. The final OTC price for swapping GHST into DAI will be determined as the simple average of all the GHST/DAI pair prices derived at each block (~300k distinct values).

Upon passing of the CoreProp vote, a csv file and simple script will be submitted to the Aavegotchi DAO with the final OTC price value for everyone to verify publicly.

Script link: https://gist.github.com/pestopoppa/28630e7a6ae0215e071de7decf678e6a

Option A:

Yes to the OTC deal at a fixed price. That option offers the key advantage of price certainty and stability for both Aavegotchi DAO and 0VIX users. It circumvents market volatility by averaging prices over the days that the CoreProp is voted on, thus providing a quick execution route for the transaction.

Option B:

This CoreProp has been discussed extensively over the past days and weeks. If there are questions please refer to the 0VIX discussion sub-channel on the AV DAO discord.

If the community feels it requires even further discussion, then please vote for this option.

The returning of funds will be voted on separately and should appear on Snapshot after review by the community. As it stands now the multi-sig co-signers would be Hamzah Khan, Head of DeFi at Polygon Labs and Benjamin.lens, core-contributor at QiDAO.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Further Discussion needed

Option 2: OTC deal at a fixed price

Voting Period: 13 - 19 July 2023


Further discussion needed6,500,000 GHST (55.91%)
OTC deal at a fixed price5,100,000 GHST (44.09%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Return 0VIX funds to multisig

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #88

Proposal Summary:


To achieve a final resolution and ensure a definitive closure to this more than 2 months old issue, we propose advancing with the conclusive vote on sending the funds. These funds will be used to compensate users who have been affected by the 0vix exploit. The longer the process takes, the more uncertainty it brings for them. It is crucial to resolve this so that 0VIX can reopen the markets and distribute the shares to the users in question. For anyone that wants to read up on the topic here are the preceding CoreProps:


We all have a strong desire to move forward and put this situation behind us, and we want to take a moment to thank you for your help in bringing us to this point.


The multisig address to which the funds shall be sent to is: 0xa50bB0c6e80618D215b48352df0644006289d2B7

It is controlled by the following three signers:

  • 0VIX deployer wallet: recipient of Vitalik's message and 0.01ETH by Vitalik on Polygon zkEVM’s launch day

    • PubKey: 0x7A10033Fb8F474F28C66caB7578F4aF9e6dAd37D
  • Hamzah Khan: Polygon Head of DeFi & Director of Growth

    • PubKey: 0xc156C57231a9302D9f5C7b5eF22871cC25F40736
  • Benjamin.lens: QiDAO core team member

    • PubKey: 0xd39c1775e98a73fd0a9c8ecac8c9fedb9bb81e45

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Accept the proposal

Option 2: Further Discussion needed

Voting Period: 20 - 27 July 2023


Accept the proposal9,500,000 GHST (79.16%)
Further Discussion needed2,500,000 GHST (20.84%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Forge 2.0 New Schematics, Methodology, and Godlike Sets

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #89

Proposal Summary:

Takeaway Points:

  • We propose 14 new schematics designed by the Forge Team

  • MikeyJay’s methodology was used for trait/set selection and should guide any future releases

  • We propose 4 new four-piece godlike sets to give all 16 gotchi types access to such a set

  • New godlikes maximally incorporate “old/classic” wearables

New Schematics

The Forge Team has been working diligently on standardizing and improving the process of new content releases. Intermittent wearable releases have been a staple of engagement for our community and comprise the majority of protocol engagement thus far. New content release comes with extensive backend work, however, especially as the Pixelcraft team transitions all assets to 3D in light of the rebranding and Gotchi Guardians. To this end, it’s imperative that trait and set selection be deliberate and equitable to all gotchi types. This will maximize the available wearables per gotchi, satisfy unmet demand, balance rarity farming, and provide a more balanced collection of assets on which 3rd party games can be built.

MikeyJay’s methodology is outlined in this intensive 13 page document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D9e2FEh5NnYXrPEK28UF7GWpsI1ybOsCY94x1kGCpJs/edit

Specific trait selections by rarity tier and slot are outlined in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y8geMG-uI7yZMn3khWnTzwOLD7_r6kRQawU9kqeMGGg/edit#gid=562462486

Sets and Godlike Sets

A major critique of the Forge 1.0 wearable release was the introduction of a 4-piece godlike set and general “power creep” with new content releases. This was the second 4-piece godlike set and only allowed 3 out of 16 gotchi types access to a 4-piece godlike set. A major goal of this release was to provide all gotchi types access to “end game” with a 4-piece godlike set. Another major goal was to incorporate classic wearables and reduce power creep of newly released wearables as much as possible. To meet this goal, we propose the introduction of 4 new four-piece godlike sets composed of new and classic wearables.

Attached here is the spreadsheet that outlines the number of sets accessible to each of the 16 gotchi types: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VigrwRsUfTSl5sKMYD_Sy7dBDhpNCSu91hTK4mVA-VU/edit#gid=1816507981

This release maximally fills gaps in the wearable market and provides all gotchi types access to a four-piece godlike set. It also provides a transparent path forward for new content which can be used by all parties building on the protocol. We are very excited about the art and can’t wait to share more with the community if this and the corresponding distribution proposal are accepted.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes. Accept new wearables/sets.

Option 2: No. Do not accept.

