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Stake GHST, Make FRENS!

Staking refers to the process of locking up your cryptocurrency in return for rewards. This is no different in the Aavegotchi project. The native token, GHST, can be staked in various staking contracts to earn GAX Liquidity Token Reward (GLTR) rewards.


The primary utility of GAX Liquidity Token Reward (GLTR) is allowing players in the Gotchiverse to speed up the crafting and upgrading of their Installations by burning GLTR, allowing them to reach higher levels of the game faster. Every burned GLTR is equivalent to one block on the Polygon PoS network.

GLTR also has a secondary utility, being the main token required for Wearable Crest auctions. Guilds will also have the choice to burn GLTR to speed up the time for their next Guild Channeling.

Staking for GLTR

Aavegotchi Staking for GLTR
  • Step 1: Visit There are 7 pools available: wapGHST, GHST-FUD, GHST-FOMO, GHST-ALPHA, GHST-KEK, GHST-USDC, and GHST-GLTR.

  • Step 2: Click on the pools you are interested to LP in. The given tab will expand, showing a View Pool button

  • Step 3: Upon clicking the View Pool button, you will be taken to an interface to deposit your tokens. Upon deposit, you will receive the corresponding LP tokens

  • Step 4: Stake your LP tokens in the Aavegotchi DApp (in Step 1). Receive your GLTR rewards every block!