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The Aambassadors are a team of Pixelcraft-incentivized volunteers with influence and following to crypto users. We collaborate with this team to produce educational content, marketing materials that get people excited about our products, and improve our language support for languages not supported by the team.

Aambassador Lead Webb

Getting involved

Do you have any questions about the Aambassador program? Interested to become an Aambassador? Check out the Aambassador FAQ or contact Webb, the Aambassador Lead, on Discord.

List of Aambassadors

Avid AavegotchisKnown here as Avid, I am a filmmaker and long time believer in Aavegotchi. Since mid-2021 I’ve been using my creative skills and experience to help build alongside our amazing community, who have helped bring to life ongoing projects such as the Guild Map and Guilds of the Gotchiverse series. As the game evolves, I hope to bring even more of my passions into the Gotchiverse. With the power of our community, I know that the sky is the limit!Twitter
cRektocRekto is a Vietnamese GotchiGang leader. He fell in love with Aavegotchi and wants to bring this gem to more and more people after reading its wiki pages. If you have any questions about the game, ask him and he shall answer.Twitter
HefeHefe, known all over the Gotchiverse for his good vibes and community building skills. He makes dabbles in youtube content and in live casts that are always dripping with the latest alpha and game strategy. Being both passionate about defi and gaming he can't wait to cut his teeth in the P2E metaverse.Twitter
LizleleLiz Lele is a NYC based NFT artist and content creator. She has been in the NFT space for 1 year boasting a passion for creativity and gaming. Playing with Aavegotchi for 8 (?) months, she has become a proud Gotchiverse land owner and is currently working on getting legendary wearables for her gotchi.Twitter
MaybeariAzri, the person behind Gotchiindo, is a content creator and crypto enthusiast from Indonesia. He makes explanatory video content about the latest Aavegotchi news in Indonesian including the occasional tutorial video. With excitement about the future of nft gaming and defi investment, he can't wait to share about Aavegotchi to all over Indonesia and the world!TikTok
NofuturisticDuring Nofuturistic's time in wage servitude he honed his skills in technical management of video and audio for stage purposes. He now takes these hard earned skilled and leverages them on behalf of the Aambassadors to spread the Gotchi Gospel far and wide. From the Alpha River Valley to Mount Oomf.Twitter
RoxianoLydia, AKA Roxiano, is a content creator and visual artist with a degree in Graphic Design. She makes engaging and educational videos, as well as digital art, for her Aavegotchi social media accounts. Being both passionate about gaming and investing, she can't wait to share Aavegotchi with the world!Twitter
The Gotchi FArmyAavegotchi discovery was a mindblowing experience for me. That's the reason why i decided to do my best to transmit my passion and help new players to discover the project. As a French Degen, I provide tutorials and community support to the french players. Dans le Gotchiverse, la vie sera belle ...Twitter