Voting Period: 27 July - 3 August 2023


Yes. Accept new wearables/sets.9,700,000 GHST (78.36%)
No. Do not accept.2,700,000 GHST (21.64%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Geodes, Schematic Distribution, and a Final non-drop ticket Raffle

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #90

Proposal Summary:

Takeaway points:

  • The table below outlines the programmed odds for the multi-tier rarity geode

  • The 14 Forge 2.0 Schematics will be distributed 60% through geodes and 40% by raffle

  • This raffle will be the last non-drop ticket raffle paving the way for a transition to GLTR tickets


Geodes are currently only obtained by smelting wearables which means you can only get new content by smelting old content and burning alloy in the process. This allows for predictable distribution of new content over time. A well-stocked prize pool will transparently drip new content to the community and could be refilled at any time – refills could be new schematics or other prizes, content, partnership items (Anata NFTs), etc. MikeyJay designed the table below outlining odds for Multitier-Rarity Geodes. We plan to push this live in August alongside the Forge 2.0 New Schematic Release. Schematics can be minted and stored in the forge contract until the updated Geode contract is ready.

See Appendix A for details regarding geode odds and prize distribution: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zFjdeOae-Pg8r2DHIGvJu7RGennHzZDtZ0lv8v142S8/edit

Forge 2.0 Schematic Distribution:

We propose that the 14 new wearable schematics be distributed 60% by multi-tier rarity geodes and 40% by traditional raffle using FRENS-purchased tickets. This recommendation comes after soliciting feedback from the community and Pixelcraft. It avoids a resource-intensive auction which comes with a risk of poor user experience. It uses up all remaining FRENS (unless users elect to wait for a drop ticket raffle) and sets an expectation for no further FRENS-based tiered raffles. It also allows for the fun, community-building event of a raffle and slow, drip distribution metered by protocol engagement through the Geode mechanic. Overall, we think the 60:40 distribution strategy threads the needle and respects all stakeholders.

Final FRENS Tiered-Rarity Raffle

The Forge Team proposes this raffle be the last traditionally tiered FRENS raffle. This means that Common-Godlike tickets purchased by FRENS will not be used again. They could be converted to Drop Tickets for a final Drop Ticket raffle to be determined later by Pixelcraft or the DAO. This is a significant step toward removing FRENS as a liability on the DAO balance sheet. It paves the way for creation of a GLTR-based raffle system to be used in the future if deemed necessary by PC or the DAO.

Please see the complementary proposal on the Forge 2.0 Schematics release for details on the proposed schematics and methodology.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes. Accept all.

Option 2: No. Do not accept.

Voting Period: 27 July - 3 August 2023


Yes. Accept all.10,000,000 GHST (80.8%)
No. Do not accept.2,500,000 GHST (19.2%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gotchi Crawler Demo Proposal

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #91

Proposal Summary:

Hello frens,

It is with great pleasure to bring forward to you today a proposal for the long-anticipated Gotchi Crawler! Slick and I have teamed up to bring to the community a demo for the game.

What is Gotchi Crawler?

Gotchi Crawler is a single or multiplayer (up to three) roguelike dungeon crawler. Players must descend, gather treasure and fight off swarms of enemies along the way. On each floor multiple of ten there is a merchant floor where players may exit the mines, capturing their score. Or, they can choose to descend further. Take note, if they die or run out of time before exiting, their score will be zero! Simply put, the core gameplay loop is enter mines, descend, gather treasure, exit / die, skill up, descend further, repeat The game is designed in such a way to facilitate solo play, however you are at great advantage to play as a team!

A Boon for Asset Holders

One of the core design principles is how to bring value back to the community? While creating a fun game is priority #1, we also want to build mechanisms that give fresh new utility to existing Aavegotchi assets. One thing we are really keen on is finding value for as many protocol assets as possible. These concepts are slated for the alpha release and beyond.

The Road Ahead

The game will launch in a series of stages: demo, alpha, beta, and the final game. The purpose of the demo is to establish the core gameplay loop. From the demo phase, we will have a better understanding of the scope for the full game and what it will require from the perspective of funding and additional team. We are confident in our abilities to deliver the demo as outlined below:

Target launch: Mid October, 2023

1). Multiplayer:

  • 1-3 players

  • Client side prediction for lag-free games

2). Levels:

  • Three types -battle, adventure, and puzzle

  • Randomly spawn destructible objects

  • Single biome, the underground forest

3). Destructible objects - these can contain:

  • GLTR points (this is how high scores are tracked in the MVP),

  • Ladders which allow the team to progress to lower level,

  • Lil Essence which if captured adds essence to the essence timer

4). Battle:

  • Health/AP bars for gotchis

  • In-game stats based on gotchi traits

  • Geode smasher & fireball weapons

  • Dash mechanic for gotchis

  • Enemies with health bars only (no mage creeps yet!)

  • Simple enemy AI (roaming with an aggro range trigger)

5). Puzzles

  • Team-dependent pressure switches implemented into the levels

  • Special doors that can only be opened with switches that (usually) contain treasure

6). Essence timer:

  • Shared timer for all team mates

  • Approximately 15 minutes of play

  • Capture “Lil Essence” to increase play time

7). Scoring:

  • GLTR = points

  • One score per gotchi

8). Merchant / exit floor:

  • every multiple of 10, players will be able to escape and capture their score or descend lower

9). Gameover screen:

  • Appears for a gotchi if their HP goes to zero

  • Appears for entire team if Essence goes to zero

10). Sound FX & background song

11). Leaderboard:

  • Per gotchi

  • XP event (TBC and pending Pixelcraft approval)

We believe this will give enough of a gameplay experience for the community to enjoy, provide feedback for, and determine whether they wish for the game development to continue.

