Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals (AGIPs)

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Heya frens. Participating in Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals (AGIPs) are what responsible gotchis do! You need to vote and get your voices heard.

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Supply ~3.5M Treasury DAI to Aave

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #105

Proposal Summary:

This proposal suggests allocating 3,549,809 DAI from the Aavegotchi DAO Treasury to the Aave V3 Ethereum Market. With an average supply APR of 4.34%, this move aims to generate an annual yield of approximately $154,061, enhancing the DAO's revenue through a stable, high-yield strategy. The proposal ensures over 500,000 DAI remains in the DAO's Polygon wallet for ongoing initiatives, while the rest of the DAI is strategically supplied to Aave. All supplied DAI comes from the 25% post curve closure Treasury Allocation.

Proposed Porfolio Composition Assuming AGIP 103 Passes

Proposed Portfolio USD Value

  • GHST (0.904) 15017760.91

  • USDC 3756276

  • Supplied DAI 3549809

  • Unsupplied DAI 2337064

  • ETH (not yet purchased) 3000000


  1. Passive Income: Leverages a stable, high-yield avenue for revenue generation without active management.

  2. Flexibility: Easy entry and exit strategies for the supplied positions, offering liquidity management benefits.

  3. Market Optimism: Positions the DAO to capitalize on the anticipated increased demand for stablecoins in an upcoming bull market.

  4. Diversification: Broadens the DAO's investment portfolio and protects our stablecoins against inflation by generating yield.


  1. Platform Dependence: Relies heavily on the Aave ecosystem and the stability of its smart contracts, introducing platform-specific risks.

  2. Liquidity Constraints: Future proposals may require accessing funds from the supplied DAI if the Polygon treasury depletes, potentially affecting liquidity.

  3. Market Volatility: Exposure to market fluctuations could affect the APR and overall returns.

  4. Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Despite Aave's track record, the risk of smart contract bugs or exploits remains inherent in DeFi protocols.

The proposal represents a balanced approach to revenue generation and risk management, aiming to strengthen the Aavegotchi DAO's financial position while maintaining operational flexibility.

Reference Material: Aavegotchi DAO Treasury Report

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes. Supply DAI to Aave.

Option 2: No. Do not supply DAI to Aave.

Voting Period: 9 - 23 January 2024


Yes. Supply DAI to Aave.6,900,000 GHST (68.32%)
No. Do not supply DAI to Aave.3,200,000 GHST (31.68%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Aavegotchi x Sandbox Experience - Expansion & Maintenance

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #106

Proposal Summary:

This proposal of funding is to empower GFA to operate Pixelcraft lands and partnership for a limited and renewable 6 months duration with as follows duties :

1). Management of Project and Coordination

2). Partnership Management

  • Maintain channel of discussion with Sandbox officers like Sebastien Borget

  • Upgrades of Aavegotchi avatar collection in Sandbox

  • Aavegotchi Assets collection utility and highlight in game

3). Experience Updates

  • Management of Aavegotchi Parcels in Sandbox + Collect & analysis of InGame and Traffic datas with TheSandbox

  • Upgrades and modifications of experiences due to Sandbox New GameMaker and GameClient release (Forecasted Bi-Monthly for 0.9 minor versions) and specific events

  • Interaction in the Slack Technical support with Sandbox Team and ticketing system

4). Organisation and Strategy for future events

  • InGame contests / Social events

  • Maintain & highlight Aavegotchi in next mainstream Sandbox events like ie. alpha seasons / IRL events

Please note: the single player experience has been migrated to the latest 0.9.10 Gameclient version and is fully operative as covered!

The overall budget breakdown to achieve those tasks for the 6 months duration of this proposal is 29 460 DAI

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, fund

Option 2: No, do not fund

Voting Period: 6 - 20 February 2024


Yes, fund9,500,000 GHST (81.14%)
No, do not fund2,200,000 GHST (18.86%)

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Gotchi Battler - Prize Pool Funding

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #107

Proposal Summary:


Following lengthy discussions in the DAO, please note the following changes from the sigprop:

  • For Rarity Farming Season 8, Gotchi Battler will receive a 10% allocation of rewards, coming from the BRS leaderboard.

  • For Rarity Farming Season 9 and onwards, Gotchi Battler will receive a 20% allocation of rewards, coming from the BRS leaderboard, unless a Coreprop is passed that changes this allocation up or down.

Immaterial has also formally agreed to open-source the Gotchi Battler game logic after Season 8 completes so every battle can be verified after the fact but no advantages can be gained for Season 8 through building simulations. Then, from Season 9 onwards, more complexity/variations will be added so that simulations will be too computationally expensive to be worth it.

