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Having fun with the Mini-Games and the analytic tools? Come and get to know the Aarchitects behind them!


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aaron555aaron555I am a web developer from Australia with a keen interest in Crypto and Web3 and the opportunities it can bring. I believe Aavegotchi has a bright future and am grateful to be part of the community and be involved in its early stages. Always like hearing about interesting ideas and please feel free to reach out if you would like to chat.Website
BitFlickerBitFlickerBlockchain, aavegotchi and minigames fan.Website
jarrod | aavegotchistats.comJarrod | Programmable WealthI'm Jarrod, I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and I am a software engineer and the creator of aavegotchistats.com which visualises on-chain data from the Aavegotchi game such as Baazaar wearable and Gotchi sales. I also have a wearables recommendation engine that helps you select the wearable that will provide your Gotchi with the highest rarity score. I am currently building Gotchi Tower Defense. I'm very passionate about the Ethereum landscape and how games like Aavegotchi can bring about innovative play to earn online gaming experiences by combining the use of NFTs, DeFi, DAOs and blockchain technology.Tool Twitter Blog YouTube
ricJones | GrizzyricJones | GrizzyJust a newbie dev learning TypeScript through Phaser 3. Buidling fun games bit by bitTwitter