Funding Request

We are seeking a grant request of $58,000 with a 4,000 GHST bounty.

  • $32,000 DAI Oliver Spoon for project management, game design, and game assets

  • $24,000 DAI Slick for development

  • 4,000 GHST for bounty and outsourcing components

  • $2,000 DAI for server maintenance

Funding Disbursement

Bounty and server funds to be released up-front. Pay funds to be released 1/2 up front and in two further tranches as follows:

Upon Core prop passing:

  • 18,000 DAI and 4,000 GHST to 0xa2e3680A18aBAfEff813E8aA67AEfB49bf078C86

  • 12,000 DAI to 0xA21329fec88d918d05f1D906dBb363E61Af76355

September 15:

  • 14,000 DAI to 0xa2e3680A18aBAfEff813E8aA67AEfB49bf078C86

October 15:

  • 14,000 DAI to 0xa2e3680A18aBAfEff813E8aA67AEfB49bf078C86

Alpha Phase and Beyond

Please see the litepaper for the full alpha phase plans.

Closing Remarks

I’ve spoken with Jesse and our vision is in line with theirs regarding IP usage. This project concept has been refined over many months. Please have a read through the litepaper to see all that is in store.

As always, thank you for your support!

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, support

Option 2: No, reject

Voting Period: 2 - 9 August 2023


Yes, support11,000,000 GHST (92.65%)
No, reject909,000 GHST (7.35%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Aaveghostly Latina Spin Dream

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #92

Proposal Summary:

I have put myself a challenge to cycle all around the whole Iberian Penisula region using only the strength of my own muscles, my goal is to draw a big circle on a map and finish where I started.

To spice that adventure up I will sleep in the wilderness in my tent or hammock.

Whole journey is going to be recorded using GoPro 11 with full attachments and additionally with Xiaomi MI 10T.

Video content will be recorded in English and Polish language, all content is going to be daily posted/streamed on my non-web3 journey-related Polish social media which is Facebook and Instagram, and English web3 crypto-related Twitter profile. After returning home from cycling, all gathered materials will be used to create YouTube videos which will be in both languages for both audiences.

There will be hundreds of gigabytes of videos, and around 44 days of cycling should be edited into around 6-15 full YouTube episodes, they are going to be partially launched on YouTube, even a long time afterwise the journey, I will add all of them and fulfill what was started regarding the time passed.

I believe that the Aavegotchi Ghost theme, will show people even more how important are their lives and show them how important are good helpful people/communities around them.

To promote Aavegotchi worldwide thanks to my double-languaged viral video content and to bring masses not only from outside the Aavegotchi ecosystem but also outside the whole web3 scene.

My proposal is to create an official Sponsorship/Partnership deal so whole journey will be signed under the official Aavegotchi wing.

In return for the sponsorship, I commit to promoting the Aavegotchi brand and community in various ways.

This includes:

  • Incorporating Aavegotchi content into our adventure videos. (Putting logos, fonts, Aavegotchis and with every other possible way)

  • Wearing Aavegotchi-branded merchandise during our journey. (T-shirts, Flags, stickers on my equipment and whatever other is possible)

  • Creating dedicated promotional videos for Aavegotchi. (Videos in which I talk strictly bout Aavegotchi and explain the project + simple mentions)

  • Creating dedicated promotional threads for Aavegotchi. (+ tagging in my content tweets etc.)

  • Displaying the Aavegotchi logo on all our official adventure videos. (Exactly the created YouTube episodes and adding everywhere information about the official partnership)

  • Leaving Aavegotchi-branded stickers throughout Spain and Portugal. (Randomly sticking to places where it is possible, or giving away to people explaining what it is)

To make that deal happen and realize my vision with that Partnership deal I would like to get paid only expenses which I will spend on food through whole cycling and transport of me + bicycle back and forth by plane.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, fund it.

Option 2: No, pass.

Voting Period: 21 - 28 August 2023


Yes, fund it.3,100,000 GHST (38.28%)
No, pass.5,000,000 GHST (61.72%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Alchemica Spending Competition - Season 3

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #93

Proposal Summary:

Season 3 parameters:

2 one–week rounds (Most of the activity came within first two weeks of competition, and so this should be the focus)

  • Week one: 28 August (Monday) to 3 September (Sunday)

  • Week two: 4 September (Monday) to 10 September (Sunday)

30k GSHT reward for each round funded from gotchiverse player rewards wallet

Multiplier for both weeks will be the same: 1.8x – 1.6 – 1.4x – 1.3x – 1.2x – 1.1x – 1x

(We believe this give incentive to build early, moving focus from the “last minute” spenders as they would have bigger cost to move up in the leaderboard)

Top 100 places paid each round

(We want to experiment with longer tail. The kinship burn mechanic had a major impact on the alchemica emission. We saw about 300% reduction in alchemica emissions from channeling, and therefore we think this season could attract some new builders inside gotchiverse)

TOTAL WINNER of competiton will get a unique “Statue” decoration from Pixelcraft once the 3D Gothiverse launches, there will be only 1 statue like this inside the Gotchiverse.

