Aarcade Taask Force

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The Aarcade Taask Force

The Aarcade Taask Force (ATF) is a group of aarchitects that are involved in the creation of mini-games. Some of their aims include organizing rewarding periodic events and supporting the growth of the development community.


In Aug 2021, Gotchinomics proposed the idea of an Aarcade DAO on a forum post.

The first Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam was held on 1 - 5 September 2021. Many of the current ATF members (Shah, Gotchinomics, SlickBB, PG) participated in it.

In Dec 2021, AGIP 16 was passed and 100k GHST was staked to generate FRENS to support the future initiatives of the Aarcade DAO.

In Jan 2023, the Aarcade Taask Force was formally created through the passing of AGIP 54.

Multisig Signers

  • jarrod | aavegotchistats.com#9686

  • Gotchinomics#4936

  • Slick#2526

  • PG#0811

  • Scrooger

  • Hefe

  • Chair

Multisig Address

The ATF multisig address can be found here: 0x921D8FDF089775D5AC61b2d6e8f34F1edd554D8f.