Hello frens,

We've been blown away and deeply humbled by all the enthusiasm and support for Gotchi Battler over the last few weeks. We're starting this proposal to deliver on the promise of evolving protocol rewards through the addition of Gotchi Battler as a staple of our Rarity Farming seasons going forward.

The proposed changes to Rarity Farming Rewards are:

Season 8

CategoryPrevious SplitNew Split
Gotchi Battler0%10%

Season 9 onwards

CategoryPrevious SplitNew Split
Gotchi Battler0%20%

In line with the original Gotchi Battler proposal AGIP 86 to gamify protocol rewards, we wish to reallocate 10% from the BRS leaderboard to Gotchi Battler Tournaments for season 8 and 20% from the BRS leaderboard for Season 9 and onwards. Gotchi Battler was designed with this exact purpose in mind to carry on the meta of the BRS leaderboard as much as possible whilst also providing a more engaging and competitive experience for players.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, reallocate rewards to GB

Option 2: Do, don't include Gotchi Battler

Voting Period: 15 - 29 February 2024


Yes, reallocate rewards to GB8,800,000 GHST (77.07%)
No, don't include Gotchi Battler2,600,000 GHST (22.93%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gotchi Battler V1.5 funding

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #108

Proposal Summary:

Just wanted to say thanks to the community for all the support given to Gotchi Battler so far. It has been a real privilege to see such a high amount of engagement/interest in the game and we've received a load of invaluable feedback from the community on how to improve going forward. This proposal is to fund the next version of the game which will bring improvements to:

  • Gameplay balance

  • Tournaments

  • Training

  • Lending

  • The Battle Replayer

You can see the full detailed list of improvements here.

The release schedule of this work will be April 2024, which will be in time to host a large Rarity Farming Tournament(s) for Season 8 at the beginning of May, if this gets confirmed by the DAO.

The total cost for this next version will be $120k, broken down as follows:


  • Frontend development

  • 2 months @ $8k = $16k


  • Design

  • 1 month @ $8k = $8k

DeadFolk (2 people)

  • Unity development

  • 3 months @ $16k = $48k


  • Balancing and Data Analysis

  • 2 months @ $8k = $16k


*Backend, infrastructure, QA, management

  • 3 months @ $8k = $24k


  • Infrastructure, art, bounties

  • $8k

Total = $120k payable as DAI from the DAO Treasury


  • 1st payment on passing of proposal: $68k

  • 2nd payment on completion of work: $52k

If you have any questions, head over to the DAO forum post linked below, and thank you, as always, for your support frens.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, fund

Option 2: No, do not fund

Voting Period: 26 February - 11 March 2024


Yes, fund9,800,000 GHST (84.75%)
No, do not fund1,800,000 GHST (15.25%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Rarity Farming Season 8

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #109

Proposal Summary:

Per our three seasons a year schedule, it is now time to vote on Rarity Farming Season 8

The timing, funding, and configuration of Rarity Farming Season 8 shall be -

  • Start Date - March 16th 2:30 PM UTC

  • Total Rewards Allocated - 1.5 Million GHST from the player rewards wallet

Pool allocations per category -

  • BRS 60%

  • KIN 20%

  • XP 10%

  • Battler 10%

BRS/KIN/XP for top 7500 Gotchis (30% of total)

Battler details and anything not specifically covered in this proposal are to be confirmed later.

Option 1: YES - Make it so!

Option 2: NO - Do not want!

Voting Period: 6 - 12 March 2024


YES - Make it so!10,000,000 GHST (96.21%)
NO - Do not want!409,000 GHST (3.79%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Lend 600k GHST to improve liquidity and orderbooks on major CEXs

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #110

Proposal Summary:


Please note the new specific KPIs and repayment strike prices documented in part 1 of the “Solution” section.


When the GHST Bonding Curve closed in early 2023, our governance token lost its deepest liquidity pool (paired with DAI). To prepare for the coming loss of this GHST/DAI pool, Pixelcraft Studios took it upon themselves to lend a total of 300k GHST to Skynet Trading, a liquidity solutions company, to bolster liquidity on major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

Skynet Trading has successfully fulfilled its role as a market maker for GHST throughout 2023, consistently maintaining the most liquidity for GHST on Coinbase.

The loans that made this possible will soon expire but Skynet Trading is open to continuing to support GHST initiatives. I believe any future collaboration is something better suited to be executed by AavegotchiDAO.