WINNER of each week get a “Trophie” Fake from SOJU (preview in post), so it’s going to be 2 out of 2 fake (super rare)

FIRST to TENTH place for each week get a “Medal” Fake from SOJU (preview in post), so it’s going to be 20 out of 20 fake (still quite rare)

SOJUs work is commissioned, and would be sent to SOJUs wallet 0x8CbF96319b3C56d50a7C82EFb6d3c46bD6f889Ba after the FAKES are delivered to the winners. The price of commission is 250 GHST for each fake + 70 GHST floor for 1 FAKE card, so in total 640 GHST payed from Gotchiverse reward pool

Final words: We believe this competition could “flush out” plenty of alchemica from circulation. The effect should be longer term, as the channeling emissions are reduced after kinship burn implementation. At the same time, we would incentive more builders to come to gotchiverse, and potentially turn them into alchemica bulls.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: YES, fund the competition

Option 2: NO, do not fund the competition

Voting Period: 21 - 27 August 2023


YES, fund the competition9,700,000 GHST (86.24%)
NO, do not fund the competition1,500,000 GHST (13.76%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Revamp the Aavegotchi Rental Protocol to support Parcels and Wearables

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #94

Proposal Summary:

Why does the DAO need a new Rental Protocol?

The current Rental Protocol was specifically made for the Aavegotchi use case. It will take a great deal of time to add support for other NFTs, which would have to be implemented one at a time with much customisation.

Moreover, the DAO does not benefit from Rental activity. 100% of the $GHST generated goes straight to the lender, meaning token holders are not rewarded even when the marketplace bursts with usage.

Finally, the DAO needs a standard interface to list new NFTs when they are launched. There are many unexplored use cases for lending Wearables, Tiles, and Installations, and by providing a standard interface, the DAO will have an easy path to list these new assets.

Proposed Solution

We propose to create a custom implementation of ERC-7432, including a contract that stores all role assignments for all NFTs of the Aavegotchi ecosystem. This approach will tremendously simplify how utility delegation is implemented since all logic will be centralised in a single contract owned by the DAO.

However, it’s important to highlight that this proposal only covers Aavegotchis, Land Parcels, and Wearables. Other NFTs can still be listed, but we must review their current functionality to ensure they will work as expected.

Deliverables & Timeline

Here is a complete list of all the deliverables included in this Proposal:

  • Smart Contracts:

    • Aavegotchi Diamond contract update.

    • Land Parcel Diamond contract update.

    • Wearables Diamond contract update.

    • New Contract: Roles Registry (ERC-7432).

  • Subgraphs:

    • Roles & Marketplace.
  • Front-End & Back-End:

    • UI for Direct Rentals.

    • UI for Marketplace.

    • API to parse Subgraph data.

After assessing the technical effort to implement the items above, the team estimated the development time in four months. All deliverables will be transferred to the DAO control, except for the Front-End & Back-End.

Cost Breakdown

The team working on this project contains five full-time developers: three Solidity Engineers and 2 Full-Stack developers. Since we will spend four months developing the project, with an average compensation of 5,000 DAI per developer per month, the team is requesting a budget of 80,000 DAI to deliver this project.

We also suggest a payment schedule of three tranches:

  • 20,000 DAI when the proposal is approved.

  • 30,000 DAI when the Smart Contracts are delivered.

  • 30,000 DAI when the Subgraphs and UI are delivered.

ROI (Return on Investment)

The result would depend on the marketplace volume and the royalties established by the DAO. The DAO would still earn a substantial return even in a low-volume year.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, Revamp the Protocol!

Option 2: No, Do Nothing

Voting Period: 15 - 24 September 2023


Yes, Revamp the Protocol!8,600,000 GHST (90.88%)
No, Do Nothing861,000 GHST (9.12%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gotchi Heroes Reworked Version Proposal

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #95

Proposal Summary:

The Gotchi Heroes Reworked version is the culmination of valuable feedback received over the past year, representing our ultimate dream of creating a fun-to-play Aavegotchi Idle game. The key improvements and new features include:

  • A full graphical revamp, encompassing game items, objects, battle scenes, and monsters, to enhance the visual experience. (Artwork Included)

  • Fully animated battles between Aavegotchis and monsters, allowing you to witness epic fights and see your beloved gotchis in action. (Artwork Included)

  • A completely redesigned UI/UX to provide a better and smoother gaming experience. (Artwork Included)

  • The introduction of numerous new features, including account progression and leveling up, achievements, dungeon gameplay mode, a new in-game item crafting system, epic boss battles with a loot system, pet companions, and much more!

  • Finally, we have worked on balancing the Leaderboard climbing experience by reducing the presence of pay-to-win elements and adding more in-game loot, objectives, and activities mentioned above.

  • And yet, this is just the beginning of our journey with this newly improved Aavegotchi Idle game, which will soon be ready to be introduced to the entire blockchain world.


This proposal outlines our request for Aavegotchi DAO's support in migrating Gotchi Heroes to the Unity game engine and eventually the Gotchichain. This endeavor is not just a cosmetic upgrade; it's a comprehensive revamp of the game, from its core framework to its user interface. We are working with a game developer and game artist so the assets shown are real life examples of how the game will change.

How will Aavegotchi DAO Benefit?

Here's what Aavegotchi DAO stands to gain:

  • Improved Player Experience: By enhancing the graphics and incorporating fresh game mechanics, we promise a vastly improved and more immersive player experience.

  • Inclusion of Alchemica: The integration of Alchemica is already complete This move will offer new in-game actions and raise their utility.

  • Token Burning: We plan to burn 50% of the Alchemica deployed for in-game actions, which will effectively serve as a sink for Aavegotchi tokens.

We project a budget of 50k DAI for this initiative. This figure encompasses the costs of redevelopment, graphic enhancement, testing, implementation, and subsequent maintenance.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, support.

Option 2: No, reject.

