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Aesthetica are aesthetic NFTs that can be added to a Parcel, but do not affect its Alchemica or other statistics. They just look dope.

ROFL Gnome

In real life, Gnomes watch over crops and livestock. In the Gotchiverse, ROFL Gnomes watch over Alchemica and Installations. They’re also said to bring good luck, so maybe try installing one to see if it helps your Alchemica reserves once it comes time to survey your parcel. Whether it does so or not, the ROFL Gnome is a must have for any serious Gotchi decoration connoisseur.

Common ROFL GnomeCommon ROFL GnomeCommon1000
Uncommon ROFL GnomeUncommon ROFL GnomeUncommon500
Rare ROFL GnomeRare ROFL GnomeRare250
Legendary ROFL GnomeLegendary ROFL GnomeLegendary100
Mythical ROFL GnomeMythical ROFL GnomeMythical50
Godlike ROFL GnomeGodlike ROFL GnomeGodlike5


Aavegotchis travel far and wide, exploring the deepest corners of the Gotchiverse, participating in quests, and working together with frens. As such, the REALM Globe is a symbol of both travel and co-existence with fellow Gotchi-Kin. Winning a REALM Globe during the first Decorations Raffle could mean the world to some members of GotchiGang, or should we say it could mean the Gotchiverse.

Common REALM GlobeCommon REALM GlobeCommon1000
Uncommon REALM GlobeUncommon REALM GlobeUncommon500
Rare REALM GlobeRare REALM GlobeRare250
Legendary REALM GlobeLegendary REALM GlobeLegendary100
Mythical REALM GlobeMythical REALM GlobeMythical50
Godlike REALM GlobeGodlike REALM GlobeGodlike5

Smol Flower

The Gotchiverse is rich with bright Alchemica rivers, magnificent landmarks, and flashy designs. How do you encapsulate all of this beauty onto one Gotchiverse Realm parcel? With a decorative Smol Flower of course! Win a few and you can even become the Gotchiverse’s first gardener.

Common Smol FlowerCommon Smol FlowerCommon1000
Uncommon Smol FlowerUncommon Smol FlowerUncommon500
Rare Smol FlowerRare Smol FlowerRare250
Legendary Smol FlowerLegendary Smol FlowerLegendary100
Mythical Smol FlowerMythical Smol FlowerMythical50
Godlike Smol FlowerGodlike Smol FlowerGodlike5

Laava Lamp

In the Gotchiverse, rituals are important. In fact your Gotchi prefers to engage in a solo Alchemical Channeling ritual once each day. When the Lodge comes online, having your frens over for a Communal Channeling sesh can lead to even higher yields. Regardless of which type of ritual you engage in, it’s important to set the mood. This groovy Laava Lamp will do just that, setting the perfect vibe for any channeling sesh, solo or communal.

Common Laava LampCommon Laava LampCommon1000
Uncommon Laava LampUncommon Laava LampUncommon500
Rare Laava LampRare Laava LampRare250
Legendary Laava LampLegendary Laava LampLegendary100
Mythical Laava LampMythical Laava LampMythical50
Godlike Laava LampGodlike Laava LampGodlike5

Neon Light

For GotchiGang, “GM” isn’t just something we say, it’s a way of life. I mean clearly, we didn’t top the Discord GM Index for no reason. Now you can light up your Gotchiverse REALM parcel with a frenly Neon “GM” Light for all to see. Who knows, these bright lights may even help us top a future metaverse GM Index!

Common Neon LightCommon Neon LightCommon1000
Uncommon Neon LightUncommon Neon LightUncommon500
Rare Neon LightRare Neon LightRare250
Legendary Neon LightLegendary Neon LightLegendary100
Mythical Neon LightMythical Neon LightMythical50
Godlike Neon LightGodlike Neon LightGodlike5

Caamp Fire

Picture this: your Gotchi just got done with a long day of farming, channeling, and warding off Lickquidators. They’re tired, and their HP has dropped significantly. They finally make it back to the comfort of their parcel and just want to relax, count their Alchemica, and feel loved. The perfect spot for them to do so? Around a warm Caampfire of course!

Common Caamp FireCommon Caamp FireCommon1000
Uncommon Caamp FireUncommon Caamp FireUncommon500
Rare Caamp FireRare Caamp FireRare250
Legendary Caamp FireLegendary Caamp FireLegendary100
Mythical Caamp FireMythical Caamp FireMythical50
Godlike Caamp FireGodlike Caamp FireGodlike5