With the first year viewed as a sort of due diligence, I am now proposing that AavegotchiDAO replace Pixelcraft Studios with new loans to Skynet Trading, beginning with 600k GHST for 12 months explicitly to improve GHST’s liquidity on more centralized exchanges.

Skynet Trading is dedicated to providing trading services that aim to reduce slippage by narrowing spreads, increase the accessibility of GHST by focusing on spread and depth key performance indicators, encourage organic trading through the development of attractive order books, and minimize the impact of large market orders. Whereas last year’s focus was primarily on Coinbase, a 600k-sized loan makes it possible for Skynet Trading to also provide liquidity on Binance, OKX, and HTX respectively.

The Problem: Poor liquidity on CEXs.

The screenshot from coinmarketcap (Feb 9, 2024) illustrates the poor liquidity of GHST on exchanges. Most GHST pairs suffer from significantly thin books. This means GHST is inaccessible to people seeking medium to large allocations on most exchanges. Working with Skynet to improve liquidity across exchanges is a strategic move to foster a better trading environment for all participants interested in GHST tokens.


PART I: Loan Terms and Goals

This proposal is for AavegotchiDAO to lend 600k GHST to Skynet Trading for a 12 month term. The loaned GHST shall be used as liquidity provisions across four exchanges: Coinbase, Binance, OKX, and Huobi.

Skynet Trading’s terms impose no retainer fee, no setup fee, or trading fees.

Newly Published KPIs and Strike Price Formula:

Tight spreads: No greater than 50 bps.

Deep order books: Minimum of 25 orders on both sides of the book. 10k USDT across

Repayment strike price:

-300k tokens @TWAP7 from start

-150k tokens @TWAP7 from 3 months into the agreement

-150k tokens @TWAP7 from 6 months into the agreement

  • The exact strike price formula was not included in the Sigprop but are now revealed per requests from DAO members and Skynet obliged. I can confirm the team has agreed to add the 3 and 6 month out terms in light of our concerns about frontloading all strike prices near the beginning of this potentially bullish year. At the end of the 12 month term, Skynet Trading will have the option to A) return the 600k GHST to AavegotchiDAO or B) purchase the GHST at the strike prices as defined in this proposal.

PART II: Responsibilities

The second part of this proposal defines the relationship between AavegotchiDAO and Skynet Trading and who executes which responsibilities. The solution offered is the creation of a Liquidity Management Task Force (LMTF).

The Signer shall be a current director from Aavegotchi DAO Foundation willing to sign the contract between Skynet Lending and the Aavegotchi DAO Foundation. The Signer must be willing to KYC by providing liveness check and passport scans.

The Primary Point of Contact (PPC) shall be the leadership team at Pixelcraft Studios. They shall continue to maintain daily contact between the two main parties and always advocate for the best interests of AavegotchiDAO and the spirit of this proposal. There is an existing communication channel between Pixelcraft Studios and Skynet Lending that will continue to serve as the main comms channel throughout this contract’s term. The PPC shall attend weekly DAO meetings when summoned and answer any questions raised by DAO members at those meetings. The PPC role can be transferred from Pixelcraft leadership to another party at any time via a DAO Role Change Vote (DRCV).

The process is simple. Any DAO member can create a Motion to Change Roles and then make the case via a snapshot vote. If the voting power in favor of the motion exceeds 9 million, the role shall be changed. This threshold is high enough to discourage any practical attack vectors yet completely within the realm of possibility if the will to enact is widely supported by DAO participants.

PART III: Order of Operations

The 600,000 value of GHST will come from the DAO’s Liquidity Wallet (Polygon: 0x62DE034b1A69eF853c9d0D8a33D26DF5cF26682E). The Liquidity Wallet currently holds no GHST but still has roughly 2.3M USD of stablecoins, so we shall use the autoswappper contract developed in AGIP 69 to buy these 600,000 GHST.


1: Directors shall send 700K USDC to the autoswapper contract.

2: Set the autoswapper’s buy amount to 6500 USDC and the buy interval to 2 Hours.

3: Execute the autoswapper. It shall accumulate 600k GHST in roughly 8 days.

3.1: IF 700k USDC is not enough to purchase 600k GHST, the Directors shall calculate how much additional USDC is required and send those funds to the autoswapper contract as well. Their discretion is enough for up to an additional 100k USDC required, but anything beyond that will require unanimous approval during a weekly DAO meeting. Even one dissenting vote (expressed by emojis in Discord) during that meeting would render additional funds unobtainable.