Option 3: Abstain

Voting Period: 23 - 30 September 2023


Yes, support.9,400,000 GHST (87.78%)
No, reject.745,000 GHST (6.97%)
Abstain560,000 GHST (5.24%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Rarity Farming Season 7

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #96

Proposal Summary:

We are proposing that we start rarity farming season 7 on Halloween, October 31 (if deemed feasible by PC, or ASAP after that in consultation with PC).

We’ve been aiming for ~3 rarity farming seasons a year, and our proposed Halloween start date ends this third 2023 season right around the end of the year. This proposal suggests keeping reward parameters largely the same as the prior several seasons, with the addition of a 100k prize pool for Gotchi Battler. Last season used the following reward parameters:

4 Rounds (2 weeks each) 1.5 Million GHST Rewards Pool - to be funded by the DAO Treasury

  • 70% BRS

  • 20% Kinship

  • 10% XP

Top 7.5k Gotchis (30%)

For the upcoming season we want to add a 4th category for Gotchi Battler. The prizepool will be increased to 1.6M total GHST and the extra 100K will be for a Gotchi Battler tournament. The tournament can have up to 4096 teams entered with each team comprising of 5 gotchis, this means a total of 20,480 gotchis could enter, although we'd expect a lot less than that.

The tournament will be a single elimination tournament with 1 round each day. To participate you just need to enter your team during the registration period at the start of the tournament, then your team will automatically progress through each round. Once the VRF has been rolled for the round each day you can view all the battles on the Gotchi Battler website. The tournament will take place before the end of the season and we will have many "test" tournaments with small prize pools beforehand so there will be plenty of opportunity to practice and figure out what your best team configuration is.

Launch period: Season 7 round 1 to commence on October 31, or as soon as deemed feasible by PC

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, launch RF season 7 on 10/31

Option 2: No, delay RF season 7

Voting Period: 11 - 17 October 2023


Yes, launch RF season 7 on 10/3111,000,000 GHST (93.57%)
No, delay RF season 7785,000 GHST (6.43%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gotchi Crawler Leaderboard Prize Pool Funding

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #97

Proposal Summary:

We’re getting hyped for the launch of our demo here soon. We wanted to spice things up with a little leaderboard prize pool.


  • Great fun for the community

  • Funding request will be used to purchase assets off the marketplace

  • All prizes will be NFTs and Forge components, keeping the money in the economy

  • More feedback for our team to deliver a better alpha phase product

We’re asking for a 5,000 GHST player reward bounty. We’ll be using the funds to purchase wearables etc to use as prizes for our launch event competition and other giveaways.

We will have individual 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes and then similar/identical prizes for ranks 4th-10th, 11th-25th, 26th-50th, 51st-100th. We will also have some giveaways and other funs things to do during the event.

Prizes will be per gotchi and based off the leaderboard score for most points accumulated in one play through.

Option 1: Yes, LFG!

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 12 - 19 October 2023


Yes, LFG!11,000,000 GHST (89.04%)
No1,300,000 GHST (10.96%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Aavegotchi DAO Mission Statement

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #98

Proposal Summary:

This is a second submission to achieve approval for the great work done by gud frens in this prop. The first submission received widespread support but unfortunately did not attain quorum before closure. Thanks for getting us this far Fantasma and crew. Let’s get it all the way Home this time, frens. -Mycaleum


For quite a long time, our DAO has faced the challenge of passing proposals, funding initiatives, making changes to DAO mechanics, all while postponing answering our most basic questions. What are we? Who are we? What do we stand for? What is the reason and purpose of our DAOs existence?

It has not been a straight or obvious path, but the journey of discovery for the many frens here, has been deeply enjoyable and illuminating. We humbly present you with a mission statement we believe most successfully aims at the core and soul of the purpose and spirit of our DAO. We hope you find enthusiastic agreement, as we did.

Without further ado, we propose that the mission statement of Aavegotchi Dao be ratified as:

“To empower players to own, build, grow, and connect in a multiverse of their own creation.”

The Word-Salad Graveyard (terms that were deliberately excluded):


Many felt this endearment could instead create an exclusionary feeling to potential or prospective readers considering joining our DAO.


All of these words were sprinkled among the earlier (and lengthier) versions of our mission statement. We drew inspiration from the most successful organizations in history, and chose to avoid directly mentioning the product, the technology or explicitly what we do. Nintendo’s mission statement doesn’t even mention gaming consoles.


This was one of the toughest choices. These identifiers were ultimately supplanted by “player”, to avoid being exclusionary or stale and uninspiring.

gamers, game, play:

Just how much to convey our gaming focus and roots was a point of constant consideration. We feel that by addressing “players”, this spirit is sufficiently covered. “Player” is also a synonym for “participant”. As such, participants that engage with the DAO and protocol can always be considered players, even if they are not gamers.

Why bother with a mission statement?

What does the DAO achieve from this vote and effort?

By answering our most basic organizational identity questions, a ratified Mission Statement gives our DAO cohesive intention. It also paves the way towards creation of a funded working group to formulate our Vision Statement. Ultimately, this skill tree leads to high quality operational achievements such as organizational charts and workstreams, budget proposals that align with the intention of the DAO, diverse and effective contributors and more. Our Mission Statement will be a philosophical rally point for the entire community, and provide a stronghold to empower players to own, build, grow, and connect in a multiverse of their own creation.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Approve

Option 2: Needs Slight Changes

Option 3: Something Else Entirely

Voting Period: 7 - 14 November 2023


Approve11,000,000 GHST (93.87%)
Needs Slight Changes513,000 GHST (4.52%)
Something Else Entirely182,000 GHST (1.61%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gotchi Greetoors (formerly ITF) Funding

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #99

Proposal Summary:

As we are on the precipice of multiple releases of new games and a refreshed Gotchiverse, I believe it is time for the DAO to take our IRL presence to the next level! Pixelcraft has stepped up big time, putting in some aavesome efforts with the BFG and new booth design. Now it’s time for us to take that and show the world what Gotchigaang is all about! I am proposing the creation of the Gotchi Greetoors (formerly ITF), which would be responsible for the following:

  • Coordinate IRL strategy in collaboration with Pixelcraft

  • Handling administrative tasks on behalf of the DAO (Business Development, Partnerships, onboarding of talent, administrative duties, general networking)

  • Source a minimum of 25% of event/booth staff from local dao members where/when applicable

  • Manage event booth + staff in tandem with Lost Local or other PC employees

  • Find lodging to house DAO staff members for the duration of the event at a budget-friendly price

  • DAO-related content capture, post production of content, and ensuring timely delivery of said DAO content to social streams and proof-of-attendance via live streaming

  • Explore feasibility of creating DAO revenue streams via DAO-sourced merch, ticketed events, IRL tournaments, etc

  • Developing DAO-to-DAO and DAO-to-influencer collaborations for events and content capture

  • Coordinate DAO representation at events outside of PC’s scope that are beneficial to the DAO

  • Curate and source lRL wearables for gotchigang attending each event

  • Quarterly reporting on task force activity

  • Budgets for previous & following quarter

  • Report on events attended (bizdev + partnership leads, activations, etc.)

  • Strategy for upcoming quarter’s events

  • Planning Phase 2 for implementation after event strategy has been perfected

  • community led meetups + tournaments in gotchi IRL hot zones, GotchiCon, more TBD

This team would consist of:

  • Litepiglet - Admin Lead

  • Nofuturistic - Media Lead

  • Lost Local - Pixelcraft Liaison

  • Tburd - Lead Support or aka assistant to the assistant regional manager

We are requesting a total budget of $80,000 paid as $20,000 per quarter, in USDC or DAI, which would be converted to USDC upon transfer. This task force would need to submit for funding for any additional time period after the first year. This funding would rollover to the following quarter if it is not spent in the previous one and any excess would be returned to the DAO after the 1 year funding period is up. These funds will be used for DAO member payments for the following:

  • Travel

  • Per diem

  • Event/booth work

  • Incidental travel expenses (lost luggage, flight delays, etc)

Also included would be quarterly compensation to the task force in the following amounts:

  • Nofuturistic - 750 USDC

  • Litepiglet - 500 USDC

  • Tburd - 350 USDC

Option 1: Yes fund

Option 2: No do not fund

Voting Period: 7 - 14 November 2023


Yes fund9,500,000 GHST (83.18%)
No do not fund1,900,000 GHST (16.82%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Mechagotchis V1

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #100

Proposal Summary:

Set in a remote training ground somewhere in the Gotchiverse, players will be able to engage in intense PvP battles. For game mode 1 we'll be focused on multiplayer and damage system development, followed by Gotchi trait integration and mech customization.

Game Mechanics

Players will pilot their Mechagotchis using a mouse and keyboard , with future updates to include controller support.

The game's mechanics are deeply tied to the Gotchi traits, which tentatively influence mech performance as follows:

  • Energy: Balances Health Points and Action Points.

  • Aggression: Dictates the strength of Shields and Attack Speed.

  • Spookyness: Affects the chance for Dodge and Critical Hits.

  • Brain Size: Determines the power of Melee versus Ranged attacks.

  • Eyes shape and Color effect TBC

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain technology is at the heart of Mechagotchis, enabling the distribution of reward tokens and NFTs that represent rare mech upgrades and to verify ownership for exclusive in-game content (eg. LE Gold Skin for Mechagotchi FAKEgotchi holders.)

Community Engagement

The game will foster community involvement through active dev logs, Beta test parties, a community mech design contest, and potentially even a level-builder for user-generated maps. And of course at the end of each phase’s development we will hold our usual XP event/ playtest. These initiatives should contribute to the game's evolution as well as engage players and help them feel more involved in the development process.


Mechagotchis is a web-based PC game developed in Unity, ensuring broad accessibility while maintaining high-quality graphics and gameplay.


Mech customization will evolve from simple paint jobs to extensive modifications, including weapons, armor, and other mech parts, allowing players to tailor their combatants to their playstyle, modifying their in-game behavior. Think of this part like “wearables for your mech”


This proposal is to fund development of game mode 1, which is expected to enter beta testing within two months. Milestones will include devlogs, environment designs, secondary mech design finalization, closed group beta testing, wider testing, and an XP event tournament!

Expected Costs

Total Cost: 20K USD


  • 4K - Project Management

  • 5K - 3D modeling/Animation/Rigging

  • 4K - Front-end Development

  • 6K - Back-end Development

  • 1K - Server Deployment + maintenance

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Fund Mechagotchis V1

Option 2: No, do not fund

Voting Period: 30 November - 14 December 2023


Fund Mechagotchis V110,000,000 GHST (89.15%)
No, do not fund1,200,000 GHST (10.85%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Strategotchi V1: Funding Proposal

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #101

Proposal Summary:

The original version of Strategotchi was proposed as a strategy game that featured lengthy multiplayer games. Following community feedback, significant refinements were made to the game concept, mechanics, and graphics.