3.2: Any GHST accumulated beyond the required 600k shall remain on the Liquidity Wallet’s balances until the DAO decides some further actions for those funds.

4: Skynet Trading presents the final executable contract to the Signer for review.

5: If both the Signer finds the contract agreeable, the Signer shall sign.

5.1 If the Signer finds details in the contract not aligning with our CoreProp, the Signer shall not sign and instead the process will revert back to negotiations between all parties.

6: After signing, the Directors shall transfer 600k GHST to a wallet provided by Skynet Trading.

7: The Primary Point of Contact shall begin interfacing with Skynet Trading to confirm receipt of the 600k GHST and the beginning of executing liquidity support across four exchanges.

8: Skynet Trading shall provide a monthly report to the Primary Point of Contact who shall, in turn, share this report during the next weekly DAO call.

9: This process shall continue throughout the 12 month term of the contract.

10: Nearing the conclusion of the contract, Skynet Trading and the DAO can signal to each other whether or not each party wishes to re-engage for another agreement or not.


I believe that the loan to Skynet Trading presents minimal risk, given the company's financial stability and reputation in the industry.

Although Skynet Trading utilizes Fireblocks for institutional-grade custody solutions, risks associated with exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, HTX, and OKX remain present. It is important to note that Skynet Trading does not bear liability for any risks or losses incurred due to the operational aspects of these exchanges.

While not a direct risk, it is prudent to acknowledge the possibility of ‘seller’s remorse’ should GHST values significantly surpass the contract’s strike prices within the next 12 months. The strike prices, set as either premiums or averages of future market rates, are designed to align the interests of both parties. Both parties must enter this agreement with a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks.


The benefits and reasoning for this are already well fleshed out above but to briefly review: Improving liquidity on at least three additional exchanges improves the trading efficiency of the token.

Maturing the relationship with an industry-leading company like Skynet Trading may also lead to indirect benefits such as introductions to more exchanges and more opportunities for future loans related to on-chain DEX support and even perps markets (Skynet Trading is open to advocating for GHST perps and can make introductions).


For the benefits noted above, I am proposing that now is the time for AavegotchiDAO to engage with Skynet Trading to improve the currently weak state of GHST liquidity on most of its current listed exchanges.


Should AavegotchiDAO provide a 600k GHST loan to Skynet Trading for 12 months?

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, let's lend tokens to Skynet

Option 2: No, don't lend tokens to Skynet

Voting Period: 8 - 21 March 2024


Yes, let's lend tokens to Skynet5,900,000 GHST (50.26%)
No, don't lend tokens to Skynet5,900,000 GHST (49.74%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Staking 350 ETH with Lido and Acquiring rETH

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #111

Proposal Summary:

This proposal aims to enhance the Aavegotchi DAO's treasury management through strategic staking, with a dual focus on accruing additional yield and increasing our Ethereum (ETH) holdings. We propose to engage in ETH staking through two prominent protocols, Lido and Rocket Pool, to achieve this objective.

Details of the Proposal:

  1. Staking with Lido: We propose to stake 350 ETH directly with the Lido protocol. Lido currently offers an estimated yield of 3.7% per annum.

  2. Acquiring rETH via Cowswap: Concurrently, we propose to swap an additional 350 ETH for Rocket Pool's rETH using Cowswap. Rocket Pool's yield is approximately 2.94% per annum.

  3. Expected Returns: By adopting this strategy, we anticipate an annual yield of approximately 23.24 ETH, equating to a value of $70,000, based on the current ETH valuation of $3,000 per unit.

  4. Risk Management: This approach also involves splitting our smart contract risk between Lido and Rocket Pool, the two largest entities in the ETH staking ecosystem. This strategy aims to balance the pursuit of optimal yield (via Lido) with robust participation in the Ethereum ecosystem (via Rocket Pool).

  5. Remaining Treasury Funds: Following this allocation, 537.96 ETH will remain unallocated within our treasury, available for other strategic initiatives or active management.

Context and Financial Overview:

  • The Aavegotchi DAO presently holds 1237.96 ETH, acquired for $3,000,000 as per AGIP 103.

  • The current market value of this holding is approximately $3.7 million, representing an unrealized gain of $700,000 since the approval of the core proposal on January 2, 2024.

  • For transparency and ongoing monitoring, the DAO's treasury wallet is accessible at: https://debank.com/profile/0x53c3CA81EA03001a350166D2Cc0fcd9d4c1b7B62.