Strategotchi Tactics Litepaper:


Since the initial vote, the game's development has been ongoing, with the focus shifting towards a single-player experience, blending elements of a tactical RPG, rogue-lite and a puzzle game. The current iteration presents an innovative blend, requiring players to skillfully manage various elements of a mining operation.


The game is essentially a puzzler disguised as a tactical RPG. Individual levels are puzzle-like, with moveable pieces and a finite number of rounds to achieve your goals, yet there is a heavy emphasis on battle strategy. You train and build your Gotchis (predefined avatars and actual Gotchis) the way you want, utilizing various classes with unique advantages.

The weapons and Gotchis you choose define your play style. Each protocol weapon has a unique effect that “moves things” around in different ways. Typical attacks cause damage as well as push units back. Lassos pull things. Grenades disperse crowds. Other weapons might temporarily freeze or teleport units to another location. With the multitude of available weapons in the Aavegotchi protocol, players will be able to tailor unique teams to suit their play style and gain experience to upgrade and grow their characters and equipment as they see fit.

Level Progression:

The game incorporates rogue-like elements (resembling a dungeon run) where you try to get as far as you can through a series of procedurally generated landscapes. Players aim to harvest as much REDACTED as they can to stop their Reputation (REP) from inevitably reaching zero. Luckily you can use earnings to buy your REP back from shady characters you meet in the wild. Earnings can also be used to upgrade weapons and equipment, enhancing the player's chances of advancing further.

V1 Overview:

V1’s objective is to highlight the core gameplay mechanics, offering a glimpse into the possibilities of Strategotchi. It will showcase a singular game mode featuring an “infinite island” (dungeon) with a predefined party of avatars. Your aim is to progress as far as possible through the island and maintain your REP, clearing procedurally generated levels with unique parameters. Once you lose your REP, your run is over and your final score is tallied.

Current Development Status:

The project has achieved significant milestones, including fully modeled assets, procedural level generation, functional player and enemy systems, enemy AI and targeting mechanisms. The front end has been completely revamped from the initial prototype and the GUI has been redesigned and partially implemented

Remaining Tasks:

  • Revamp player movement system

  • Revamp player interaction system

  • Create inter collision damage system

  • Complete GUI implementation

  • Sound design

  • Leaderboards

  • Juice/eye candy/VFX

Funding Request

Seeking a $12,000 grant in USD equivalent (USDC or DAI) to expedite Unity development and accelerate the completion of V1. The funding will support finalization of the remaining tasks and shipping of a playable game within a 4-6 week timeframe.


Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. Join the Strategotchi discord and follow the Strategotchi gaming channel on official discord to learn more about what’s happening behind the scenes, give suggestions and feedback and generally stay up to date on the development of the project.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, fund!

Option 2: No, don't fund

Voting Period: 30 November - 14 December 2023


Yes, fund!11,000,000 GHST (91.02%)
No, don't fund1,000,000 GHST (8.98%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Dropt | TFG Alpha Funding Proposal

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #102

Proposal Summary:

Gm frens. It is with great pleasure to present today the Dropt | The Fallen Gotchi alpha proposal.

The Demo Phase was a great success and proof of concept. Now, we're ready to scale our efforts. The Alpha Phase is designed to be our biggest and we will be building the vast majority of game features.

The extensive game design document can be found here.

We have an expected road map of twelve months with key deliverables slated for each month.

During our alpha build, we will keep the Demo open and available for play. We will also host at least one community play test during the year.

Please review our roadmap here.

Alpha Phase Key Deliverables

Please review the design docs as the deliverables are extensive.

The high-level deliverables:

  • Port game to Unity

  • All wearables, pets, and weapons implemented

  • Alchemica power-ups implemented

  • In-app purchase implemented

  • Essence burn implemented

  • Additional resource sink implemented

  • Vastly improved enemy AI

  • More enemies

  • Two bosses

  • New biome- geode mines

  • New overworld- Degenape village

  • Difficulty adjuster - Frequency Disruptor implemented

  • Meta progress implemented

  • Improved HUD, UX, and website

  • And much, much more...


Our expected timeline is twelve months. Please see the road map for key dates and deliverables

Funding Request

Team Funding

The demo phase was a part-time endeavour. However for the alpha phase, both Oliver and Slick will be stepping into this project full-time.

  • Oliver- project management and game designer, lead artist: 13,000 DAI per month for 156,000 in total

  • Slick - lead dev and game design: 13,000 DAI per month for 156,000 in total

External Funding Requirements

  • Junior artist and animator - 5,000 DAI

  • Outsourced dev work - 20,000 DAI

  • Extensive play testing - 10,000 GHST

  • Web UI/UX - 3,000 DAI

  • Smart contract developer - 5,000 DAI

  • Audio & SFX - 1,200 DAI

  • Story crafter - 800 DAI

  • Someone who can help bring all the story elements into a bundled presentation that we can world-build from.