This proposal is crafted with a view to optimize the Aavegotchi DAO's asset management, leveraging the potential of ETH staking for yield generation, while maintaining a balanced and risk-aware approach.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes. Stake w/ Lido and buy rETH

Option 2: No. Don't stake or buy rETH

Voting Period: 8 - 21 March 2024


Yes. Stake w/ Lido and buy rETH8,800,000 GHST (76.33%)
No. Don't stake or buy rETH2,700,000 GHST (23.67%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Establishing an ETH Sell Ladder

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #112

Proposal Summary:

This proposal is designed to strategically manage the Aavegotchi DAO's Ethereum (ETH) holdings by establishing a structured sell ladder. The aim is to maximize returns while mitigating the impacts of market volatility and psychology.

Details of the Sell Ladder Proposal:

  1. First Tranche: Sell 300 ETH in two equal parts within 24 hours if ETH valuation exceeds $8,000 per unit.

  2. Second Tranche: Sell another 300 ETH in two equal parts within 24 hours at any ETH valuation above $10,000 per unit.

  3. Third Tranche: Sell 300 ETH in three equal parts within 24 hours if ETH valuation surpasses $12,000 per unit.

  4. Fourth Tranche: Sell 300 ETH in three equal parts within 24 hours at any ETH valuation exceeding $15,000 per unit.

Execution Strategy:

• The sale of ETH should follow a specific order from the DAO's Ethereum treasury wallet:

• Begin with unstaked ETH.

• Proceed to rETH.

• If necessary, unstake stETH and sell the resulting ETH.

• All sold ETH will be exchanged for USDC (USD Coin).

• The acquired USDC will then be supplied to Aave, which currently offers over 1 billion USD in capacity.

Rationale and Transparency:

• This structured approach aims to provide clarity and predictability to DAO participants and investors.

• It helps in minimizing the influence of market psychology and speculative behavior, especially in a bullish market scenario.

• Assuming ETH reaches a valuation greater than $15,000 per unit, this strategy positions the Aavegotchi DAO to accumulate approximately $13.5 million in USDC, significantly enhancing returns on the initial $3 million investment in ETH.


The proposed ETH sell ladder is a prudent financial strategy, offering the Aavegotchi DAO a methodical and transparent approach to realizing gains. It ensures that the DAO's assets are managed in a way that is both strategically sound and aligned with the interests of all stakeholders.

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes. Establish this sell ladder.

Option 2: No. Don't establish it.

Voting Period: 8 - 21 March 2024


Yes. Establish this sell ladder.11,000,000 GHST (92.24%)
No. Don't establish it.888,000 GHST (7.76%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

Gas Fee Reimbursement for DAO Directors

Aavegotchi Improvement Proposal #113

Proposal Summary:

Hello friends !

As we all know, executing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain comes with a cost, and these expenses can become a significant barrier to active participation.

In our collective journey towards better decentralized governance, it has come to our attention that gas fees can potentially hinder the smooth execution of transactions and introduce unintended competition among directors for transaction signing.

This proposal seeks to address this issue by giving 0.1 eth and 10 matic to each signer address for these essential transactions. When empty, directors can ask for a refill.

Signer addresses:

  • 0x92B908c078D8f8a2271b1EE7cFf583405618771B

  • 0x61Cec7155ffF2EcbcC28eEdd16b055794929fBBa

  • 0x251B594d2f6fAFA9903E0aE61186cA0B14F3aD29

  • 0xd0De01420788632a9d2286eeBDf4f0CeA88187B7

  • 0xa2D623315C16ACCb86B0E15A2B385A43A4032F79

  • 0xe1Da02bAD2E6a1c931b0C4f41006138De6dC2Aa0

  • 0x7a002eCfB15bfad105ecdD60022D747A19Df252c

  • 0xc6055aeE74Ca070BbAf93d1C3C92843512E41987

  • 0x0F469AF9E3d7402e9d5990AFD9B97ca9924a1231

(Note : The directors will only use this gas to sign DAO TXs.)

(Note 2 : The directors will give back the remaining funds use for gas in case directors step down from their roles.)

(Note 3 "Retroactive gas reimbursement" : to be more equitable, the directors will be able to claim the funds used for transaction expenses that were funded by themselves before the date of the approval of this vote as core proposal.)

Details on the AGIP can be found here

Option 1: Yes, I agree

Option 2: No

Voting Period: 8 - 21 March 2024


Yes, I agree10,000,000 GHST (92.61%)
No826,000 GHST (7.39%)

Link to vote on Snapshot

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