  • Marketing and promotions - 10,000 GHST

  • Bounties - 10,000 GHST

  • Servers and other operating expenses for twelve months - 6,000 DAI

Total DAI: 353,000

Total GHST: 30,000

Funding would be allocated as follows:

  • 40% upon passing of prop

  • 30% upon completion of December - April “Deliverables” found in the roadmap document

  • 30% upon completion of May - August “Deliverables” found in the roadmap document

All funds sent to: 0xa2e3680A18aBAfEff813E8aA67AEfB49bf078C86

Thank you for supporting us on this journey. We look forward to continue building and will bring our full love and energy into the next leg of the journey.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, fund

Option 2: No, do not fund

Voting Period: 18 December 2023 - 1 January 2024


Yes, fund9,100,000 GHST (80.3%)
No, do not fund2,200,000 GHST (19.7%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Strategic Treasury Diversification into Ethereum with $3M ETH Purchase

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #103

Proposal Summary:

The proposal recommends the Aavegotchi DAO to diversify its treasury by purchasing 3,000,000 DAI worth of ETH. This acquisition would be executed through Cowswap on the Ethereum blockchain, divided into six weekly tranches of 500,000 DAI each. Funds will come from the DAO Foundation Treasury Wallet which stems from the 25% treasury allocation after curve closure.

Current Treasury Composition:

  • GHST: 16,223,059 ($16,098,141 @ $0.9923)

  • DAI: 8,886,873

  • USDC: 3,756,276

Total Value: $28,741,290

Post-Purchase Treasury Composition:

  • GHST: $16,098,141 (56%)

  • USDC: $3,756,276 (13%)

  • DAI: $5,886,873 (21%)

  • ETH: $3,000,000 (10%)


  • Enhanced Portfolio Diversification: Acquiring ETH introduces a high-potential asset, reducing overreliance on stablecoins and GHST.

  • Reduced DAI Exposure: Decreases dependency on a single stablecoin, mitigating specific stablecoin risks.

  • Hedging Against Inflation: ETH, as a non-fiat asset, offers a hedge against USD inflationary pressures.

  • Capital Appreciation Potential: ETH has historically shown significant growth potential, offering possible higher returns compared to stablecoins.

  • Access to DeFi Opportunities: ETH holdings can be leveraged for staking or other DeFi instruments, potentially generating additional revenue.

  • Simple Execution: The proposed method of acquisition is straightforward and can be executed with relative ease.

Additional Benefits:

  • Liquidity and Market Depth: ETH, being a major cryptocurrency, offers high liquidity and market depth, facilitating easy entry and exit.

  • Community Engagement: Participation in a major blockchain like Ethereum could enhance community engagement and visibility.

Potential Risks and Challenges:

  • Market Volatility: ETH is subject to high price volatility, which could significantly impact the value of the DAO's treasury.

  • Accessibility of Funds: Allocating a portion of funds in ETH may complicate treasury access, as proposals would need to clearly specify fund origination requiring additional transactions by the Directors.


The purchase will come from the DAO Director Multisig Safe (0x53c3CA81EA03001a350166D2Cc0fcd9d4c1b7B62) using funds from the DAO Foundation Treasury Wallet (0x939b67F6F6BE63E09B0258621c5A24eecB92631c). The purchases will be made in 6 equal, weekly tranches of 500,000 DAI using Cowswap.


This proposal strategically diversifies the Aavegotchi DAO’s treasury by leveraging the potential of Ethereum while being mindful of the associated risks. If this proposal is accepted by the Aavegotchi DAO, a separate, second proposal will be produced to consider staking acquired ETH on Lido.

Reference Material: (Aavegotchi DAO Treasury Report): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u-hODswpYcLSJhCh4y6SNoR-17rClwenenmU71Ag9Og

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes. Buy 3M DAI worth of ETH.

Option 2: No. Do not buy ETH.

Voting Period: 20 December 2023 - 3 January 2024


Yes. Buy 3M DAI worth of ETH.8,500,000 GHST (89.15%)
No. Do not buy ETH.1,000,000 GHST (10.85%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Upgrading the ATF

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #104

Proposal Summary:


The ATF was officially formed in AGIP54. In amost a year, there has only been one request to the ATF for prize pool funding and 99,500 GHST remains along with 70+ Fake Cards in the ATF treasury wallet:

  • 0x921D8FDF089775D5AC61b2d6e8f34F1edd554D8f


The ATF treasury is under-utilized. Uptake on prize pool funds has been minimal due to lack of new minigames. There have also been instances where more substantial Aavegotchi games have requested funds but due to the ATF’s hard limit of 500 GHST per game, they have instead had to complete a full SigProp/CoreProp application to the DAO. E.g. AGIP 97.


The ATF would like to propose the following updates to their operation of treasury funds so that individual game developers can apply for, and be granted up to:

  • 4000 GHST per calendar year to fund their gaming prize pools

  • 5 fake gotchi cards per calendar year to be used as part of their game competitions

  • 1000 GHST per calendar year to assist with server hosting costs, playtest funding, fake gotchi artist commissions, marketing and any other activities that help raise awareness for, or assist development of, their game.

End Goal & Benefits

This proposal will:

  • Allow game developers more flexibility when creating prize pools

  • Create quicker turnaround for funding approvals

  • Encourage use of predominantly dormant ATF prize pool funds that are available for the community

Updated ATF Members

As per original ATF creation proposal, 4 out of 7 signers will be required for all transactions and approval of funding requests. Some of our original signers have now moved on and the updated list of 7 signers will be:

  • Slick

  • PG

  • Scrooger

  • Hefe

  • Mycaleum

  • Laggin

  • Chair

Please note, if one of the ATF signers is requesting funding, they will not be able to sign for that specific transaction should the ATF agree to provide funding.


Thank you for your time Gotchigang, now let's vote!

Option 1: Yes, upgrade!

Option 2: No, don't upgrade

Voting Period: 19 December 2023 - 2 January 2024


Yes, upgrade!9,600,000 GHST (93.34%)
No, don't upgrade689,000 GHST (6.66%)

Link to vote on Snapshot